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100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips For Surviving It!

100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips For Surviving It!


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While the authors recognize that cancer is certainly no laughing matter, both cancer survivors set out to remind readers that no matter how bad one's life circumstances may be, there are always reasons to smile - and steps that can be taken to improve one's health, outlook, and prognosis. Containing many healthy-living tips to promote healing of the body as well as healing the mind and soul.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781591203568
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 08/15/2013
Pages: 465
Sales rank: 750,101
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

A registered psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of education and psychology. Diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer, she found a way to help her stay positive through difficult cancer treatments. She lives in Lewin's Cover, Newfoundland.

Gonzalez earned her nursing degrees in New York.

Bernie Siegel, M.D. embraces a philosophy that is at the forefront of a society grappling with medical ethics and spiritual issues. His books, Love, Medicine and Miracles published in 1986, Peace, Love and Healing in 1989, and How to Live Between Office Visits in 1993, have broken new ground in the field of healing. Over the span of twenty years, physicians have become increasingly more receptive to his message. Bernie's efforts have now turned toward humanizing medical care and medical education, and he continues to travel extensively with his wife Bobbie, to speak and run workshops, sharing his techniques and experiences. Bernie and Bobbie have five children and six grandchildren (so far).

Table of Contents

Foreword Bernie S. Siegel xi

Introduction 1

Perk #1 Cancer Made a Blogger Out of Me 5

Health Tip: You Don't Have to Be Picasso to Benefit from Art Therapy

Perk #2 Cancer Helped Me Find My Soul Mate 9

Health Tip: You Need Estrogen to Make Your Kitty Purr

Perk #3 Cancer Made Me Really Appreciate the Good Days 15

Health Tip: Pass Too on the DEBT (When Bothered by Bugs)

Perk #4 Unlimited Foot Massages 20

Health Tip: How to Turn That Foot Massage into a Healthy Pedicure

Perk #5 Cancer Revealed to Me a Whole New Side of My Autistic Son 24

Health Tip: Choose Your Words Carefully When Telling Your Kids About Cancer

Perk #6 Cancer Introduced My Teens to ALL Major Household Appliances 28

Health Tip: Don't Just Sow Your Seeds, Eat Them, Too!

Perk #7 I Didn't Have to Go to Work 32

Health Tip: If You're Not Going to Work, You'll Have More Time to Work Out

Perk #8 I Didn't Have to Wax My Upper Lip 37

Health Tip: When That New Hair Finally Starts to Grow In, Here's How to Keep It Healthy

Perk #9 I Got to Try Out New Eyebrow Shapes 43

Health Tip: Would You Raise Your Eyebrows if I Offered You Some Weed?

Perk #10 Cancer Gave Me Something to Hope For 48

Health Tip: I Hope You Know the Difference Between Omega-3 and Omega-6

Perk #11 Cancer Made Me Realize My Own Strength 54

Health Tip: Celebrate Healthy Fats

Perk #12 Nearly Every Day Was a Feast Day 59

Health Tip: Need a Hand?

Perk #13 The Use of Medicinal Marijuana 62

Health Tip: NO Rolling Papers? Try Ginger for Nausea Relief

Perk #14 I Didn't Have to Worry About My Guests Finding a Hair in the Food I Prepared 66

Health Tip: Appreciate Your Liver

Perk #15 I Got Fast-Tracked for Blood Work 70

Health Tip: Even Ironman Needs Iron

Perk #16 Cancer Boosted My Self-Esteem 73

Health Tip: All That Praise Going to Your Head? Try Some Natural Headache Remedies

Perk #17 Cancer Helped Me Discover New Beauty Tips 77

Health Tip: Get Rid of an Unwelcome Houseguest

Perk #18 People Were Nicer to Me 79

Health Tip: It's. Nice to Be Nice … to the Nice

Perk #19 An Excuse to Escape Dish Duty 82

Health Tip: Need Another Excuse? Think About the Toxins

Perk #20 Cancer Helped Me to Stop and Smell the Roses 87

Health Tip: When on a Nature Walk, Don't Forget the Blackberry

Perk #21 I Didn't Have to Buy a Halloween Costume 90

Health Tip: Blood Is Fun on Halloween, but Not in Your Morning Routine

Perk #22 Cancer Introduced Me to Some New Saints 94

Health Tip: I Am Thankful for … Fungus

Perk #23 I Got First Pick of "the Fodge" 100

Health Tip: Find a Healthy Place for Those Get-Well Gifts

Perk #24 I Could Watch My Favorite Movie Anytime I Felt Like It 103

Health Tip: Watch the Movie, but Ditch the Microwave Popcorn

Perk #25 Speaking My Mind 106

Health Tip: Speaking My Spirit

Perk #26 Cancer Made Even My Most Embarrassing Moment Seem Trivial 108

Health Tip: Force a Smile and It Will Stick

Perk #27 Cancer "Shaved" Ten Minutes Off My Shower Time 111

Health Tip: Skin Care 101

Perk #28 Cancer Allowed Me Time to Do the Things I Love to Do 116

Health Tip: I LOVE Pooping

Perk #29 Riding Shotgun 122

Health Tip: Make Breakfast More Convenient with Simply Scrumptious Granola

Perk #30 Cancer Made Me Feel Grateful for My Chores 125

Health Tip: Please Say, "Thank You"

