12 Forbidden Pleasures

12 Forbidden Pleasures

by C J Edwards


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Another 12 scorching erotica stories from Charlotte Edwards. Each just the right length to leave you satisfied!

Fisting The Twins. Tricked into perverted sex with Dom Michael and his wife Esther, 19 year old Heather was then blackmailed with her twin sister to help out at one of their house parties. Neither one was surprised that they intended them to put out but they were both shocked by the ease in which they were manipulated. And then they discovered how they were to entertain the party guests that night. Shocking!

Possessed For Sex. He was awake again and hankered after the female flash that had driven him; both before and after his death. But this time he was focused on just one: divorcee Felicity. The creature sensed her repressed desire and was about to bring that sharply into focus for her. Her disturbing dreams were about to manifest into something a lot more real and satisfying.

Lucy's Hucow Mission. Investigative reporter cum Hucow escapee Lucy was back, but on her own terms. Tempted back into a life of milking and highly charged sex, she ensured the deal she cut allowed her complete autonomy and a chance to make a difference as a Hucow welfare worker. And the incredibly erotic feelings she got from being a Hucow of course.

A Tricky Proposition. Kev was that young man who drove his mates mad. He never failed to score with the best looking woman in the bar. This woman was more than good looking. She was drop-dead gorgeous and married, which always a tempting challenge for him. Melissa was ready for him because, unbeknownst to the cocky young man, she was the hunter, not the prey.

Don't Go In There...! Siobhan was so pleased with herself - her life seemed to be perfect. Having secured a place on a prestigious masters course, the physics graduate now had a job at an amazing robotics research institute. She had free run of the building apart from one area - She was told to never enter Lab 66 without permission. She did and soon became intimately involved with the institute's products.

The Dinner Party Cuckold. Julie and Heather attend another of their Master's dinner parties but this one is different! Mousy Penny and her insipid boyfriend Richard aren't the usual sort of guests. It soon transpires that Richard owes Michael big time and Penny is the payment!

A Taste Of India. Del and Sue practically lived for sex and there were few legal things they hadn't tried. Their favourite kind of partner was the young, barely legal, innocent and virginal young woman that was just begging to be corrupted; like Jazwinder. She entered their house a girl but she was most certainly going to leave a woman.

Body Swap. In 2115 bodyswapping was a reality. Overweight working wife Dana was ready to give it a go. What she was unprepared for was her gorgeous PT, Houston being an insatiable nymphomaniac for whom anything goes.

Casting Couch. Sven had got his life on track. He set up a fake adult film casting agency and the beautiful wannabe actresses of London began to flock to his door and drop their panties!

Santa Empties His Sack. Christmas Eve night and nothing stirred in the house - except Marianne! Then a noise alerted her to the possibility of burglars. Unable to wake her husband, she tiptoed out herself... to be confronted by Santa! He had come for his own Christmas present - Marianne!

The Governor's Wife. Tamara was the Governor's wife and she was not prepared for Steve, the alien-enhanced serial seducer of any woman that caught his eye. They met at a Residency function and it took less than 24 hours before he left her in the middle of the grand dining table in a pool of his cum and his seed in her womb.

The Nursing Mother. Sharon was a sexy young single mum who worked in a nursing home, looking after old people. When her favourite old man made an indecent proposal of an unconventional kind, she soon entered a new life - as a human cow!

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ISBN-13: 9781511704205
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/23/2015
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Marcus has had the pleasure of many amazing relationships with beautiful, submissive women. Now putting pen to paper to share these experiences, he is producing some panty-melting erotica. The stories are fiction but they are strongly based in fact. If you are D or s you'll enjoy them. If you are curious, they will give you a window on to a different world and perhaps the desire to give it a try. If nothing else, they are going to leave you hot and bothered!

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