111 Invitations: Step in to the Full Richness of Life

111 Invitations: Step in to the Full Richness of Life

by Barb Klein
111 Invitations: Step in to the Full Richness of Life

111 Invitations: Step in to the Full Richness of Life

by Barb Klein


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111 Invitations offers a pathway of possibility and understanding, exploring the full range of human experience and emotion. The poems, prayers, and reflections invite entry into a new and deeper awareness of self. Accepting these invitations is an opportunity to:

• slow down and tune into inner wisdom
• be with life’s questions
• express the truest version of self
• explore life’s contrasts and contradictions

111 Invitations reminds us that peace can be created in the midst of whatever life offers and that moments of unrest are natural and temporary. The reality we create is up to us. The greatest invitation is to boldly step into the full richness of life, with all of its uncertainty, glory, and pain – to live life wholeheartedly.

“Let Barb's writings soothe the busyness and shed the burdens so you can invite peace, calm, and blessings back into your heart...”
~ HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training

“Dig in to these invitations the way you’d put your hand into a mystery sack of treats, pulling out carefully and with anticipation a delicious delight that will please your palette and your senses. With each treat will also be the bonus of discovering yourself within. Read and soar.”
~Laura Berman Fortgang, author of The Little Book on Meaning

“This beautiful, soulful collection of poems and prayers reminds us of the power of sitting with life’s big questions…”
~ Renee Peterson Trudeau, author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life, and Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

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ISBN-13: 9781504355261
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/27/2016
Pages: 194
Sales rank: 356,119
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

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111 Invitations

Step into the Full Richness of Life

By Barb Klein

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Barbara Klein
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-5526-1



    The First Invitation

    Being born is life's first big invitation.
    The angels smile lovingly upon you
    with a whisper:
    "Come, sweet little one.
    Come grace the world with your gifts.
    You are a light.
    Shine brightly the glory that is you.
    Learn your lessons.
    Brighten the world.
    We are so glad you are here.
    Flow in grace
    and be who you were born to be —
    there is no other like you.

    From your very first stirrings,
    your very first breath,
    life invites you to show up
    and be all you were born to be.

    Life calls you
    to question, wonder, and discover
    the world that awaits you.

    I Sit on Sidelines

    I sit on the sidelines
    enjoying the view —
    nothing to risk here,
    nothing at all.

    Just be an observer ...
    put my head down,
    avert my eyes.
    No one will notice.
    I like it that way.

    I'll never be chosen
    to enter the game.
    I have nothing to offer —
    no remarkable talents at all.

    I'm content in this land
    of nothing to lose.
    It's safe and it's cozy.
    I don't have to choose.

    Sunrise to sunset.
    The daily mundane —
    mealtimes and bedtimes
    mark my days.

    How Often?

    How often have I entered a space
    trying to be invisible,
    believing that no one
    wants to know me,
    hear me, or see me?

    Believing it wasn't safe?
    Denying even the attraction
    from those who dare to approach
    despite my fortress walls.

    How often have I missed opportunities
    for true connection
    because I was too afraid
    to let me out?

    How often?

    How much have I missed out on,
    hiding in the wings,
    shrouded in the dark,
    daring not to be seen?

    How many opportunities lost?
    Friendships missed?

    I look back to say good-bye,
    not with regret for what might have been
    but ready to step into what's possible.

    I am grateful to have been protected,
    while now I am ready for more!

    A Prayer for New Beginnings

    It is the dawn of a new day,
    as each day is.
    What lies before me is magical,
    unknown, unseen ...
    My heart is open, and I feel the pull.
    To what? I wonder.

    I soak in the beautiful energy of
    stirring within.
    I'm coming alive.
    The time is now.
    It's always NOW.
    Why not? Why wait? I hear myself say.

    What if?
    Magnificent possibilities await.
    Just take a step
    and listen.
    Listen for the small voice within.
    It beckons.
    It vibrates.
    My heart knows the answer.
    All I need to do is listen, hear,
    show up, open and ready.

