101 Quantum Success Secrets

101 Quantum Success Secrets

by Ted Ciuba Ph.D.


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To celebrate and promote awareness of The NEW Think and Grow Rich - revised edition, bestselling author Ted Ciuba put together these 101 Quantum Success Secrets related to the themes of that book and makes them available to you.

Not only that, he also gives you the cross-platform links to a video training session on every single secret! That's a $197 value, free.

In this book he has taken the concepts he began to articulate in The New Think And Grow Rich to entirely new quantum levels.

While he was willingly aligning himself with the principles of Napoleon Hill's monumental success classic, Think And Grow Rich, for the modernization, he suffers no such restrictions or designs on his writing, his teaching, his training, his creativity, or the benefit he brings in 101 Quantum Success Secrets. There're churches, study groups, pastors, and business people all over the world embracing this philosophy and using this book as their prime text.

There're athletes, students, and medical professionals finding in Ted Ciuba's message as stated in 101 Quantum Success Secrets, the elusive key to quantum leaps of contribution, rewards, and quality of life.

Join us as we delve deeply into what it means to go quantum in your personal, professional, and creative life. Find out what makes it tick, and apply it yourself to be, do, and have much more in your life.

What do you get here? The title says it all, 101 Quantum Success Secrets dedicated to one thing under two faces:

1. Quantum personal achievement
2. Quantum business acceleration

One after another, short, brief, 101 messages, 101 secrets, each 101 seconds or less. It can have a profound influence on your life.
Welcome to the book, welcome to the way of life, and welcome to what we say as... "All things in the spirit of The New Think and Grow Rich."

Are you ready for your own quantum leap?

Titles only hint at the personal and professional development you'll encounter, but here's a quick sampling of the training sessions you find inside...

> A Series Of Opportunities Or A Series Of Threats
> Nurture Certainty In Your Ability To Respond Appropriately
> How Quantum Science Relates To Acquiring Wealth
> The Law Of Attraction Is Triggered By Commitment
> Where Napoleon Hill Hid The Secret
> Making The Quantum Leap Requires That Leap
> Case Study Of The Beatles MasterMind
> The Role Of Belief In Making The Quantum Leap
> The VAKOGËM Formula For Achievement Visualizations
> The Quantum Leap Requires Agility Not Brute Force
> The Quantum Grail Of Achievement
> Quantum Physics Explains How It Works - Neuroscience How To Work It
> When You Assume You Can Do It That's When You Can

The secret, hidden in every part, grants great and sustaining personal and professional powers to the individual who learns it.

Could what Napoleon Hill says be true, that you've got to discover the secret for yourself for it to be of any benefit to you?

In rare, never to be repeated footage - in the euphoria of writing and launching The New Think And Grow Rich, Dr. Ted Ciuba, author, reveals 101 Quantum Success Secrets.

When are you now thinking is a good time to get inside this one?

All creation is vibrating to fulfill your definite desires - approached the right way... It's Quantum that you think.

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About the Author

Discover Dr Ted Ciuba, Quantum Business Acceleration headcoach at http://ThinkRich.com - A sales & marketing ace, former professor of business communications at California State U, original founder of World Internet Summit - the largest & longest running entrepreneurial Internet Marketing training organization in the world, author of bestselling The New Think & Grow Rich - reminds us a quantum leap is a phenomenon of Nature in which one makes seemingly effortless explosive, permanent performance and income gains without trudging all the incremental steps up the hill. Free report http://ThinkRich.com

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