100 Text Msges from a President: Cannot Judge the Book by Its Cover

100 Text Msges from a President: Cannot Judge the Book by Its Cover

by Pascal M.B. Sama


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This book speaks to the nature of humanity and if we really know what we want. It is based on a true story and also contains broad knowledge of topics designed to inform, entertain and educate the reader. The book is written in ordinary language. It contains opinions, anecdotes, ethical dilemma, history, medical science, legal reasoning, proverbs, quotes, and some meditations on love related information. The author uses all these to reinforce certain points while attempting to broaden the reader's knowledge. As a nurse and a law school degree holder, the author also combines some medical and legal knowledge to narrate the story. At the same time, the information is explained in a manner that can be understood even by the ordinary person. The book is about a community of people and their young president together in a foreign land. The community was vibrant, charismatic, influential and controversial. It was falling apart and desperately needed unity. The people were desperate and wanted to rebuild their community and the community association that was falling apart. Infightings amongst the people were very common. Several individuals had tried to manage the divisive condition but failed to bring the people together. The young president's father once tried to manage the people but he was beaten and he left. There was need for leadership but no one wanted the task due to the difficult, charismatic, and influential nature of the people. A young man was called to become the president of the broken and failing community. Against all odds and expectations, he restructured the entire community to a path of growth.The young president's success took the people by surprise, especially the elites. His leadership tactics dazzled and bamboozled the community. Against all the odds on his side, he became so successful and influential that the same people who had lifted him turned against him. But what happened? Why did good people turn against someone who meant so much good for his people? What were the motives? Were there mistakes? Who made them? Which mistakes were made? Who did what? How did the story end? What happened? I encourage everyone to read this book to its very end. Again, the book also contains a broad knowledge of topics. The author uses all these to inform, entertain and reinforce certain points while attempting to broaden the reader's knowledge. Enjoy!


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ISBN-13: 9781504959063
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/21/2019
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Pascal Bahbit Mbilain Sama is an American author from the state of Nebraska. Pascal is known for his good sense of judgment but particularly admired for his razor-sharp mind. In 2006, his essay on Stem Cell Research was featured in a North American essay contest collection book called Authors of Tomorrow. This was before he had ever thought of becoming a writer. Pascal Bahbit is very talented. Throughout his life, many people have encouraged him to become a writer. He has a broad and general knowledge on many topics including: nursing & medical science, history, religion, law, mathematics, politics, geography, chemistry, physics, economics, entertainment, and dancing. It is said that he uses his knowledge for the greater good of humanity. In his own words, "I am humble that you can read my book". Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it".

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Fight Broke Out

I hate to jumpstart this book with a description of a fight. However, if I don't do so, one may not get the magnitude of the divided community at this time. For a long time, the atmosphere had been tensed amongst the people in the community. The tension finally exploded at their meeting on this day. Grown men and grown women talking behind each other's back had led to a sea of misunderstanding and misinterpretation of information. The result was a fight that broke out. Majority of the people were hardworking upstanding professionals. Some were nurses, doctors, auto-mechanics, successful grocery businessmen, pharmacists, electricians and much etc. As elite as they were, they still had one thing in common that didn't help them get along. What was it? Can you guess?

The answer is MENTALITY. Their mentality was their biggest threat. Their mentalities about one another was straining and strangling their unity. There was frustration in the community. At times, everyone appeared angry at everyone. Very few people said good things about one another. Sometimes, you could even taste the hate when they talked about each other in closed doors. Again, their mentalities about one another was straining and strangling their togetherness. On this day, it erupted into a physical fight between two people.

Before I elaborate on the fight that took place at the event, I will like to take a quick moment to describe what I have described below.

Like I said, those who were in this fight were educated grown men and women with a different mentality amongst themselves. Mentality is a mindset on how you perceive, understand and interpret certain things. It is a characteristic attitude of the mind or way of thinking of a person or group. Many individuals in this community didn't think they should be receiving instructions from some others. They felt they were equal and no one had the audacity to instruct anyone. This made instructions difficult to flow amongst the people. Has the concept of equality become a curse to our society? How does this ambition affect us today. Does everyone really understand the concept of equality? What are the benefits and unintended consequences of this ambition? What are the pros and cons? What part of the concept of equality should we embrace? What part should be discarded? These are questions meant for you to brainstorm in your privacy. Everyone will definitely come up with a different answer.

