10/20/Life Second Edition: The Professional's guide to building strength has gotten even bigger and better

10/20/Life Second Edition: The Professional's guide to building strength has gotten even bigger and better

by Brian Carroll


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10/20/Life Second Edition

If you like Starting Strength or 5/3/1, you're going to LOVE 10/20/Life!

What is 10/20/Life? 10-and-20 weeks at a time, for a lifetime of positive momentum in training and in LIFE.

This philosophy is a life-long approach for any level of lifter or athlete. Many recreational lifters utilize the protocols in this book to have a better plan in the gym, with no plans to ever compete. On the other hand, many competitive lifters from Beginner to Pro use this approach with great success!

From The Author, Brian Carroll: "With 10/20/Life, my objective is to teach you to get the results you want by coaching yourself-the same way a superior coach would take you through an individualized program in a great gym. We start out with a thorough examination of your weak points because that's how quality coaching works. The idea is to show you what to program, and when, based on your weaknesses in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. This sounds simple, but it's something most people don't even consider, much less put into practice.

From there, the 10/20/Life system takes you through the best injury-preventative warm-up in the industry, followed by a comprehensive layout of coaching cues for each individual lift. From start to finish, you'll learn what to look for and what to do, and you'll learn the reasoning behind all of it. By the time you're finished working your way through these materials, you'll be able to coach yourself, and others, like a pro."

Learn to be your own coach, attack your weaknesses and utilize a proven philosophy that is a guide to permanent success.

This book includes a comprehensive WEAK POINT CHART and WARM-UP INDEX that teach you how to assess your own training and PRESCRIBE THE EXERCISES YOU NEED.

20 YEARS OF RESEARCH AND TRIALS distilled into a program you can actually use!

The plan is an easy five-step process:
1. Choose your schedule. (3 different)
2. Determine your weak points in the main lifts. (use the coaching guide to correct form)
3. Use the Weak Point and Assistance Exercise indexes to custom design your own program. (pick your assistance work as specified in the Weak Point index)
4. Follow the warm-up protocol listed. (4 parts, super easy and custom)
5. Determine your level of readiness, then train according to the system's RPE plan for that day or if you're in precontest, you go off of percentages. (this all depends on where you are in your phase of training)
Just a few of the sizable additions to this "second edition" physical copy:
• New chapter "Deload"
• New chapter "Establishing a baseline"
• New chapter "Speed work"
Other updated features include:
• A reintroduction of the 10/20/Life philosophy and update with AMAZING testimonials - male and female, raw and equipped.
• The 5 main principles of 10/20/Life
• How do you gain a mental edge? Tips to do so
• What 10/20/Life is NOT - putting to rest speculation
• RPE - a different approach
• Nutrition - a closer look with detail
• Coaching cues updated and expanded
• Weak point index updated and expanded
• Combo day updated and modified
• Step-by-step set-up and the pro's and con's of a "wide base bench" vs the "traditional tucked" approach
• New offseason training split "Jumbo Day" for those with little to no time to train or those who can't recover between sessions with a typical split or even the "combo day"
• All new pictures and charts throughout the entire book
• Percentages for pre-contest modified and addressed with suggestions
• Many new exercise and section "breakouts" for explanations of movement, an important note, or simply a summary of the section
• FAQ section with 15 of the most commonly asked questions.
And so much more!

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About the Author

About Brian Carroll - Lifter, Author and Coach. Owner of PowerRackStrength.com - your source for cutting-edge strength training information.

A competitive powerlifter since 1999, Brian Carroll is one of the most accomplished lifters in the history of the sport. After suffering a debilitating back injury in 2012-including several broken bones-Brian used his 10/20/Life principles, which incorporate the methods of world-renowned lower back specialist Dr. Stuart McGill, to return to competition with a 2610 pound total winning both the 242 open & the overall at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival.

Since, Brian has won many big competitions, totaled 2651 in the 242 class with best of lifts of 1102 squat, 788 bench and a 780 deadlift. This is currently the #1 total in the world in squat and total, regardless of division.

Career Highlights:
Holds, or has held, multiple alltime world, national, and state records in the 220, 242, and 275 pound weight classes.

One of few lifters to attain a professional powerlifting total in three different weight classes.
One of even fewer lifters to be ranked in the top ten (on the alltime list) in three different weight classes at the same time (220, 242, 275).

Ranked second in the world in the 275 pound class with a total of 2730 and a historic 1185 squat-a then-alltime-world-record.

220 Class:
A historic 1030 squat (alltime world record 2006), 633 bench, 755 deadlift
2376 TOTAL (10th best of all time).

242 Class:
1102 squat, 788 bench, 780 deadlift
2651 TOTAL (2nd best of all time - currently #1 in the world).

275 Class:
1185 squat, 825 bench, 800 deadlift
2730 TOTAL (3rd best of all time).

Brian has also totaled more than ten times his bodyweight in three different classes, and both bench pressed and deadlifted over 800 pounds in two different classes. In his career, he's totaled 2500 over 25 times. Since 2005, Brian has not slipped out of the top two in the American rankings in both the squat and total, and he's been ranked number one in both categories at 220, 242, and 275 pounds. With 53 competition squats over 1000, spread over three different weight classes, he's indisputably one of the best squatters and lifters of all time.

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