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100 Military Inventions That Changed the World

100 Military Inventions That Changed the World

by Jonathan Bailey, Rod Green




Nothing ensures the rapid development of new technology like the involvement of the military. From the trebuchet and the cannon to the tank and the ballistic missile, military research programs have produced the most devastating weapons imaginable—but military masterminds are also responsible for a number of surprises along the way. 

Radar, walkie-talkies, and the jet engine are more obvious examples of military inventions that are now in everyday use around the world, but there are plenty of items with which all of us come into contact on a daily basis that have been developed from military technology. Jonathan Bailey describes how the microwave oven in your kitchen, the sat-nav in your car, and the Internet that you use every day all owe their existence to the military. Other inventions include:
  • Dynamite
  • Plastic surgery
  • The submarine
  • The crossbow
  • The longbow
  • The hand grenade
  • Satellites
  • Water purification tablets
  • Night vision
  • Stealth jets
  • Laser-guided smart bombs
  • The digital camera 

 With all this and more, this highly readable, fascinating voyage through the world of military inventions will entertain military buffs and technology lovers alike.

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About the Author

Rod Green is a journalist and author who has worked for numerous newspapers and magazines. He has written and contributed to several books on military history and takes an avid interest in military technology. Some of his works include Building the
Titanic, Bang! The Ultimate Book of Explosions Big and Small, and The Real History Behind Foyle’s War. Green lives in Surrey, England, with his wife and family.

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