101 Bladesmithing FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Knifemaking Questions About Forging, Stock Removal, Tools, and Heat Treatment

101 Bladesmithing FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Knifemaking Questions About Forging, Stock Removal, Tools, and Heat Treatment

by Wes Sander


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Have you ever felt like, no matter how much reading or research you do on bladesmithing - it’s never enough?

Are you a beginner bladesmith that is constantly faced with problems that you can't seem to get solved?

Do you want to know why your latest knife didn't turn out like it was supposed to?

Do you have a burning knife making question, that you NEED to get answered?

Have you consulted many knife makers and searched across forums, but still have questions that are unanswered?

Your solution is here.

I, Wes Sander, have compiled answers to 101 of the most frequently asked questions that knife makers have.

These questions solve a wide range of problems, from choosing the correct knife making steel to how much you should pay for an anvil.

In this book you will discover the answer to the following questions:

  • How do I get started knife making with just hand tools?
  • How can I make my own forge?
  • What is the best knife steel for beginners?
  • Is it better to do stock removal or forging?
  • Can I forge scrap metal into knives and will they last?
  • How much should I pay for an anvil?
  • What’s a good arc welder for a beginner?
  • How do I forge stainless steel?
  • How many billets of steel do you stack for making Damascus?
  • How do I make my own scales?
  • Should I become an apprentice under a mentor or more experienced knife maker?
  • Do I drill holes into the tang before or after heat treatment?
  • What should be the pivot location on a folding knife?
  • What should I do with leaf spring that is too wide to use?
  • Are engine parts good for making blades?
  • What is a good groove tool I should use for leatherwork?
  • What is a good stainless steel that is relatively easy to heat treat?
  • Should I heat treat the tang of my knife?
  • Can you weld Damascus steel to standard stainless steel?

Many more such pressing questions have been answered inside this book.

You can use this book as a compendium of solutions to your bladesmithing problems, when nobody else is willing to help you solve them.

No question is too dumb either, every beginner has the right to ask even the most basic questions.

That is why questions from all skill levels have been answered.

If you have a doubt you can't solve, it could lead to problems in your next build.

Answer that burning question, before it leads to a fault in your knife.

So if you want to get that 1 burning question answered, and level up the quality of your knives, then take action and buy this book now!

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