Reflection on Beginning

For much of my life, I fought a battle within myself — a running story telling me it wasn't safe to be seen and heard, yet I somehow mysteriously found myself repeatedly stepping into roles of leadership. I was compelled to show up in a way that wasn't fully comfortable. And, I was fighting who I truly was – unwilling or frightened to claim my space and to claim myself. I didn't know what to do with the ways life was calling to me, inviting me to show up. I didn't totally believe I mattered.

Take a moment now to reflect on your own life with love, acceptance, reverence, and appreciation for where you've been and who you've become because of the unique path you have journeyed. Who were you then and who are you now?

We are always in a state of transition, so we are always at some stage of beginning. At times it's hard to see clearly where we are heading or even where we are right now. Take a few moments to think about where you are and imagine where you might be heading.


Begin Anew

    Wake Up!

    Conscious living,
    mindful choices,
    being awake and aware ...
    herein lies the magic
    to creating the life
    I desire
    and deserve.

    Too often we float through life
    in a dream-like trance,
    sleep walking through the motions,
    unaware of what we're doing,
    paying no attention,
    losing time in moments
    and days.

    Wake up!
    Wake up and choose
    who I want to be,
    how I want to be,
    and what this beautiful life of mine
    will look like today.

    What will it reflect about me?
    How will it nourish me?
    What will be meaningful,
    fulfilling, and exciting,
    in a life lived consciously?

    How will I spend my time?
    Who will be with me?
    How will I honor my body and spirit
    this day?


    A world of possibilities
    lies in wait,
    ready to be discovered,
    ready to be explored.

    Open the door,
    throw back the gates,
    step in,
    look around.

    It's wondrous
    and exciting!
    Scary and new.

    The choices are yours,
    and the power is too.

    Where will you go
    on this magical ride?

    Are you open to see,
    without knowing?

    Where will life take you
    when you show up
    and say "yes!"?

    Throw open your arms,
    declare yourself ready, and
    witness the wonders that unfold.

    Look through the Eyes of Love

    Do you see the goodness
    all around you?
    Or are you blinded to it all,
    shrouded in anger,
    judgment, and hate?

    Open your heart
    to open your eyes
    that you may see
    from a different view.

    The landscape remains the same.
    It's the one seeing who changes.
    If you seek the light, the beauty, and the glory
    in people and places, then
    that is surely what you will find.

    Likewise, the dark, the negative,
    the "wrong."

    Take a step back
    and notice
    from which vantage point
    you choose to experience life.

    If you don't like what you see,
    choose again.

    Open your eyes from a place of love.
    Let your heart lead you.
    And, wonder at the
    mystery that has eluded you
    for far too long.

    Your Story

    The story of your life ...
    what do you want it to be?
    What does it look like?
    Feel like?
    What's the message of your story?

    Where do you choose to focus?
    What perspective do you offer?

    How do you want to be seen?
    What do you want to represent?
    How do you want to live?

    Go out and write that story,
    not the one you've bought into
    or the one you've been told.

    Live your story,
    your perfect expression
    of goodness and grace,
    of all that you are
    in Divine perfection.

    This Day

    The sun is up.
    It's a new day,
    and a new cycle of opportunity
    has begun.

    What will I do with this day?
    How will I show up to life?
    What commitments will I make?
    What commitments will I keep?

    Do I embrace this new day of possibility
    and take my steps forward
    or do I miss out
    by avoiding and wasting time,
    so it slips by,
    unnoticed and uneventful?

    Will this day matter
    in the grand scheme of things?

    Or is it merely
    another day,
    the passing of time,
    the ticking of a clock,
    the turning of a calendar?

    The choice
    is mine.


