1,000 Quotes For Writers: ...inspiration for your creative writing

1,000 Quotes For Writers: ...inspiration for your creative writing

by Kimberly Coleman


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'Sure to light the creative spark inside you, whether you have writer's block, or are just looking for new sources of ideas..." Goodreads review

1,000 Quotes For Writers is an indispensable reference book compiled specifically for writers to fire your imagination - whether you write short stories, poetry, scripts, novels, nonfiction, blogs, or post daily on social media. 1,000 Quotes... will also appeal to anyone who loves good books It is filled with brilliant quotations from dozens of the world's forgotten authors.The book is divided into 60+ categories with more than a dozen quotes in each to match your mood, spur you to break through a writing block, discover new ideas for plot/setting/characters/resolution...or just read random pages, reacquainting yourself with lines from a fabulous array of authors... Tolstoy, Dumas, Beckett, Jong, Shaw, Wilder, O'Neill, Cocteau, Steinbeck, Ionesco, Frost, Schiller, the Brontes, Babel, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Milosz, Kundera, Zola, Stendhal, Angelou ...and dozens of others. The quotes are categorized under: solitude, imagination, what is past, soldiers, death, war, the Victorians, the British, the Americans, the French, the Russians, the Germans, life & hope, truths, women, happiness, winter, summer, friends, always reading..., the poets, the dramatists, the novelists, dark, light.... and many, many more.

Authors included span several centuries and continents; the quotations are thoughtfully organized. It is a beautiful book with a user-friendly layout so it is easy to just read a few lines or pages.. It makes a fantastic gift for students of all ages, to pique their interests in writers long-forgotten by most current school curricula; the easy reading format and illustrations will also appeal to young people acclimated to graphic novels and social media.

Seamus Heaney said, "If you have the words, there's always a chance that you'll find the way."

1,000 Quotes For Writers will help you find those words and light your way. This volume makes a fantastic addition to any writer's reference library and makes a wonderful gift for other writers - and readers - you know. Now available worldwide in digital and print formats.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780991413263
Publisher: Kimberly Coleman
Publication date: 01/09/2017
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Kimberly Coleman is the creator and designer of the
Bestselling Calendar For Writers Series, available worldwide.
She is a former Managing Editor of Europa Media, the small press noted for publishing émigré works and English translations of Polish, Hungarian, and Lithuanian writers. Her latest book, Writing Without Losing The Plot...And Your
Mind, goes on sale in late November. The third book in her critically acclaimed dystopian series, The Blind Girl's War,
publishes early Winter 2018. She lives in Ireland.

Table of Contents

Summer; Reading; Friendship; Life; On writing...; The Poets; Peace; Life again...; The Russians; Youth; Night & Day; Happiness; Words; War; Reading again...; The British; Philosophical musings; People...; Love; Human; The Victorians; Babel, Gogol & Dostoyevsky; The Americans; Shaw, Wilder & O’Neill; Imagination; What is past...; Soldiers; Death; Ibsen & Chekhov; Truth; Time; Imagine...; Confession; Chekhov & Tolstoy; Politics; Truths; Life & Hope; Friends; The Victorians; Winter; Women; Writing...; Always reading...; The Germans; Words...; The Poets; The Dramatists; Life & Love; Writers; The Novelists; Desire; American Poets; The French; Sorrow; Solitude; On living...; Truths & Illusions; On being a writer; Courage & Fear; Unforgettable; The Europeans; Thoughts...; Advice; Poetry & The Poets; Life & Truth; Dark; Light.

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