Because of this community's mentality on equality, it made instructions difficult to f low amongst the people. The ability to receive and follow instruction is a very vital skill that ought to be understood by any individual seeking growth. There is an old saying that anyone who cannot take instructions is not fit to give instructions. It is said that while we question authorities, we should always be willing to take instructions too from authorities. It is a concept of give and take. We give some things to get other things in return.

More on Mentality

Assume that you are a hardworking knowledgeable man but you feel that women are beneath you. Assume that you cannot take instruction from a woman in the workplace. With that mindset, you will never succeed keeping a job if your bosses are females. This mentality will hold you back despite your knowledge or educational level at your jobsite. Another similar example is race based mentality. If you are a white person who cannot take instructions from a Hispanic person, that may affect your growth in life if you have to work under the instructions of a Hispanic person. It will be very difficult for you to follow instructions and do things as a team based on your mentality. This phenomenon was what was in this community that the young president managed. This is the core phenomenon I think is responsible for the fight that broke out that day. Too many grown professionals in the community felt they could not receive instructions from some others because they had acquired status and position. Personally, I call this Big Man Syndrome.

The fight took place in the basement of a house. I myself was out on the porch. Honestly, I don't remember why I left that house to go outside that night during the party. All I remember was commotion as I walked back inside the house. Some teenage girls and boys of the party were sitting on the couch in the living room. They appeared quieted and frightened as I walked back into the house. I looked at them with a little surprise because they were not that when I left one hour ago. More so, teenagers at a party scene are rarely that quiet. With my inner voice, I whispered to myself that they were acting strange. I walked through the living room door leading to the kitchen. In the kitchen space, I turned to my left and walked towards the basement. Right there, I got my answer of the quietness. As I took few steps down the stairs, I heard a loud, aggressive, threatening, and frightening voice. "Heads will roll, heads will roll, heads will roll ...", the voice shouted several times. Who was shouting? Who was threatening to cut off someone's head?


Make the Fight Great Again

"Heads will roll, heads will roll, heads will roll ...", the voice was Power Mike's voice. He was the angry one. His fists were clinched and sweat was dripping from his hairless head. His eye glasses were hanging on the top of his nose as if it would fall off. Power Mike had been pinned against the wall by three other muscular, strong men. He was breathing fast as if he was experiencing Respiratory Acidosis. While pinned against the wall, he was shouting and yelling; "heads will roll, heads will roll, heads will roll ... etc." He was in a fight and he was ready to explode in that basement.

The fight was not between Power Mike and the three guys who were pinning him against the wall. These guys were instead preventing him from doing more harm. Power Mike had just lost his temper and punched another person. Anger is the quickest way to a poor decision; a wise person controls the temper. No, Power Mike didn't care about this proverb. He was angry and he could not control his temper anymore. He delivered an unexpected punch on the lateral side of the victim's left eye. It was a hard one and no one saw it coming. Witnesses say it happened so fast. There were some blood splashes on the wall across the room where the punched individual was standing. His left upper eye lid was bleeding. The area was swollen and it appeared to obstruct his vision. The sclera of his left eye was also visibly red with blood. This immigrant community had never experienced an event like this.

There was commotion in the basement room. Shouting, pushing, insults, crying and yelling was the order of the moment. The crowd had dispersed into two halves. One side seemed to support Power Mike and the others were for the other member. Everyone seemed to yell something. The atmosphere was full of aggression. I stood at the stairs leading down the basement observing astonishingly. I couldn't believe what was happening in our usual loving community gathering. The party chairs had been pushed to the sides and on the floor. Some were turned upside down. A picture on the wall was halfway hanging. Someone had slammed into it leaving it at the mercy of gravity. A 65-inch TV had fallen off its shelf and shattered. The owner was there looking at this expensive Smart TV with tears in his eyes. The Dj had stopped playing the music. Obviously, no one was dancing. The tune they were now dancing to was that of aggression. Everyone seemed to be at the opposite ends in the room. Some were supporting Power Mike and others were supporting his victim.

