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Title: Keto Diet Planner: 90 Day Meal Planner for Weight Loss Be Who You Can Be: Fit and Healthy! Low-Carb Food Log to Track What You Eat and Plan Your Ketogenic Meals (3 Month Food Tracker), Author: MakMak Luxury
Title: You Are Who You Eat, The Revolutionary New Cannibal Diet, Author: Ina Silvert Hillebrandt
Title: What You Think and Say, How You Dine and What You Eat, Shows Who You Are, Author: Gabriele
Title: THE GENIUS OF A KETO DIET: Who It Is For, Who It Is Not For, Why It Works And The Entire Story Of How You Get To Eat The Things That You Love To Eat, Author: CRAIG KENDALL STEPHENS
Title: We Just Want Extra Dessert!!: Eating Healthy for Who You Are Today, Author: Alison Gustafson
Title: Who Ate My Cookie?: Are your clients tasting the goodness of your business? Here's how you can make it happen!, Author: Rodney Jackson
Title: Eat Your Way Sexy: The straightforward guide to losing the weight and having the confidence to own who you are, Author: Nadia Rizzo
Title: Feast Fast: This is for people who love feasting and fasting. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, then rest. Perfect for people interested in the Carnivore and Ketogenic Diets. Be a fat adapted beast, and eat animal products. Meat heals, Author: Ketogenic Endurance Press
Title: Allah and His Angels: In 75 different topics, this book tells you who the Angels are. In the Bible, the Angels are the sons of God, and they did Sin, Eat, Drink, and Marry., Author: Safaa Ahmad Abdel Aziz