Title: Life in the Dead Lane (Secret Seal Isle Mysteries, Book 2), Author: Lucy Quinn
Title: Diana and the Underworld Odyssey, Author: Aisha Saeed Pre-Order Now
Title: The Obelisk Gate (Broken Earth Series #2), Author: N. K. Jemisin
Title: Dead in the Doorway (House-Flipper Mystery Series #2), Author: Diane Kelly
Title: Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire Series #2), Author: Charlaine Harris
Title: Dead Blow (Horseshoer Mystery Series #2), Author: Lisa Preston
Title: Dead Bolt (Haunted Home Renovation Series #2), Author: Juliet Blackwell
Title: Bright Young Dead (Mitford Murders Series #2), Author: Jessica Fellowes
Title: Cheddar Off Dead (Undercover Dish Mystery #2), Author: Julia Buckley
Title: Paint the Town Dead (Silver Six Series #2), Author: Nancy Haddock
Title: Trident's Forge, Author: Patrick S. Tomlinson
Title: Let's Play Dead (Museum Mystery Series #2), Author: Sheila Connolly
Title: Dead Certain (Dead Series #2), Author: Mariah Stewart
Title: Dance for the Dead (Jane Whitefield Series #2), Author: Thomas Perry
Title: Dead and Berried, Author: Karen MacInerney
Title: Bookman Dead Style (Dangerous Type Series #2), Author: Paige Shelton
Title: Better Read Than Dead (Psychic Eye Series #2), Author: Victoria Laurie
Title: Scone Cold Dead (Liss MacCrimmon Series #2), Author: Kaitlyn Dunnett
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Title: Dead Men Don't Crochet (Crochet Mystery Series #2), Author: Betty Hechtman
Title: The Ghost and the Dead Deb (Haunted Bookshop Series #2), Author: Alice Kimberly

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