100 Steps to Financial Independence: The Definitive Roadmap to Achieving Your Financial Dreams

100 Steps to Financial Independence: The Definitive Roadmap to Achieving Your Financial Dreams

by Inge Natalie Hol


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Make more money, pay off debt, and invest in your future with this comprehensive, step-by-step guide to personal financial freedom.

Divided into 10 parts and 101 short chapters, 100 Steps to Financial Independence has a unique international perspective and is loaded with checklists, action steps, and surprisingly simple strategies to finally gain control of your financial life. Learn all you need to know about:

  • Expenses – Reduce your costs and align your expenses with your goals

  • Debt – Develop a strategy to pay off your loans and become debt-free

  • Savings – Boost your savings with painless techniques and build a financial safety net

  • Income – Increase your earnings in some or all of the seven income streams

  • Retirement – Plan for a comfortable and secure retirement

  • Investing – Learn to manage your own portfolio and start building your nest egg

  • Financial protection – Take care of yourself and your family with the insurance you need

  • As well as net worth, taxes, credit scores, lifestyle inflation, and much more

For a lighter version of the book, use the suggested shortcuts to create your own fast track to Financial Independence in less than 100 steps!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9788409051496
Publisher: 100 Steps Publishing
Publication date: 10/18/2018
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.74(d)

Table of Contents

Before You Begin

0: Commit to Your Journey

1: Discover Your Why: Define Your FI Vision

2: Discover Your What: The Eight Stages of FI

3: Visualize Your Dreams

4: Set Your Financial Objectives

5: Create Progress Trackers

6: Celebrate Your Victories

7: Organize Your Paperwork

8: Plan Your Money Allocation Strategy

Your Starting Point

9: Track Your Expenses

10: List Your Debts

11: List Your Assets

12: Calculate Your Net Worth

13: Set a Net Worth Goal

Your Expenses

14: Categorize Your Expenses

15: Identify Your Fixed Expenses

16: Identify Your Variable Expenses

17: Identify Your Discretionary Expenses

18: Identify Your Savings Expenses

19: Calculate Your Cash Flow

20: Create Your Money Map

21: Beware Lifestyle Inflation

22: Start a Budget

23: Discuss Finances with Your Partner

24: Start a Weekly Money Moment

25: Translate Expenses into Time Costs

26: Limit One Expense

27: Set Up Your Bank Accounts

28: Start an Emergency Fund

29: Check Your Balances Daily

30: Pay Yourself First

31: Use the 50/20/30 Rule

32: Get One Month Ahead

33: Automate Your Payments

34: Make a Yearly Budget

35: Start a Monthly Finance Review

Your Debts

36: Learn about Compound Interest

37: Stop Accumulating Debt

38: Credit Cards

39: Credit Scores

40: The Impact of Extra Debt Payments

41: Start Paying Off One Debt

42: Keep 50% of Any Extra Money

43: Become Debt-Free

44: Pay Off Your Mortgage

Your Savings

45: Build a Three-Months-Expenses Fund

46: Start a Piggy Bank

47: On Inflation and Interest Rates

48: Your Savings Rate

49: Set Your Savings Goals

50: Save and Spend on YOU

Your Income

51: Multiple Income Streams

52: Income Stream 1: Earned Income

53: Income Stream 2: Profit Income

54: Income Stream 3: Interest Income

55: Income Stream 4: Capital Gains

56: Income Stream 5: Dividend Income

57: Income Stream 6: Royalties

58: Income Stream 7: Rental Income

59: Plan Your Income

Your Retirement Plan

60: An Introduction to Retirement Accounts

61: Social Security Benefits or State Pensions

62: Workplace Retirement Accounts

63: Private Retirement Accounts

64: Annuities

65: Make a Retirement Plan


66: Understanding Shares

67: To Invest or Not to Invest

68: Understanding Bonds

69: The Difference Between Stocks and Bonds

70:Â Investing by Handpicking Stocks

71:Â Investing in Mutual Funds

72: Investing in Index Funds / ETFs

73: Bull and Bear Markets

74: Dollar Cost Averaging

75: Rebalance Your Portfolio

76: Lifestyle Investment Strategy

77: Investing in Gold and Commodities

78: Investing in Real Estate

79: Investing through Crowdfunding

80: The 4% Rule

81: Sequence of Return Risk

Your Financial Protection, Taxes, and Paperwork

82: Life Insurance

83: Health Insurance

84: Disability Insurance

85: Homeowner and Renter’s Insurance

86: Car Insurance

87: Warranties and Service Contracts

88: Estate Planning

89: Protect Your Money Online

90: An Introduction to Taxes

91: Tax Planning

92: Digitize Your Documents

How to Excel at FI

93: Consider Hiring a Professional

94: Find a Coach

95: Set Aside Money for Your Children

96: Teach Your Children about Finances

97: Invest in Your Individual Capital

98: Give to Charity

99: Play the What If Game

100: Stick to Your Journey

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