Perk #31 Cancer Connected Me to a Powerful Prayer Network 127

Health Tip: Prayer Is Good Medicine

Perk #32 Cancer Made Me Appreciate My Pooch 130

Health Tip: Pooch, Pussycat, or Python, They All Have Health Benefits

Perk #33 Playing the Ole Cancer Card 132

Health Tip: Go Ahead, Take Advantage, and Be Assertive

Perk #34 Sleeping In 135

Health Tip: The Art of Napping

Perk #35 Early Menopause 138

Health Tip: No More Living in a "Healthy Cage"

Perk #36 Cancer Streamlined My Christmas Shopping 141

Health Tip: How to Eat Healthy Around the Holidays and Not Seem Like a Health Freak

Perk #37 Cancer Allowed Me to Keep Better Tabs on My Teens 144

Health Tip: Put That Downtime to Even Better Use by Picking Up a Hobby

Perk #38 Bank Account Recovery 148

Health Tip: Invest in Cancer Screening

Perk #39 Cancer Gave Me a Great Excuse to Shop 153

Health Tip: Treat Yourself to a New Snack

Perk #40 Being Told How Great I Look 156

Health Tip: How to Build a Good-Looking Salad

Perk #41 Cancer Shook Up My New Year's Resolutions 160

Health Tip: Three Quick and Easy Resolutions to Shake Up Your Life

Perk #42 Packing Light 165

Health Tip: Don't Mock the Tuna

Perk #43 A Free Trip to Florida 168

Health Tip: Take a Vacation in Your Own Backyard

Perk #44 Perks for Parents 170

Health Tip: Keep in Mind-Colorful Means Healthy

Perk #45 Home Alone 173

Health Tip: Another Thing You Can Count On: BPA Is B-A-D

Perk #46 Cancer Forced Me to Brush Up on My Math Skills 177

Health Tip: Try Crunching These Numbers

Perk #47 Cancer Increased My Vocabulary 180

Health Tip: Here Are Some More Words to Add to Your Vocabulary

Perk #48 Cancer Helped Me See the World Through the Eyes of a Child 186

Health Tip: The Answer to the Deodorant Question

Perk #49 Cancer Motivated Me to Eat Healthier 192

Health Tip: Then There's Kale (Pronounced "Kale")

Perk #50 Receiving Special Gifts 197

Health Tip: Imagine This-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Perk #51 Hundreds of Dollars Saved in Hair Care 201

Health Tip: Treat Yourself to Chocolate Cupcakes

Perk #52 Rockin' the Bandana 205

Health Tip: Rock Out with a Different Kind of Exercise

Perk #53 Cancer Cured Me of My Needle/Blood Phobia 208

Health Tip: Fear Needles? Try Acupuncture

Perk #54 Cancer Made Me Value Every Birthday 214

Health Tip: Forget the Toga Party … Have a Yoga Party

Perk #55 Cancer Taught Me a Lesson About Loving My Body 219

Health Tip: Love the Skin You're In … by Using Proper, Healthy Sunscreen

Perk #56 A Surprise Visitor 223

Health Tip: Take Advantage of All Your Diagnostic Options

Perk #57 Handsome Doctors 229

Health Tip: When Good Doctors Go Bad

Perk #58 Say Good-Bye to Bad Hair Days 234

Health Tip: Say Hello to Sea Salt

Perk #59 A Five-Week Vacation 239

Health Tip: Multivitamins … What Do You Have to Lose?

Perk #60 Families United 243

Health Tip: Is Your Home Sweet Home Too Sweet?

Perk #61 Quality Time with My Girl 249

Health Tip: How to Make the Most Out of Your Walking

Perk #62 I Haven't Been Sick Since I Got Cancer 253

Health Tip: Load Your Immunity Guns with Curcumin

Perk #63 Cancer Forced Me to Forgive 257

Health Tip: I'll Take My Forgiveness in Pill Form, Please

Perk #64 Cancer Motivated Me to Drop Some Bad Habits 262

Health Tip: To Drink or Not to Drink?

