101 Ways to Motivate Athletes

101 Ways to Motivate Athletes

by Keith T. Manos


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ISBN-13: 9781585189618
Publisher: Coaches Choice
Publication date: 05/28/2006
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Dedication     3
Introduction     7
The Preseason     9
Be Motivated Yourself
Remain Positive
Research Your Athletes
Have a Preseason Team Meeting
Order Cool Clothes
Polish Up Your Facilities
Design a Team Poster/Calendar
Design a Media Guide
Early in the Season     23
Show Enthusiasm
Develop Team Pride
Avoid Coercion
Show Approval
Promote Team Leaders
Establish Rules
Post Slogans
Have a "Meet the Team" Night
Create a Display Case
Plan a Retreat
All Season     37
Show Respect
Show Fairness
Be Organized
Promote Academics
Challenge the Athletes
Set Daily Goals
Set Weekly Goals
Set Seasonal Goals
Avoid Pressurized Goals
Have Fun
Use the Buddy System
Be Honest
Post Statistics
Involve Cheerleaders
Employ a Variety of Drills
Play Popular Music
Manage the Time
Show Knowledge
Use First Names
Keep an Even Keel
Arrange Pep Assemblies
Involve Administrators
Utilize Parents
Organize Home Competitions in an Impressive Manner
Prepare for Failure
Prepare for Excuses
Be Ready for Injuries
Repair Breakdowns
Be Flexible
Prompt Physical Preparation
Use the Media
Use the Public Address System
Give Pep Talks
Videotape Your Athletes
Show Videos
Mail a Newsletter
Utilize Community Organizations
Provide Awards
Acknowledge Contributions
Stick Signs in Their Yards
Decorate Their Lockers
Describe Success
Expect Positive Outcomes
Be Attentive
Be aCounselor
Reduce Anxiety
Counteract Peer Pressure
Take Pictures
Be Encouraging
Teach Commitment
Criticize Carefully
Show Your Mail
Honor Traditions
Win Games
Smile (a Lot!)
Be Yourself
Be Creative
Midseason     111
Invite Alumni
Invite Teachers
Invite Other Coaches
Invite Local Celebrities
Change the Routine
Designate a Winning Time
Play Games
Allow a Day Off
Travel in Style
Involve Local Politicians
Phone/E-mail Your Athletes
Visit Athletes at Their Homes
Send Cards and Letters
Host a "Parents' Night" Contest
Host a Tournament
Use Audiotapes
Use Books
Help Seniors
Go Out
Postseason     129
Arrange a Beneficial Schedule
Host an Awards Program
About the Author     136

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