101 Best Small Businesses for Women: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on the Road to Success

101 Best Small Businesses for Women: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on the Road to Success

by Priscilla Y. Huff


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ISBN-13: 9780761505808
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/16/1996
Pages: 432
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About the Author

Priscilla Y. Huff, a former business columnist for iVillage, is a regular contributor to Home Business Magazine and other business print and online publications, including BizyMoms and eWorkingWomen. She lives in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents


Part I: Getting Started
Facts and Figures
Personal Traits for Entrepreneurial Success
Elements of Success
Choosing a Business
Franchises and Other Opportunities
Start-Up Checklist
Part II: Your Business Plan
What Is a Business Plan?
Your Business Description
Financial Considerations
Part III: Businesses
Animal-Related Businesses
1. Aquarium Services
2. "For the Birds"
3. Cat Boarding and Grooming
4. Farrier
5. Specialty Animal Raising
6. Wool Products
7. Aquaculture
Miscellaneous Animal-Related Businesses
Business Services
8. Advertising Specialties
9. Apartment/Home Preparation Service
10. Business Cost Reduction Service
11. Clipping/Information Retrieval Service
12. Collection Service
13. Court Services
14. Customer Service
15. Computer Data Backup Service Provider
16. Database Consultant
17. Import/Export Business
18. Mailing List Services
19. Manufacturer's Agent
20. Market Research Analyst/Consultant
21. Online Services
22. Builder's Cleanup
23. Seminar Leader
24. Other Business Services
Children's Services
25. Children's Fitness Center
26. Childproofing
27. Creative Learning Center
28. Summer Camp Information and Referral Service
29. Toy Inventor/Designer
Miscellaneous Child-Related Businesses and Sources
Computer Services
30. Computer Businesses
Creative Businesses
31. Cartoonists/Caricaturist
32. Wood Carver
33. Graphic Artist/Designer
34. Portrait or Sketch Artist
35. Jeweler
36. Stained Glass Artist
38. Talent/Entertainment Booking Agent
39. Dollmaker/Repairs
40. Wood Crafts Wholesaler
41. Craft Shop/Craft Co-Op
42. Inventor
43 Songwriter
44. Neon Crafter
45. Rubber Stamps
Miscellaneous Craft Ideas
Food-Related Businesses
46. Salt Dough Art & Creations
47. Country Inn, Restaurant
48. Food Specialty
49. Cookbook Author
Green and Environmental Businesses
50. Garden Center
51. Garden Problem-Solver
52. Greenhouse Grower
53. Raising Beneficial Insects
54. Unique Planters
55. Recycling Businesses
Still More Green Business Ideas
Small Shops
56. Antique Shop
57. Clothing Consignment Shop
58. Used Bookstore
59. Coffee or Tea Shop
Instructional Businesses
60. Teaching Arts and Crafts
61. Instructional Videos
62. Computer Instructor/Trainer
63. Business Trainer
Medical Services
64. Medical Businesses
Personal Services
65. Personal Service Provider
66. Apartment Finding/Roommate Service
67. Boarding Home
68. Mature Adult Services: Moving/Unpacking Service
69. Transportation Coordinator
70. Clock Repair
71. Personal Help Counselor
72. Genealogist
73. Insurance Agent
74. Legal Services
75. Personal Matchmaker
76. Real Estate
77. Personal Security Consultant
78. Business and Job Counseling for Persons with Disabilities
Miscellaneous Personal Services
Sewing Services
79. Animal Specialties
80. Artful Sewing
81. Canvas Repair/Custom Work
82. Children's Clothing
83. Custom Ties
84. Hats
Miscellaneous Sewing Business Ideas
Travel-Related Businesses
85. Bed & Breakfast
86. Boating Services
87. Tour Operator
Businesses Involving Words
88. Literary Agent
89. Bookbinding
90. Independent Publishing
91. Grant Proposal Writing
92. Language Translation Service
93. Public Relations Writing
94. Typesetting
95. Copywriting
96. Fact Finder
97. Real Estate Brochure Writer
Miscellaneous Businesses
98. Soap Making
99. Collectibles Specialist
100 Graphologists/Handwriting Analyst
101. Private Investigator
Still More Miscellaneous Businesses
Business Tips and Resources
General Resources

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