10 Minute Guide to Microsoft(R) FrontPage 2002

10 Minute Guide to Microsoft(R) FrontPage 2002


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ISBN-13: 9780789726322
Publisher: Que
Publication date: 10/28/2001
Series: 10 Minute Guide Series
Pages: 181
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Joe Habraken is a computer technology professional and best-selling author with more than fifteen years of experience in the information technology field as a network administrator, consultant, and educator. His recent publications include Microsoft Office XP 8-in-1, The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Networking (Second Edition), and Practical Cisco Routers. Joe currently serves as the Director of UNEit, an IT training center for computer industry professionals at the University of New England in Portland, ME.

Table of Contents

1What's New in FrontPage 20025
Getting the Most Out of FrontPage 20025
New Features in FrontPage 20027
Introducing Task Panes7
Introducing Voice Dictation and Voice Commands9
2Getting Familiar with FrontPage16
Starting FrontPage16
Understanding the FrontPage Environment16
Using Commands and Features in FrontPage20
Exiting FrontPage20
3Creating a New Web Site21
Using the Web Site Wizards21
Creating a New Web23
Understanding the Web Views25
4Working with Web Pages35
Creating a New Web Page35
Inserting a New Page into the Web38
Deleting a Page from the Web39
Importing Files from Other Applications40
5Working with Text in FrontPage42
Inserting and Modifying Text42
Changing How the Text Looks45
Aligning Text49
Changing Page Names50
6Working with Graphics in FrontPage52
Inserting Pictures52
Inserting Clip Art54
Inserting Clip Art Gallery Motion Clips55
Saving the Image to Your Web57
Sizing the Image59
Aligning the Image60
Previewing Your Images62
7Adding Sounds and Video to Web Pages64
Working with Sounds64
Adding Sound to a Hover Button66
Adding Page Background Sounds68
Inserting Video Files onto a Web Page70
8Inserting Special FrontPage Components73
Understanding Special Components73
Using Shared Borders74
Creating Page Banners77
Inserting Navigation Bars79
Inserting Hit Counters82
9Working with Hyperlinks85
Understanding Hyperlinks85
Creating Text Hyperlinks86
Creating Graphical Hyperlinks88
Using Bookmarks89
Editing or Deleting Hyperlinks91
10Getting Help in Microsoft FrontPage93
Help: What's Available?93
Using the Ask a Question Box93
Using the Office Assistant95
Using the Help Window97
Getting Help with Screen Elements103
11Using FrontPage Themes104
What Are FrontPage Themes?104
Selecting a Theme for the Web Site105
Selecting a Theme for a Page or Pages107
Modifying a Theme108
Using Horizontal Lines110
12Creating Special Forms for Your Web113
Understanding Web Forms113
Creating a Web Form114
Inserting Form Fields116
Testing Your Forms118
Determining Where the Data Goes119
13Working with Tables125
Using Tables on Web Pages125
Changing the Way the Table Looks129
14Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists132
Working with Lists132
Adding Bullets to Lists133
Changing the Bullet Graphic134
Working with Numbered Lists136
Changing the Numbered List's Attributes137
15Using Frames on Web Pages139
What Are Frames?139
Creating a Frames Page140
Working with Frame Pages143
Adding Inline Frames to Web Pages146
16Using DHTML Effects149
Understanding DHTML149
Adding Page Transitions150
Adding DHTML Effects to Text and Images153
Creating Collapsible Outlines155
17Checking Hyperlinks and Spelling157
Building an Error Free Site157
Viewing Hyperlinks157
Verifying Hyperlinks161
Using the Spelling Feature165
18Completing and Publishing Your Web Site168
Using Tasks to Complete a Web168
Publishing Your Web172

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