100 Updates of the Bible: According to the Urantia Book

100 Updates of the Bible: According to the Urantia Book

by Walker Thomas


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The format of this book starts with 100 direct quotes from THE NEW KING JAMES VERSION OF THE BIBLE, then follows them directly with passages from THE BOOK OF URANTIA that lend depth and understanding to those original quotes. A more detailed level of explanation can be provided either by a fuller reading of URANTIA, itself, or by reading the attached series of eight teaching manuals that is designed to simplify the complicated text of URANTIA so as to reduce the time and effort it takes to uncover the world of meaning to be found within this modern religious text--a 20th-century revelation, no less.

The passages selected from the Bible to be updated by revelation from URANTIA were chosen to be included in this manual in order to answer such basic questions as:

• "Did Moses really part the Red Sea?" No.
• "Did God really destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?" No.
These were convenient alterations of secular history by Jewish scribes in order to conform the events of real secular history with Jewish religious history; but no one can deny that they were eminently successful in their efforts. Witness the fact that the Old Testament has become the "more or less" accepted explanation of religious history for about a third of humanity.

Other passages have been included because they answer questions like:
• Was there an actual "Garden of Eden? and if so, where was it?
• Was there a "Tree of Life" in the Garden of Eden? and if so, how did eating the fruit from "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" by Adam and Eve lead to the default of their mission?

Other passages have been included because they answer some of the long-held mysteries about John's BOOK OF REVELATION like:
• What is "the mark of the Beast"?
• What is the "New Jerusalem" that is prophesied to "come down out of Heaven from God" in "the latter days"?

Bible readers range from those who believe every word the Bible says, to those who don't believe a word it says, to those in between who allow for certain "exaggerations" that are thought to distort, but not destroy, underlying religious truths. THE URANTIA BOOK is a treasure trove for all of these Bible readers.

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