101 Ways To Happiness

101 Ways To Happiness

by Rev Richard C de Meath


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When people try to explain what they mean about being happy, it is a task almost overwhelmed with difficulties. This was the case when I approached my circle of friends and asked if they would care to write on the subject. Naturally, everyone thought it would be an easy task, easy enough until they sat and struggled to put their thoughts on paper.
Defining happiness is not only a complex task, it often defies description and is perhaps one of the most thought-provoking it is possible to address. The sheer intangibility of its meaning makes it almost impossible to capture. The reader will begin to understand this as they turn the pages, and only by arriving at the last page, is it finally possible to reach their own judgment.
The pursuit of happiness is one fraught with problems, yet we know it when it enters into our lives, when we experience the sheer joy it brings and the remarkable change it makes. For the more fortunate, happiness seems to go on forever, while for the majority it seems to linger for only a short while, then take its departure, leaving a deep empty void.
Once we experience happiness we discover it offers comfort to the soul, fills the heart with joy, unleashes the poet within and gives wings to the lover. It provides strength to the frail, increases the joy of life a thousand-fold, informing us that life is not only wonderful, but when most needed, hope is there to guide us. We are happy to believe that somewhere along the many years of our journey; we are destined to find the holy grail of happiness that makes it all worthwhile.
Be happy, be comforted, be cheerful and be content, we use these few words to describe the many reasons why we live in the expectation that tomorrow will somehow prove a little better than today.
Nothing in the life experience is perfect, but hidden deep inside the chambers of our heart we know some part of our happiness lies in trying to make it so.

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