101 Best Ways To Get Ahead

101 Best Ways To Get Ahead

by Dawn Angier, Sarah Pond


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Q: What do Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Rudy Giuliani, Tiger Woods, Anita Roddick, Tony Blair, Laura Bush and Lance Armstrong have in common?

A: They were each nominated for the 101 Most Successful and Respected People in the World Today by a SuccessNet survey.

Now you have the opportunity to discover what the "101 Most Successful" say about getting ahead in the world today. Better yet, read their biographies and find out why they're considered champions and how they achieved their goals. Learn from them to ignite the passionate pursuit of YOUR full potential.

101 Best Ways to Get Ahead-Solid Gold Advice from 101 of the World's Most Successful People has generated quite a buzz because of its bold concept: personally contact the world's best and ask them for their best advice.
It's already earned the acclaim of the self-development industry. A compilation of biographies, research, advice and quotes, this book is a must for any personal improvement library.

Brian Tracy says, "This is a great book, full of powerful, practical ideas you can apply immediately to improve your life."

And Dr. Philip Humbert writes in the foreword: ". . . . one of the most important books you will ever read . . . a collection of 101 of the most powerful ideas in the history of civilization!"

This is your guide to achieving your goals and reaching your potential. It's a reference-a catalog of the finest advice from the planet's finest people-a tool to help you excel.

Gain access to a wealth of wisdom and experience. Get personal advice from some of the greatest role models of our generation. Delve into the personalities and accomplishments of 101 of the most successful and respected men and women living today.

SuccessNet readers from around the world were surveyed for nominations of the world's most respected and successful people living. The results were compiled into a list of the top 101 people. This list represents a significant group of movers and shakers in the world today. Imagine the combined brain power. Imagine the wisdom. Imagine the advice.

But the best part of all is YOU will be the benefactor.

It's a valuable resource you'll definitely want to have in your library.

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Publication date: 12/01/2004
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