Perk #65 … And to Adopt Some Good Habits 266

Health Tip: Get Keen on Keen-Wah (Spelled Q-U-I-N-O-A)

Perk #66 Cancer Proved to Me That Humor Can Be Found in Pretty Much Any Situation 270

Health Tip: That Clown Is Not Funny (You Know Who I'm Talkin' About)

Perk #67 Cancer Introduced Me to Many Phenomenal Women 273

Health Tip: The "Miraculous" Vitamin D

Perk #68 Cancer Allowed Me to Feel Like a Movie Star 279

Health Tip: And the Winners Are … Envelope Please

Perk #69 I Could Finally Admit I Believe in Angels and Fairies 282

Health Tip: Did Somebody Say "Nuts"? Good Reasons to Grab Your Nuts and Go!

Perk #70 Cancer Made Me the Preferred Sister-Wife 288

Health Tip: Prepare Your House for the Apocalypse … or Just Have a Tasty, Healthy Snack

Perk #71 Treats in the Mail 292

Health Tip: REJOICE! Chocolate Is Actually Good for You!

Perk #72 Cancer Made Me Reevaluate the Relationships in My Life 294

Health Tip: Is the Water You Drink Toxic?

Perk #73 Cancer Brought Out the Family Resemblance to My Son 304

Health Tip: While We Are on the Topic of Pumpkins

Perk #74 Cancer Gave Me a New Way of Marking Time 309

Health Tip: Change Your Attitude Through Affirmations

Perk #75 Cancer Made Me a More Interesting Person 315

Health Tip: Interesting Facts

Perk #76 Cancer Prompted Me to Ditch the Worry Habit 319

Health Tip: Health Priorities Are (in This Order) Air, Water, Food

Perk #77 Cancer Redefined My Relationship with Food 323

Health Tip: If Bill Clinton (aka I'll-Have-a-Shake-With-That-Burger) Can Eat Healthy, Anyone Can!

Perk #73 An Excuse to Buy New Clothes 328

Health Tip: When Dressing for Comfort, Don't Forget Your Feet

Perk #79 Eat Pray Love 333

Health Tip: Eat, Pray, Love … but First Wash Your Hands

Perk #80 Cancer Taught Me the Importance of Living in the Present 337

Health Tip: Sometimes a Little Worry Can Be a Good Thing

Perk #81 A Good Reason to Spend More Time in My Garden 340

Health Tip: NO Dirt? No Space? No Problem!

Perk #82 Cancer Helped Me to Grow as a Psychologist 346

Health Tip: Choosing the Diet That's Right for You

Perk #83 A Great Save on the Heating Bill 353

Health Tip: Natural Ways to Deal with Menopausal Symptoms (Without Freezing Your Kids)

Perk #84 Cancer Can Trump Pretty Much Anything 357

Health Tip: Friends Can Truly Be Lifesavers

Perk #85 Cancer Made Me Feel Like the Six Million Dollar Man 360

Health Tip: Better, Stronger Bones

Perk #86 My First Breast Cancer Retreat 364

Health Tip: It's My Cancer and I'll Cry if I Want To

Perk #87 Cancer Gave Me a Cause 367

Health Tip: The Importance of Dreaming … and Sleeping

Perk #88 Cancer Gave Me the Courage to Step Outside My Comfort Zone 373

Health Tip: Don't Fear the Squash!

Perk #89 Bonus Reward Points 377

Health Tip: YOU Get Points for Buying Food Too, but Should You Always Buy Organic?

Perk #90 Learning Postcancer Etiquette 380

Health Tip: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Perk #91 Free T-Shirts 383

Health Tip: Is There Joy in Soy?

Perk #92 Skipping the Line at the ER 391

Health Tip: And as I Always Say, "The Road to Recovery Is Paved with Garlic"

Perk #93 Eavesdropping on the Ward 396

Health Tip: Need Fresh Niblets? Look in Your Neighborhood Markets

Perk #94 Living a Kick-Ass Life 401

Health Tip: You've Kicked Ass, but Have You Kicked the Habit?

Perk #95 Cancer Helped Me to Find My Spirit 406

Health Tip: If You're Going to Breathe, Be Mindful

Perk #96 Realizing I Am Worth It 410

Health Tip: You Are Also Worth Safe Spa Products

Perk #97 The Opportunity to Help Other People 414

Health Tip: Just Because You Are Not a Scientist Doesn't Mean You Can't Understand the Research

Perk #98 Raising Awareness 418

Health Tip: The Rewards of Broccoli

Perk #99 Cancer Introduced Me to a New Way to Get a Buzz 423

Health Tip: If Your Goal Is Healthier Eating, Start with Your Cookware!

Perk #100 I Am a Survivor! 428

Health Tip: Make a Survival Plan (Hmm … Better Use a Pencil)

Conclusion: Cancer Plan 4 Life 433

Recommended Websites 435

Suggested Reading and Viewing 439

References 442

Index 456

About the Authors 465

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