11 Practice Tests for the New SAT and PSAT

11 Practice Tests for the New SAT and PSAT

by Staff of The Princeton Review
3.1 8


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11 Practice Tests for the New SAT and PSAT by Staff of The Princeton Review

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It's no coincidence that The Princeton Review started to tackle the New SAT long before it came out of the gate.

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Get The Book That Goes to 11!
This book gives you more: 11 tests-10 complete practice tests for the New SAT and one for the New PSAT.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780375764349
Publisher: Random House Information Group
Publication date: 07/13/2004
Series: College Test Prep Series
Pages: 878
Product dimensions: 8.36(w) x 10.88(h) x 1.38(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword vii
Online Tools viii
1 The New SAT 3
2 The Essay 11
3 Practice Test 1 23
4 Practice Test 1: Answers and Explanations 81
5 Practice Test 2 101
6 Practice Test 2: Answers and Explanations 157
7 Practice Test 3 177
8 Practice Test 3: Answers and Explanations 238
9 Practice Test 4 261
10 Practice Test 4: Answers and Explanations 319
11 Practice Test 5 341
12 Practice Test 5: Answers and Explanations 399
13 Practice Test 6 419
14 Practice Test 6: Answers and Explanations 477
15 Practice Test 7 501
16 Practice Test 7: Answers and Explanations 559
17 Practice Test 8 583
18 Practice Test 8: Answers and Explanations 643
19 Practice Test 9 663
20 Practice Test 9: Answers and Explanations 721
21 Practice Test 10 743
22 Practice Test 10: Answers and Explanations 801
23 Practice Test 11 825
24 Practice Test 11: Answers and Explanations 863

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11 Practice Tests for the New SAT and PSAT 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an comprehensive compilation of great 10 & not 11(SAT exams)..It is very helfpul for practicing and using a timer,.. BUT,..!! THE tests scoring seems very fallacious and misleading.. Alternate tests give extremely defferent and inconsistent results, even though, one may have done equally good in two consecutive tests,.. To sum up,.. Reliable for practicing, but inreliable for predicting score,..!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book's scoring charts are VERY unaccurate. For example, if you score a 730 on critical reading in this book, you would score something like a 630 on the college board book, which is a 100 points decrease! I'm being really generous with the 2 stars.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Definitely get this book if you need practice with the new SAT. While it is true that these practice tests are not written by the College Board, Princeton Review does a good job of making their tests pretty realistic. While reading up on strategies and such is helpful, I find that the best way to prepare for the SAT is to take practice tests. That's why this book is so great--10 practice SATs (the other is a practice PSAT) complete with explanations should be more than enough to get accustomed to the new SAT. I would also recommend getting Princeton Review's Cracking the New SAT (2006), which focuses more on teaching the material and strategies. While these practice tests are an important part of studying for the new SAT, they are instead meant for, as their name implies, practice only. The only reason I gave this book four stars instead of five is because its sample essays were misleading. In reality, the essays are graded a little harder than what Princeton Review made it seem like. For example, their example of an essay that would score a 5 would probably instead only score a 4. Other than that, though, this is a great book. Take it from someone who got a 2390 on the new SAT--buy this book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was a waste of my money, these 11 tests are bad, and the scores are unaccurate, and there are quite a few (more than 1) mistakes in the explanation parts of the book, this book is just a third-class book, which you won't learn much from. In the end, DO NOT buy this book just because it has 11 tests (like i did), this book is a waste of time, if you are looking for some real practice
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is a very bad book. the grading system in this book is really weird, it is not accurate. and the books explanations are also bad, the answer key said one answer was correct, and then the explanation for the same problem said another answer was correct (which leaves you confused). the pages in this book are also of very bad quality, they rip very easily. if you guys are really serious and want a good book, buy a Kaplan book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great book. It was worth my money; only minor flaws. This book does a really good job at helping you understand why you got what you got wrong, but it doesn't really teach you anything. The only thing it succeeds in is helping you learn test-teaching skills, and to learn those skills you have to take the tests first and develop them on your own. It's not as great as I expected it to be. Sparknotes' NEW SAT book is a lot better. That is not to say that this one is bad, heck, I (well, we-my sister and I) each have one of these. It doesn't teach you the math; you have to learn it by taking the tests. That's like teaching a baby how to read before they can talk. You can't really expect to do so well like that. They don't really help with vocabulary either. It's a really good book, for test-taking, but I recommend something more elaborate like Kaplan or Sparknotes for SAT help. I recommend this for students who are enrolled in SAT prep classes; it's just not for everyone. I gave it four stars because the tests were very helpful; nobody's taken the New SAT yet, so I wouldn't have known what to expect otherwise. Needless to say, it's similar to the old SAT, but the material seems a bit easier. Princeton did a great job creating this book, but it could have been better--if they included what they teach their students in their SAT classes, for example.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is clear that Princeton Review has rushed to fill the void created by the College Board's decision to modify the SAT and thus render 10 Real SAT's obsolete. There are some typos and editing mistakes. The use of 'too' rather than 'two' in one of the writing skills topics seems particularly ironic. On the whole, the book does (at least temporarily) fill a void.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a very good book because it has more sampel test than any other SAT book. Most people don't need to read the same stuff in ten different books, but just need mroe practice tests.