101 Ways to Get a Life: How to Be Happy. . .No Matter What's Happening

101 Ways to Get a Life: How to Be Happy. . .No Matter What's Happening

by Pat Farrell



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101 Ways to Get a Life: How to Be Happy. . .No Matter What's Happening by Pat Farrell

Have you ever dreamed how great your life will be when you finally finish school, . . . when you get married, . . .when you have kids, . . .when you get that promotion, . . . when you buy a bigger house, . . . when your kids are on their own, . . . when you retire? Do you find yourself thinking that you�ll be happy when you attain �this� or are free from �that?� Is happiness always lurking somewhere over the horizon? If it seems that way, then this will be the most exciting book you have ever read. Here�s why:

You don�t have to wait until tomorrow! You can be HAPPY RIGHT NOW. . . no matter what�s happening!

101 Ways to GET A LIFE contains a compendium of one-hundred-one values, presented in delightful bitesize snippets of wisdom that are easily digestible and have an immediate positive impact. You will marvel at the ease with which you can choose to live in peace and joy by incorporating these palatable morsels into your thinking. It�s as easy as �Change your thinking, change your life.� Enjoy many personal stories sharing the author�s journey from struggle and confusion to creation and clarity.

In 101 Ways to GET A LIFE, you will learn to recognize and prioritize your own values and beliefs leading to your fulfillment. You will discover how and why your life matters. You will know that you make a difference in everything that you do and with everyone that you meet. You will recognize your own personal passion that leads you to your path, your life�s purpose, and to finding your own happiness . . . whatever that means to you. The choice is then yours to determine the actions every day that lead you to your immediate and your ultimate happiness. Happiness is yours for the choosing.

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ISBN-13: 9780967034805
Publisher: New Day Productions
Publication date: 01/28/2000
Pages: 146
Product dimensions: 6.77(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.52(d)

What People are Saying About This

Tom Hill

Tom Hill, Living at the Summit:

The poet Browning said, �your reach should exceed your grasp, else what�s heaven for.� Pat Farrell has put into words how to extend your reach in 101 different and positive ways. It�s not the circumstances but how we react to circumstances that makes the difference. Pat�s A to Z method makes for easy but powerful reading.

Robert Allen Best

Robert Allen Best selling author No Money Down and Multiple Streams of Income:

101 Ways to GET A LIFE is an excellent way to get your life on track. Anyone who reads this book will be glean dozens of ideas for accelerating their success.

Layne Cutright

Layne Cutright, The Center for Enlightened Partnership:

One of the greatest gifts is the ability to influence others to a higher level of self-worth. This book fills a valuable niche which will serve people well. The easy, casual approach will be a tool for reaching many who have shut themselves off from others and their own potential.

101 Ways to GET A LIFE is well written and wisdom and heart ooze from every page. It�s a novel concept and the ABC idea makes it very readable. It�s a great read for high school students, college students and anyone trying to find their way in a demanding world. I like every page, but my favorite, so far, is the JOY page. It made me smile big!

Michelle Banks

Michelle Banks, Maxwell-Media.com:

This book is AWESOME! I love being able to just flip through the book and read as much or as little as I have time for at that moment...and yet, regardless of whether it�s one or ten topics I read, I still glean something that perks up my day. A little like being on a steady drip of �soul medication.� It is truly incredible.

Julie Link

Julie Link, Host, KOPN, Columbia, MO:

We all need a Pat Farrell in our lives! You cannot put to words the way she makes your heart feel. She has a true passion for people and a desire to empower the world. She�s a beautiful person with a message that will help you change your life!

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