101 Favorite Stories From The Bible

101 Favorite Stories From The Bible


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The parting of the Red Sea, David ad Goliath, Jesus and the Samaritanwoman, Lazarus being raised fromthe dead-- these stories and many others form a solid foundation for children learning about the Bible for the first time. As children learn about their faith and hear these exciting stories, the Bible truly comes alive for them. The colorful illustrations included with each story will be loved by children of all ages and provide a solid image in children's minds to establish the reality of the stories.

These timeless and absolutely true stories, such as how Jesus loves the children and the Day of Pentecost, are loved by children the world over. After each story, you will find helpful questions to spur discussion and to help children commit them to memory. This colorful and delightfully fun book is an essential for any parent who desires to train their child in righteousness.

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ISBN-13: 9781885270474
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/28/2007
Pages: 226
Sales rank: 1,159,108
Product dimensions: 5.94(w) x 8.22(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Old Testament
God's Wonderful Creation10
Adam and Eve12
The Garden of Eden14
The First Family16
Noah The Ark Builder18
The Tower of Babel20
Faithful Abraham22
Abraham Offers Isaac24
A Wife for Issac26
Jacob and Esau28
Jacob Flees from Home30
Jacob Wrestles with an Angel32
Dreams with Special Messages34
Joseph Interprets Pharoah's Dream36
Joseph's Brothers Come to Egypt38
Moses in the River Nile40
The Burning Bush42
Moses and Aaron Speak to Pharoah44
The Plagues46
The Passover48
The Red Sea is Divided50
God Provides Food in the Desert52
The Ten Commandments54
The Golden Calf56
Aaron and Miriam's Rebellion58
Afraid of Giants60
A Brazen Serpent62
The Donkey that Talked64
Rahab and the Spies66
An Army for Gideon72
Rewards for Ruth78
Israel Demands a King82
Saul Anointed by Samuel84
David - The Shepherd Boy86
David and Goliath88
David's Wise Behavior90
Jonathan and David92
King Solomon94
A New Temple for God96
The Lord God or Baal100
Elijah Goes to Heaven102
A Faithful Little Slave Girl104
Four Lepers from Samaria106
Jehoshaphat's Singing Army108
Esther the Jewess110
In the Palace of Shushan112
Isaiah - Called of God114
God calls Jeremiah116
Four Honest Boys118
Belshazzar's Feast120
Daniel in the Lions' Den122
Jonah and the Big Fish124
New Testament
Zacharias and Elizabeth128
The Angel Gabriel Visits Mary130
Jesus is Born in Bethlehem132
The Shepherds and the Wisemen134
The Boy Jesus at the Temple136
A Voice from Heaven138
Jesus Begins His Ministry140
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman142
Jesus Stops at a Funeral144
The Miracle of Fishes146
Jairus' Daughter148
Bartimaeus Cries Out150
A Crippled Man Healed152
Five Thousand People Fed154
Walking on the Water156
Zacchaeus - The Little Man158
Stilling the Storm160
Jesus and the Little Children162
A Mountaintop Experience164
Jesus Cleanses the Temple166
The Good Samaritan168
Jesus Teachs by Parables170
The Prodigal Son172
Jesus Weeps174
Jesus Rides a Donkey176
The Last Supper178
Mansions in Heaven180
A Night in Gethsemane182
Jesus is Condemned184
Jesus is Crucified186
Jesus is Risen!188
Doubting Thomas190
On the Road to Emmaus192
The Great Commission194
Jesus' Last Visit and Ascension196
The Day of Pentecost198
Stephen - The First Martyr200
Philip and the Ethiopian202
The Conversion of Saul204
Peter's Vision206
Peter in Prison208
Paul and Silas in Prison210
New Jerusalem - Heaven and Earth212

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