The so called "victim" was Tricktor. That is, the guy punched by Power Mike was called Tricktor. As his name sounds, he could be tricky. He was a business man and a well known figure in that community. Almost everyone knew him but not always for the right reasons. Many people liked him but there were many others who hated his gut. Tricktor was one person that you automatically know them when they are around in any gathering. He was always trying to express some provocative or abstract ideas. Often, his words were mixed with insults too. According to his friends, he loved attention and he knew how to get it. Amongst his circle of friends, he was considered very smart. He dominated and outsmarted a lot of his friends including Power Mike. Anyone who knew Tricktor understood that he had very strong opinions on every issue. Sometimes, he uses his talents for the right reasons and other times, for the wrong reasons. Like I said, Tricktor was thought provocative. When he speaks he creates an urge that makes others want to give him a response. During meeting and party hangouts, he had many debates and intellectual challenges from his peers. Somehow, he always got the last winning word. Tricktor understood a lot of things about life but it was hard to praise him because he was generally a very difficult person. Again, many people liked him and many, many people also hated his gut. Despite the disagreements and arguments, fighting of such magnitude was not part of the culture of this new community in this foreign land. This new community was not James Town.

What happened between Tricktor and Power Mike shocked everyone. The fight resulted from a long held grudge. Tension had been building between the two for a long time but no one was aware until that day. Power Mike had punched Tricktor on this day because Tricktor had simply requested for Power Mike's email for the second attempt. Tricktor had asked for Power Mike's phone number at first. He was trying to collect everyone's phone number to establish a contact communication line for the community group. He wanted to create a group texting forum. Power Mike declined to provide the number. He claimed that he did not like to be contacted by text. Tricktor had requested this contact information in good faith. He was an active organizer in the group though he had not been selected or voted by the people. He was simply trying to put his own effort to organize the people. He was a man who had influence. Because of his influence, it was easy for him to collect member information. This migrant group had no defined leadership structure. It had no president, no vice president, no secretary, no information coordinator and no elected leader in the community. Like the first settlers of Jamestown, they were trying to built their new immigrant community in this foreign land. Most of their activities were controlled by Natural Selection. Those with the right talents automatically took control in the fields their talents were needed. The migrant group was just existing in the city with no fixed elected community structure. The people met every two weeks and enjoyed themselves in gatherings and parties.. As time went on they realized the need of a central communication and leadership. Like social insects, humans can't function without a head or a leader. In difficult times, always someone appears to become a leader. People like this are not elected. They come to power and control through natural selection. If you are trapped in a burning building as a group with no communication to the outside world, usually someone emerges to lead you all out of the building. In that scenario, it's up to the people to follow his or her lead or disregard it. In this migrant community, Tricktor was playing a natural leadership role. That role of the natural leader of the group trapped in a burning building. Often, his ideas were at the forefront. However, his ideas and efforts were not always met with acceptance and kindness. Some members felt like they were being bossed around by him. Others felt he was equal to everyone and he had no authority to give instructions to anyone since he was not voted by anyone. Some others didn't just like to see he was the one in charge. Was Power Mike angry that Tricktor was in charge? Was he being bossed around by Tricktor? Do you think he didn't just like to see Tricktor in charge?

Power Mike was a very private guy. He shared little of his personal information. This was for several reasons including the behavior of some of the community members around him. Like most groups of people, members of this community could be sometimes nosey and backstabbing. They were generally very good people in life but like every other community; they talked, gossiped and backstabbed one another sometimes. Power Mike preferred to deal with them with a long-spoon. He preferred to meet or hear from them once a month when he comes around. He didn't want to maintain daily contacts, texting, and emailing from the group. It was his community but he didn't want to mingle with them too much. He was a social person but he interacted with others only when he needed to. When he came to the party gathering, he was always sitting at some corner in the room with bunch of friends drinking his beer quietly. This was his choice but it was not healthy for the people. The people were trying to come together as one and whatever they planned to do will benefit everyone including Power Mike. They wanted to communicate important little information and update everyone between the week before the meetings. Others felt that everyone should equally participate to keep the community going. If a particular arrangement is to be made, it's important for everyone to be notified so he or she can prepare or contribute before gathering days. But Power Mike wanted to stay away, and then come around only when there is party and relaxation.

