101 Favorite Nymphs and Wet Flies: History, Tying Tips, and Fishing Strategies

101 Favorite Nymphs and Wet Flies: History, Tying Tips, and Fishing Strategies

by David Klausmeyer


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An invaluable reference for beginning and experienced fly tyers alike.

101 Favorite Nymph and Wet Flies is the latest from acclaimed writer David Klausmeyer to complement his recent volume, 101 Favorite Dry Flies. Whether you are a beginner seeking a comprehensible fishing guide or an experienced tyer yearning for the newest and most effective techniques specific to wet flies and nymphs, this book has it all. Each nymph or wet fly is wonderfully captured with its own clear photographs and complete set of instructions. Not only does Klausmeyer highlight insightful tips and fishing strategies on specific flies, but he also offers historical keynotes pertaining to that pattern.

Included within are numerous images of materials and tying tools. Learn to master the classic patterns, but also discover the latest flies with suggested commercial fly-tying gear. Detailed text is provided for imitative flies, containing explicit hatching information depending on the season and location.

In 101 Favorite Nymph and Wet Flies, Klausmeyer teaches the fundamentals as well as innovative methods on how to properly excel in fishing. Fly tying is a highly esteemed fisherman’s craft, but also an art form. Avid sport fishermen will treasure this book and gain even more in-depth knowledge.

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ISBN-13: 9781628737486
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 08/05/2014
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 587,711
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

David Klausmeyer has been the editor in chief of Fly Tyer magazine for the past sixteen years. He has written numerous books and articles about fly tying, including The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Tying. He now does blogs and webcasts about them as well. His tying techniques are well known among tiers.

Table of Contents

Introduction v

Chapter 1 Timeless Wet Flies 1

Bergman Fontinalis 2

Cowdung 4

Parmacheene Belle 6

Alexandra 8

Watson's Fancy 10

Yellow Sally 12

Blue hack Trout 14

Glory Girl 16

Telephone Box 18

Toodle-bug 20

Witer Brown 22

Tenkara Wet Flies 24

March Brown 26

Greenwell's Glory 28

Baillie's Black Spider 30

Partridge & Orange 32

Partridge & Hare's Ear 34

Endrick Spider 36

Plover & Yellow 38

Montreal 40

Silver Doctor 42

Chapter 2 Nymphs, Larvae, Scuds, and More 45

Art Flick's March Brown 46

Darbee's Stonefly Nymph 48

Carrot Nymph 50

Black & Yellow Hard-back Nymph 52

Copper John 54

Pheasant-tail Cased Caddis 56

Rob's Caddis Pupa 58

Clouser Swimming Nymph 60

Vladi's Condom Worm 62

Hare's-ear Nymph 65

Poxyback Stonefly 67

Big Dave's Stonefly Nymph 69

Tellico Hare's-ear Nymph 71

Isonychia Nymph 73

Giant Salmonfly Nymph 75

Poxyback Green Drake Nymph 77

Prince Nymph 79

Bead-head Sparkle Pupa 81

Poxyback Isonychia Nymph 83

Rubber-Jegged Copper John 85

Shenk Cress Bug 87

San Juan Worm 89

Smerf Sconefly 91

Dronestone 93

Gummy Stone 95

Thread Caddis Larva 97

Natural Caddisfly Larva 100

CDC & Hen 102

Medusa 104

Christmas Caddisfly Pupa 106

Bactrian Worm 108

Hot-top Czech Nymph 110

Iced Cased Caddis 112

Sparrow 114

Bitch Creek 116

Red Squirrel Nymph 118

Microstone 120

Buggy Stone Nymph 122

Brassie 124

Cosseboom 126

High Lake Larry 128

Bird's Nest 130

Bethke's Pink Squirrel Nymph 132

Edward's Cased Caddisfly Larva 134

Bead-head Stonefly Nymph 136

Pregnant Scud 138

Aftershaft Scud 140

Clearwater Callibactis 142

Woolly Worm 144

Skunk Caddis 146

Pheasant-tail Nymph 148

Micro Mayfly 150

Big Dave's Caddisfly Pupa 152

Bead-head Royal Coachman 154

Bead-head Ovipositing Caddisfly 156

October Caddis Wet Fly 158

Montana Stone 160

Hot-belly Pleasant-tail Nymph 162

Get Down Worm 164

Flying Circus Caddisfly 166

Kaufmann's Stonefly 168

Vladi's Czech Nymph 170

Two-bead Prince Nymph 172

Stryker's Golden Stonefly 174

Safet's Isonychia 176

Little Black Caddis Larva 178

Green Sedge Larva 180

Apple Caddis Pupa 182

Hook-up Hellgrammite 184

Hook up Stonefly 186

Woven Copper John 188

Deep-diving Caddis 190

Rock Candy Caddis 192

Baltz's Caddis Pupa 194

Chapter 3 Fries for Fishing Still Waters 197

Maple Syrup 198

Rapunzel 200

Ultra Damsel Nymph 202

Crystal Midge 204

Hovering Dragonfly 206

Simple Damsel 208

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