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Taylor & Francis
101 Ethical Dilemmas / Edition 1

101 Ethical Dilemmas / Edition 1

by Martin Cohen
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What would you do? Would you always do the right thing? Is there a right thing? In this second edition of his thought-provoking and highly engaging introduction to ethics, Martin Cohen brings us eleven brand new ethical dilemmas including 'The dodgy donor clinic', 'The famous footbridge dilemma' and 'The human canonball'. From overcrowded lifeboats to the censor's pen, Martin Cohen's stimulating and amusing dilemmas reveal the subtleties, complexities and downright contradictions that make up the rich tapestry of ethics. From DIY babies and breeding experiments before finally ending up in the 'Twinkies courtroom drama' and Newgate Prison, there is a dilemma for everyone here. Dilemmas from the worlds of medical, business, legal and war ethics; dilemmas in the shape of beautiful and ugly sisters, frogs, kings, ancient volcanic islands and suspiciously exotic villages. This book may not help you become a good person, but at least you will have had a good think about it...

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ISBN-13: 9780415261272
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/28/2003
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 7.75(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Martin Cohen is editor of The Philosopher, the journal of the Philosophical Society of England, lecturer and a successful philosophy author and journalist. His bestselling 101 Philosophy Problems, 3rd edition, is also published by Routledge

Table of Contents

Forward!     xii
How to use this book     xvii
Note on the philosophical pictures     xix
Four dodgy dilemmas to get started with...
The lifeboat     2
Sinking further     3
The psychologists' tale     4
Custom is king     5
And three personal dilemmas which maybe a business ethics course could help with...
The internet bargain     7
The toaster     8
The liar     9
Three tricky trolley dilemmas (that need to be solved together)
The dodgy donor clinic     11
The famous footbridge dilemma     12
The human cannonball     13
The descent begins
The first stage of cruelty     15
Stage 2: free to do otherwise     18
Penultimate stage: the two tests     19
Final stage: the immortal member     21
Some pretty ancient dilemmas
Gyges' ring     24
The woeful tale of St Augustine     26
A balanced tale for the Yellow Emperor     28
The ascetic tale of Chrysippus the Stoic     29
The sensible tale of Epicurus     30
Magnanimous Man     31
The Magnanimous Man in Heaven     32
Anti-social dilemmas
Against e-Ville     35
Stumped     37
Cracked?     38
Getting hotter     39
Feeling drained     40
A dose of medical ethics
Breeding experiments     42
Designer babies     44
KwikBaby     45
The downmarket rival     47
TGN1412     49
The Nobodie Rules: a drama in three acts     50
Witheringspoon-X disease     54
The hospital's dilemma     55
The censor's dilemma
Foul things     58
The criminal connection     60
A matter of standards     62
The exploitative pictures     63
The nasty pop group     65
Business week: dilemmas from business ethics...
The short memos by the pirate     67
The blaring radio     68
The infectious disease     69
The witness     70
And another dilemma for business ethics (with the emphasis on ethics)
The Devil's chemists     71
A pentad of moral stories: searching for divine justice
The unfruitful tree     75
Job's lot     76
The sacrificial lamb     77
The modern day Good Samaritan     78
Lazarus the beggar      79
Some monkey business
Monkey business     81
More monkey business     84
Life's not fair     86
Infantile ethical egotism     87
Searching for the good life
The rich man's dilemma     89
The beauty trap     90
The good life     93
Three more trolley dilemmas (that no one really cares about anyway)
Flight 999 to Shangri-La     95
Dangerous nibbles     97
The terrorist     98
Watching brief
The Panopticon     100
The Panopticon: second section     101
The Panopticon: third section     102
The Panopticon: final section     103
Animals too: the vegetarian's dilemma
Plutarch's uncongenial fare     105
The beast     106
Plutarch's response     107
St Paul's view     108
Chrysostom's warning     109
Ethically suspect fairy tales
The Frog-King     111
The Juniper Tree: a diabolical fairy tale     114
A cautionary tale     118
The Illegals: a modern fairy tale     121
Stories of Relatavia
The Baldies of Hairland     124
The Baldies of Hairland II     126
Just desserts      128
Another problem with the relatives: a matter of honour     129
War ethics
The good fight     132
Just some wars     134
The unjustified false belief     135
The deterrents     136
The school for terror     138
The hate preacher     140
Environmental ethics
The dodo's call     146
Killing the wolf     147
The Green Revolution     148
Pain is good     149
Money matters
Greed is good     151
Death and taxes     153
Legal dilemmas
Rough justice     155
Son of Sam     156
The Twinkies: not a normal act     158
The Twinkies: the villain enters     161
Diktatiaville City Square     164
Island ethics
Sanctuary Island     167
Sanctuary Island II     169
Sanctuary Island III     170
Some really rather implausible ethical dilemmas that could only happen in the movies...
B-movie openers     172
The main feature: Clockwork Orange dilemmas     173
Nearly at the ends if not the means
100 Person Village     175
Voltaire's dilemma     177
The pragmatic response      179
Discussions 180
Glossary     335
Notes and cuttings     348
Further reading     358
Index     365

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From the Publisher

'101 Ethical Dilemmas... is a chatty, jokey journey through philosophical dilemmas ancient and modern ... the philosophy is the real thing.'New Scientist

'101 Ethical Dilemmas is the natural sequal to that wonderful book [101 Philosophy Problems]'s entertainment that trains you to think more intelligently about discerning right and wrong and about how you choose to act.'

'Martin Cohen does a good job of weaving some intriguing stories and classic philosophical ideas and arguments into the discussions.'The Times Higher Education Supplement

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