Title: Riddle Rhymes - Nonfiction, Author: D.J. Panec
Title: Wild Animals of the U.S., Author: Dev Ross
Title: Frank and the Giant, Author: Dev Ross
Title: About Dogs - Nonfiction, Author: Bruce Johnson
Title: Frank and the Balloon, Author: Dev Ross
Title: My Car Trip, Author: Sindy McKay
Title: The Emperor's New Clothes, Author: Hans Christian Andersen (Adapted by Sindy McKay)
Title: How Many? (A Counting Book) - Nonfiction, Author: D.J. Panec
Title: Lulu's Lost Shoes, Author: Paula Blankenship
Title: Too Many Cats, Author: Sindy McKay
Title: My Sitter Is a T-Rex, Author: Paul Orshoski
Title: We Both Read-Museum Day (Pb), Author: Sindy McKay
Title: Can You Find? (An ABC Book) - Nonfiction, Author: Sindy McKay
Title: Jack and the Beanstalk, Author: Adapted by Sindy McKay
Title: Dragons Do Not Share!, Author: D.J. Panec
Title: My Day, Author: Sindy McKay
Title: We Both Read-The Ant and the Pancake (Pb), Author: Sindy McKay
Title: About Dinosaurs - Nonfiction, Author: Sindy McKay
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Title: The Well-Mannered Monster, Author: Marcy Brown & Dennis Haley
Title: Zoo Day - Nonfiction, Author: Paul Orshoski and Dave Max

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