12 Secrets to a Happy and Successful Life

12 Secrets to a Happy and Successful Life

by Sal Canzonieri


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12 Secrets to a Happy and Successful Life by Sal Canzonieri

"Discover the 12 Secrets To a Happy and Successful Life..."

Find the Doorway to Wisdom: Enlightened Thinking!
Learn What Some Already Know And Are Using To Get Positive Results in Their Life!

Learn 12 Secrets that can turn your present life into one of true happiness and success.

Angry? Sad? Depressed? Miserable? Despairing? Confused? Ready to Give Up Hope? Even Suicidal?

It's time for you to uncover the secrets to a new life - a better life than one you are experiencing now.

Are you tired of the same problems happening to you over and over again? Have you gone from one bad relationship to another? Are you lost and lonely? Do you never have enough money? Are you watching others have it all and wishing you could too?

Did your life turn out differently than what you hoped for? Is everything going wrong just when you thought it couldn't get any worse? Don't know what to do to help yourself?

Well, the answer to your problems may be just around the corner! Why do some people, no different than you, seem to get all the breaks? Everyone knows that the answer won't come falling out of the sky! That there must be insider information, secrets, that others know and you don't. Secrets that can make you happy and successful!

As the wise say: "When the student is ready, the teacher arrives!"

And, now is the time for you to be ready!

You'll learn ...

How to ensure a loving and caring relationship and prevent the "wrong" person from wasting years of your precious time . . . Secret 2.

How to "reprogram" your body, your mind, even your feelings, to become your true and best self . . . Secret 4.

How to receive Power and Strength to do anything you set your mind to do, for positive results . . . Secret 8.

How to spot understand the obvious truth about people and situations you may encounter so that you can avoid costly mistakes once and for all . . . Secret 1.

How to take Action to become efficient and effective to see positive results every time . . . Secret 3.

How to find your true purpose in life . . . Secret 6.

Why people have their desires and expectations in life backwards . . . Secret 10.

How You can vastly improve your mental and physical health to receive a focused and balanced life . . . Secret 12.

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ISBN-13: 9781499668612
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/12/2014
Pages: 60
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

Sal Canzonieri is better known as the founder and guitarist in the High Energy Punk Rock and Roll band, Electric Frankenstein. He is the author of "Electric Frankenstein: High Energy Rock Art", being the first band to have an art book devoted to all their record covers and concert posters (first published by Dark Horse Books), featured in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame !

Sal is the curator of the famed "A Fistful of Rock & Roll" compilations vinyl and CD series of 13 volumes of the best new punk rock n roll bands in the world.

Sal also curates art gallery shows in NYC and NJ.

Salvatore (Sal) Canzonieri has a BA degree in Behavioral Science, with a Concentration on 'Subcultures and Societal Change' from Drew University in Madison, NJ.

Mr. Canzonieri has been practicing traditional Chinese martial arts since 1975 in such styles as Shuai Jiao, Tong Bei, Shaolin, Taizu Chang Quan, Yue Jia Quan, Xing Yi, Tai Ji Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, and others. He began learning and practicing Qigong / Neigong since 1980.

He has been a certified instructor since 1998 by the International Congress of Oriental Medicine and Martial Arts to represent the state of New Jersey in Chinese Qigong and Internal Martial Arts.
From the mid 1980s, he studied Kabbalism, both Jewish and Christian, for many years at various schools in the New York / New Jersey area. He also studied Christian Mysticism and related philosophies for many years as well.

He has been conducting research in the history of traditional Chinese martial arts styles for over 20 years and is most known for his history based articles in various martial arts magazines, such as "Kung Fu Qi Gung" magazine, "Han Wei" magazine, and other publications all over the world (translated in Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Chinese languages).

He also taught for over 20 years Qigong / Neigong and Martial Art classes for the Diversity Program and the Employee Health Program, at Bell Laboratories - Lucent Technologies, on Taoist and Shaolin methods of Qi Gong, Self Defense, and empty hand sets.

Mr. Canzonieri won a Theodore Vail Award (for saving person's life using his Neigong knowledge).

Currently, Mr. Canzonieri is the chief instructor of The Whippany Kung Fu Club and the Natural Chinese Martial Arts & Qigong School of NJ (over 20 years), and resides in New Jersey, USA.

Mr. Canzonieri taught Shaolin Neigong and Self Defense seminars in Valencia Spain in 2008 and 2009; and many private classes and seminars in Canada, and in the USA.

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