10 Shortcuts into Our Prospects' Minds: Get Network Marketing Decisions Fast

10 Shortcuts into Our Prospects' Minds: Get Network Marketing Decisions Fast


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Caution: Our prospects make up their minds before we are ready.

We have awesome facts, benefits, features, testimonials, videos, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, proof, and inspirational stories. But what happens?

Our prospects decide if they want to do business with us or not, before we get to our good stuff. Why can’t they wait?

We can complain, or we can help them make up their minds quickly in our favor.

We only have a few seconds before our prospects make their decisions. Use these seconds wisely. When we understand how our prospects make their decisions, we can address those processes early in the conversation, before they create a “no” decision.

Of course, short is better than long. But how do we trigger our prospects’ decisions in just a few seconds?

Questions, indirect statements, micro-stories, analogies, and emotional programs help us navigate quickly through our prospects’ brains. Why not effortlessly take the direct path to getting positive decisions?

When we give up the old paradigm of prospects accumulating information, weighing the pros and cons, and processing the facts and figures to make a decision, then moving prospects forward to a positive sales decision is easy.

Leave the door-to-door sales tactics of the 1980s behind. Instead, let’s work with our prospects’ minds to help them make great decisions.

Enjoy a faster and easier way to get our prospects to make great decisions.

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Publication date: 12/04/2019
Pages: 126
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