Tricktor was going around trying to collect contact information on this day. He went across the room asking everyone's phone number and then jotting them down. When he came to Power Mike, he declined to give his number. Power Mike ignored Tricktor when he asked for it. Tricktor left but the behavior affected his pride. There was some friction between them. From what I understood, Tricktor asked the phone number and Power Mike said he wants no one in the group to have his phone number. Tricktor left and came back again asking for his email. This time, Power Mike got very irritated. He also felt that Tricktor was trying to pick on him.

Like I said, tension had been building between them for a long time. A simple request maybe interpreted differently. Keep in mind that Tricktor came back and asked for the email in a pressurizing and sarcastic way. In his mind, he was trying to proof to Power Mike that; he, Tricktor will not be intimidated by him. Power Mike got offended and snapped. Words were exchanged and in a blink of an eye, punches were thrown. Powww ...!!! Power Mike swung a good uppercut punch to Tricktor's left eye. Tricktor trembled, falling backward. Power Mike dived towards him again, picked him off the floor, rushed him across the room, and then slammed him against the wall by the TV stand. The 65-inch screen TV came down crashing on the floor. Tricktor was not as tall and huge as Power Mike and there was no way he could win a fight against him. He did the best he could do by standing up and reaching for something in his jacket. With a bloody left eye, Tricktor rolled around the floor dodging extra kicks from Power Mike. Power Mike kept swinging his legs trying to kick Tricktor in the ribs. Tricktor continue to roll on the floor away from him. Suddenly, Tricktor put his hand inside the left pocket of his jacket reaching out for something that appeared like a weapon. It was a black metallic object. What was it? Was it a gun? Was it a knife? Did Power Mike got shot? Did he get stabbed?


Ambazonian Medical Center

Tricktor had been rushed to the nearest emergency room at the hospital called Ambazonian Medical Center. He arrived at the hospital in an Ambulette. There were no Ambulance in the city to transport him. Ambulance services contacted had dispatched all their vehicles into the city. Only Ambulette transportation services were available. The Ambulette brought Tricktor in the emergency room in a wheelchair. He arrived with two paramedics and there was a police officer behind him too. The officer had been questioning Tricktor to get his own side of the story about the event. There was large amount of blood stains on the yellow shirt Tricktor was wearing. There was also soaked blood in the white T-shirt he was wearing underneath the yellow shirt. He was wearing a yellow shirt and he had a white T-shirt underneath. Both were soaked in blood around the left deltoid and left pectoris muscle areas. An ice pack had been placed and held against his upper left eye lid, which was the area of the injury. Two nurses and a nurse practitioner came out running towards the paramedics. The nurses grasped the wheelchair and wheeled Tricktor into a nearby room. The Nurse Practitioner followed behind them after asking questions to the paramedics. At the door entrance, there were scattered, fresh, bright red blood splashes on the floor. They all came from different sources. One remarkable source was from the two Jewish boys stabbed by so2me anti-Semitic guys in a gathering down the street that same night. The story is too long to explain. I just know the Jewish boys were attacked because of some argument they had with these anti-Semitic guys. Though these two Orthodox Jewish patients preferred a Kosher Oriented hospital, they were rushed to this Ambazonia Medical Center for the safety of their lives. Because of their excessive bleeding, they were at risk for hypovolemic shock. They had to go to the nearest hospital soon.


Excerpted from "100 Text Msges from a President"
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgement, vii,
Introduction, xi,
Chapter 1 Fight Broke out, 1,
Chapter 2 Make the Fight Great Again, 6,
Chapter 3 Ambazonian Medical Center, 15,
Chapter 4 Legal Reasoning, 22,
Chapter 5 100 Text Msges From a President, 28,
Chapter 6 Again, 100 Text Msges From A President, 38,
Chapter 7 The Salute, 46,
Chapter 8 Salute The Controversy, 50,
Chapter 9 The Ballot Box Gossip, 55,
Chapter 10 The Iron Will -Behind The Iron Will President, 64,
Chapter 11 Kids Are Future – The Personalities, 71,
Chapter 12The Sexual Energy in the City, 84,
Chapter 13The Peak, 97,
Chapter 14 The Community Cheated Death, 99,
Chapter 15 The Community Cheated Death Again, 106,
Chapter 16 Absolutism Vs. Relativism, 110,
Chapter 17 Stabbed in the Heart, 116,
Chapter 18 Death in AmbaLand, 123,
Chapter 19 The Moral of the Story, 133,
High Performing Leadership Traits, 147,
About The Author, 155,

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