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10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East

10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East

by Tommy Weir

Paperback(New Edition)

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When I, as a student of leadership, first arrived in the Middle East, it was apparent that leading here is different given the business lifecycle, and sociological factors creating the local leadership environment. This realization altered my doctoral studies in strategic leadership to become Middle Eastern centric and set me on a path to understand "how to lead in the Middle East".

Over a decade later, and now as a leadership scholar, beyond "telling my story," I was compelled to write 10 Tips on Leading in the Middle East to answer the vital questions that I am asked by corporate leaders. The content in this book changes the way executives lead and needs to be shared with a market that is broader than my one-to-one CEO coaching practice.

Dr. Tommy Weir's latest contribution is a must-read for every corporate leader wanting to gain the inside track on doing business in the Middle East. 10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East is a practical guide for expats and locals alike, providing tips to lead in an environment that is vastly different from the world with which most upper-management members have been working.

You may be wondering, "Where did these ten tips come from?" Dr. Tommy spent a decade up close and personally researching leadership in the Arab World. This started with understanding sociological trends to frame the context for the Middle East, demographic implications, organizational behavior and leadership approaches. His extensive experience includes working with more than thirty companies, interviewing over seven hundred leaders, and developing at least three thousand leaders.

Acknowledging the vast differences found across the Arab World, Dr. Weir focuses on the principal similarities between the GCC, Levant and Egypt, even within the GCC, that exist within the business world. These areas of commonality are substantial, and he uses them to craft an engaging collection of tips that help leaders enter this part of the business world with confidence and clear direction. With the purpose of aiding potential or current business leaders who wish to succeed in the Middle East, this book will become a constant companion for the senior executive.

Whether one is embarking on a senior leadership position or merely curious and a seeker of leadership knowledge, you will find 10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East to be a fascinating guide written by someone who knows firsthand the potential inside the boardroom within the corporate world of the Middle East.

This must-read book immediately separates itself from theoretical texts while keeping the focus on the applicable nature of leading in the Middle East. Its simplicity highlights what you can expect, which is like having a "Coffee Conversation" with the author who answers, "Would you tell me from your experience and research what does it take to be a good leader here?"

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About the Author

Globally recognized as an authority on leading in Fast-Growth and Emerging Markets, Dr. Tommy Weir is an author, renowned speaker, and advisor on senior executive leadership. He has rare insights from working with more than three thousand CEOs and business leaders, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to newly established corporations in Asia and the Middle East.

He is credited with the breakthrough discovery of Leading and Succeeding in the Emerging Markets, a business approach that assists leaders in making sense of complexity, diversity, ambiguity and youthfulness in first generation corporate societies. This work has now found its way into the core practices of leaders and senior teams across the globe.

Dr. Tommy's books include: 10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East, The CEO Shift as well as The Cheeseburger Theory and other leadership observations.

With a rich history of leadership development advising governments and corporations on strategic and future-oriented leadership, he has spearheaded the creation of innovative and award-winning leadership programs. His unique experience of working with over 80 nationalities is a welcome breath of fresh air in today's diverse and multicultural work environment.

Holding a doctorate in strategic leadership from Regent University, Dr. Weir is the Founder of the Emerging Markets Leadership Center (EMLC) and Professor at Hult International Business School. He is the leadership columnist for The National along with his writings being featured in other prominent publications.

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