100 Things to See in the Southern Night Sky: From Planets and Satellites to Meteors and Constellations, Your Guide to Stargazing

100 Things to See in the Southern Night Sky: From Planets and Satellites to Meteors and Constellations, Your Guide to Stargazing

by Dean Regas


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A handy field guide for the optimum stargazing experience, whether you’re travelling, camping, or in your own backyard!

The night sky is full of amazing things to see, from shooting stars and constellations, to planets and satellites, but it can be hard to tell what you’re seeing, or where to look for the best view. 100 Things to See in the Southern Night Sky lets you know what you can expect to see on any given night, whether you’re using a small telescope, or just your naked eye.

100 Things to See in the Southern Night Skyespecially for those south of the equator—includes background information on the makeup, appearance, and history of each celestial object, along with easy-to-follow instructions on the best way to catch a glimpse of these cosmic glories. With this helpful guide you’ll have the world on a string—or more precisely, the sky in your hands.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781507207802
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 06/26/2018
Series: 100 Things to See
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Dean Regas is the astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory and cohost of the syndicated television program Star Gazers. His writing has appeared in Astronomy magazine, Sky & Telescope magazine, and HuffPost, and in 2017 he began a podcast called Looking Up. Dean is the author of Facts from Space!, 100 Things to See in the Night Sky (Northern Hemisphere edition) and 100 Things to See in the Night Sky (Sourthern Hemisphere edition).

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

How to Use This Book 13

Location, Location, Location 13

Prime-Time Stargazing 15

Sky Conditions 15

Equipment 17

Patience and Practice 18

Part 1 The Sun, Moon, and Naked-Eye Planets 19

The Sun 21

The Moon 25

The Naked-Eye Planets 30

Mercury 31

Venus 34

Mars 37

Jupiter 41

Saturn 44

Part 2 Stars and Constellations 47

The Southern Sky 49

Crux, the Southern Cross 51

Acrux, Mimosa, Gacrux, and Delta Crucis 53

The Jewel Box 54

Coalsack Nebula 55

Triangulum Australe, the Southern Triangle 56

Hydrus, the Water Snake 58

The Magellanic Clouds 60

Pavo, the Peacock 62

Tucana, the Toucan 64

47 Tucanae, Lacaille's Toucan 66

Octans, the Octant 67

The Summer Sky 69

The Summer Hexagon 70

Orion, the Hunter 72

Betelgeuse, the Armpit 74

Bellatrix, the Beautiful 76

Rigel, the Left Foot 77

The Orion Nebula 78

Taurus, the Bull 79

Aldebaran, the Bull's Eye 81

The Hyades Star Cluster 82

The Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, Star Cluster 83

Canis Major, the Big Dog 84

Sirius, the Dog Star 86

Canis Minor, the Little Dog 87

Procyon, the Little Dog Star 89

Gemini, the Twins 90

Pollux and Castor 92

Auriga, the Charioteer 93

Capella, a Notorious Twinkler 95

Eridanus, the River in the Sky 96

Achernar, the End of the River 98

The Autumn Sky 99

The Autumn Triangle 100

Leo, the Lion 103

Regulus, the Little King 105

Boötes, the Bear Driver 106

Arcturus, the Bright 108

Virgo, the Maiden 109

Spica, the Blue-White Diamond 111

Carina, the Keel of the Ship 112

Canopus, the Pilot 115

Eta Carinae Nebula 116

Theta Carinae Cluster 117

The False Cross 118

Coma Berenices, Berenice's Hair 120

Hydra, the Many-Headed Snake 122

Corvus, the Crow 124

Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown 126

Cancer, the Crab 128

The Beehive Cluster 130

The Winter Sky 131

Centaurus, the Centaur 132

Alpha Centauri, the Closest Star System 134

Omega Centauri, See 10 Million Stars 135

The Winter Triangle 137

Lyra, the Harp 139

Vega, the Star of Winter 141

Cygnus, the Swan 142

Deneb, the Tail of the Swan 144

Aquila, the Eagle 145

Altair, the Eagle Eye 148

Delphinus, the Dolphin 149

Sualocin and Rotanev 151

Hercules, the Kneeler 152

Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer 154

Scorpius, the Scorpion 157

Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion 159

Butterfly and Ptolemy's Clusters 160

Libra, the Scales 162

Sagittarius, the Archer 164

The Spring Sky 166

Pegasus, the Flying Horse 167

Andromeda, the Princess 169

Andromeda Galaxy 171

Perseus, the Hero 172

Algol, the Ghoul 174

Cetus, the Sea Monster 175

Piscis Australis, the Southern Fish 177

Fomalhaut, the Fish's Mouth 178

Grus, the Grane 179

Aries, the Ram 181

Part 3 Beyond Stargazing 183

Catching Satellites 185

The International Space Station 186

Tiangong-2 188

Iridium Satellites 189

X-37B or OTV 190

Meteors and Meteor Showers 191

Fireballs, Great Balls of Fire 192

The Perseids, Orionids, Leonids, and Geminids 193

Meteor Storm 195

Additional Astronomical Events to See with the Naked Eye 197

Planetary Conjunction 198

Lunar Occulation 200

Milky Way 202

Zodiacal Light 204

A Great Comet 206

Auroras 208

Total Lunar Eclipse 210

Total Solar Eclipse 212

Index 215

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