100 Secrets to Staying in God's Rest and Prospering

100 Secrets to Staying in God's Rest and Prospering

by Blige Davidson, Jordan Riverson


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Within the depths of the Most High God’s human creation lies a desire to know who this higher power is and what He is all about. This higher power is Yahweh, and He is God alone, and besides Him, there is no other. To add, many of God’s created human beings have been given the right to become His children, and many of His children want to know the depths of the mind of God.

To know the Most High God requires one to lay aside his selfish agenda, pick up his cross (the denial of your own interests, fascinations, and self-centered needs that would impede your continual friendship with your Heavenly Father), and follow wholeheartedly after Jesus. Therefore, the question remains: who is willing to come after God earnestly and stand within His full counsel? No one knows who God is except His beloved Son Jesus and to whom the Son reveals God the Father unto. In addition, no one knows the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God except for the precious Holy Spirit of God. God’s holy ways are unsearchable and past finding out. Yet the question remains: who shall go after the Most High God to learn from Him and learn about Him?

To receive wisdom from the Most High God, one must come to Him and ask because He gives wisdom to all men liberally and without reproach. This book provides a piece of the counsel of the Most High God and allows His children to understand how much God wants to bless and show them how to be prosperous without sorrow. If you want God, the precious Holy Spirit of God says, “Come.” For those who hear God’s voice, the precious Holy Spirit of God says, “Come.” For those who are thirsty for God’s righteousness, the precious Holy Spirit of God says, “Come.” Whereby those who have this desire, let them come and partake of the living water of life free of charge.

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ISBN-13: 9781683485865
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 07/28/2017
Pages: 254
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