Excerpted from 111 Invitations by Barb Klein. Copyright © 2016 Barbara Klein. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Foreword, xi,
Opening, xiii,
Introduction, xviii,
Beginning, 1,
• The First Invitation, 2,
• I Sit on the Sidelines, 3,
• How Often?, 4,
• A Prayer for New Beginnings, 5,
Begin Anew, 7,
• Wake Up!, 8,
• Yes!, 9,
• Look through the Eyes of Love, 10,
• Your Story, 11,
• This Day, 12,
• One Day at a Time, 13,
• Yes or No?, 14,
• A Fulfilled Life, 15,
A Turn into the Unknown, 17,
• Between, 18,
• Standing on the Threshold, 19,
• Inner Work, 20,
• Full Expression, 22,
• Freedom, 23,
• The Angels Want, 24,
• Loving Ourselves, 25,
• The Places We Grow, 26,
• Don't Lose Yourself, 27,
• Remember, 28,
Show up to Life!, 31,
• A Prayer for Georgianna, 32,
• A Soul Felt Its Worth, 33,
• Show Up, 34,
• Embracing This Life, 35,
• Never Doubt, 36,
• Limitless Possibility, 37,
• A Mystery, 38,
• Your Last Day, 40,
• Tragic, 42,
A Twist into Doubt, 44,
• Slay the Dragon, 45,
•A Powerful Ally, 46,
• Shadows and Doubts, 48,
Authenticity, 50,
• Touch the World, 51,
• If You Only Knew, 52,
• Steps, 53,
• We Lose Ourselves, 54,
• Magnificent, 55,
• Being Me, 56,
• Vulnerability, 57,
• Essence, 58,
• Shooting Star, 59,
Stillness, 61,
• True Connection, 62,
• Presence, 63,
• In the Stillness, 64,
• Merely Being, 65,
A Quiet Turn, 67,
• Yoga, 68,
• Sleep, Sweet Child, 69,
• Retreat, 70,
• Peace Within, 71,
Nature's Soothing Embrace, 73,
• Let Nature Transform You, 74,
• On the Water, 76,
• Simple Moments, 77,
• Seeking Serenity, 78,
Twisting into Turbulence, 80,
• The Rat Race, 81,
• Lifeline, 83,
• Inconceivable, 85,
• In the Dumps, 86,
• The Lotus, 87,
• Denial, 88,
Acceptance and Surrender, 90,
• Acceptance, 91,
• Finding the Flow, 93,
• Lay Down the Burden, 94,
• Serenity, 95,
• Hold Me Steady, 96,
Separate Lives, 98,
• The Dance of Our Lives, 99,
• My Greatest Teachers, 100,
• I Have Always Loved You, 101,
• Love and Let Go, Sweet Mama, 103,
• A Parent's Love, 104,
• Untethered, 105,
Finding Grace, 107,
• Message from Above, 108,
• Grateful, 109,
• Best We Can, 110,
• Center, 111,
• Guide Me Gently to Grace, 112,
• Grace, 113,
Lost in Confusion, 115,
• Wondering, 116,
• Powerless, 118,
• Confusion, 120,
• Don't Let Me Lose Myself., 121,
• Clouds, 122,
• Stronger than You Think, 125,
Inner Guidance, 127,
• Silence, 128,
• Choices, 129,
• A Walk with Essence, 130,
• Answers Lie Within, 131,
• Finest Expression, 132,
• Within You, 133,
• Listen, 134,
Be Real, 136,
• Lean In, 137,
• Let Me Be, 138,
• Challenging Passages, 139,
Shared Journeys, 141,
• Wish I Could Do More, 142,
• The Web of Your Life, 143,
• Hearts Intertwined, 144,
• Come with Me, 145,
• Be the One, 146,
• A Showering of Grace, 147,
Rebirth, 149,
• Healing, 150,
• Truth, 151,
• Nurturing New Life, 152,
• Heal Thyself, 153,
• Free Yourself, 154,
• This Pure, Precious Moment, 155,
• Rise Up!, 157,
Gratitude, 159,
• Old Me, New Me, 160,
• Illumination, 161,
• I Am Blessed, 162,
• A Prayer of Gratitude, 164,
Closing, 167,
Walk the Labyrinth, 169,
Acknowledgements, 171,

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