11+ Vocabulary Booster: 11+ Support Book 1

11+ Vocabulary Booster: 11+ Support Book 1

by Miss Elaine C R Heckingbottom


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Help your child to achieve the 'magic score' which will result in them being allocated a place at their chosen selective school!
In today's increasingly competitive society, preparation for the 11+ has become incredibly tough, whichever education authority area you live in. For your child, it involves studying many concepts that they will not have faced before. Many of the questions are extremely hard, and not all the elements of the exam can be fully prepared for; however, even in the areas of the country where they now claim the exams cannot be 'tutored', there are still many tools that you can give your children to help their preparation - and one of the best of those tools is a good working vocabulary - beneficial not only for the English paper, but also for the Verbal Reasoning paper, as a range of tricky vocabulary questions also crop up in this paper too.
Containing over 1000 vocabulary based 11+ exam style questions, this book has been produced by an experienced teacher who has been teaching Year 5 & 6 children for a great many years, helping them to prepare for the 11+ exams in her native area of Essex. This book is the first in a series that she intends to produce to help you to help your child to prepare for this all-important, tricky exam.
Towards the back of the book, you will find a section of additional activities and games to help you to prepare your child for the 11+ selection tests. You will also find excerpts from my other e-books, one of which has a lot of ideas to support 11+ preparation!
FREE added bonuses
• Games and activities to boost mental agility in Maths and Verbal Reasoning
• A simple introduction to BIDMAS
• An excerpt from 'Can We Play Maths Today, Please?'
• An extract from Richard's Magic Book

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