1,260 Days: Enoch's Story as Told to Conte

1,260 Days: Enoch's Story as Told to Conte

by Craig Conte


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1,260 Days is a journey to a foreign land, a detour called a shortcut in a cab. It's riding on a night train in a warm sweat as you hear the choo choo chuggen down the tracks. It's a vision in a restless dream, a nightmare with a bloody scene, a demon putting thoughts into your head.

1,260 Days is about the man in black. It's about a work shift. It's about a suicidal note. It's the unheard music. It's a forty-day fast. It's a severed artery. It's an itchy rash.

1,260 Days is a holy book. It's a trumpet being blown upon a hill. It's a paradox. It's a riddle. It's a jest. It's hope. It's change. It's woe. It's greed. It's me. It's you. It's them. It's us.

1,260 Days is about the end of the world.

"I found myself alternately astounded, intrigued, and ultimately jealous of Enoch, whose adventures on a daily basis made my own life seem small and mundane by comparison."

Rich Marotta, KFI Radio Inducted 2011, Southern California Sportscasters Hall of Fame

"Brilliant 'manure'vres of narrative wreaking havoc upon accepted norms."

Tortelvis of Dread Zeppelin

"An honest and straightforward book, one man's experiment with disgrace takes on an aura of supernaturally experienced grace. Easy on the ear and steering clear of massaging his own story-telling of an awfully curious humanity, Conte gives a read hell-bent on making us experience the nit and grit of rubbing up against the taboos binding human pleasure."

Scott Hartstein, Author of Adagia

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ISBN-13: 9781475938937
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/29/2012
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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1,260 Days

Enoch's Story as Told to Conte
By Conte

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Craig Joseph Conte
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-3893-7

Chapter One

Sex & Dying in a High Society

Part A: Thailand

01 Arrival in Thailand 7/3/2008-7/5/2008

After spending eighteen hours on a plane and a short layover in Hong Kong, I arrived in Bangkok. Did I have high hopes? Did I see hookers on every corner waiting to offer me their services? No, I did not. There were some hookers, but mostly I saw what you will find in any city. There were bums. There were beggars. There were people running around trying to earn their Baht (that's Thai money), and there were odd sites to view and gawk at.

Right now it's 5:00 A.M. in the morning. I can't sleep. Neither can my traveling companion, Kiana, my wife. Today we are going to see the temples and do touristy things in Bangkok. I then plan to get a Thai massage afterwards with a happy ending. In other words, the massage girl will jerk me off into orgasm, and I'll go back to the hotel with a smile on my face. Then again ... maybe these are my "Great Expectations." Now you see how my mind works.

In Bangkok, I'm sure I'll see the Emerald Buddha. Apparently, it's this giant statue/idol of the Great Buddha. Ninety-five percent of Thailand's 65 million people are Buddhists. Does that mean that 65 million are going to hell because they don't believe in Jesus Christ? I don't know. I'll leave the judgment part in His hands. I do know He's a just God, so why worry about inconsistencies in Christianity???

There is one element of Buddhism I truly respect and honor; it's called Karma. It means good actions bring good results and bad actions bring bad results. If we all believed this, we probably would have a better society. At least it does show that there are consequences for one's evil deeds. As for the "rebirth" after death, I think most Buddhists will be surprised. If the Bible is true, they will not come back as a prince or a peasant. They will find themselves at the pearly gates or end up in the bottomless pit. But how will God judge them if they have not heard the Word? No one knows for sure, but I think God will judge these people based on their Karma. Did their good Karma outweigh their bad Karma? If it does, they will go to heaven. If it doesn't, they will go to hell. As for evidence to support my claims, I'd suggest you read Ezekiel 18 and Romans 2:12-16. These scriptures seem to suggest that God will judge us based on our good and evil deeds. I know this belief is not in accordance with the scripture that reads, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me," (Jn.14:6) but it does seem to be just and fair from the human perspective.

As for me, what am I doing out here in the Orient? Why did I begin my testimony here? I suppose it could have begun anywhere, but I chose Thailand because it's supposed to be one of the wickedest places on earth. Also, I've never been to Thailand before, and I heard it was the place to go if you're looking for decadence and immoral behavior. I couldn't resist my inquisitive nature, and I wanted to see if the stories were true or not. Isn't that my job? Isn't it my duty? Probably not, but here I am anyway.

02 Khao Yai National Forest 7/6/2008-7/9/2008

Right now I'm looking out at Khao Yai National Forest. It's a giant jungle with all sorts of interesting looking creatures. We've seen monkeys, elephants, snakes, centipedes, leeches, and everything else in between. Seeing so much life makes me wonder what life must have been like before mankind destroyed the Garden. The earth must have been a place of beauty and peace, a place where birds were free to roam and sing. Someday the whole earth will return to its natural beauty, and we can start all over again. In the meantime, we must make do with the city noise of Bangkok and deal with the hedonistic lifestyle of places like Phuket. But this age is coming to a close. A new sun is rising in the east. It's called the Millennial Reign. I hope you will join me on this trip. "Everyone aboard! Noah's Ark is departing! All are welcome!" But I know how it is. It's difficult to leave the things of the world behind, but you know and I know that none of it will bring us peace of mind. Be that as it may, we still hold onto it like a giant treasure. But in the place I see, gold and diamonds hold no wealth. Only love matters over here. Once again I holler, "The boat is leaving port! All aboard!" I'm only here by sheer grace. Won't you join me? This ship is heading home ...

03 Ashen Horse of Bangkok 7/10/2008-7/11/2008

The last two days have been a bit odd to say the least ... On the 10th, we had a bunch of time to kill before our flight left from Bangkok to Chaing Mai, so we watched the newest Hollywood hit Hancock. The movie was alright, but the man sitting behind me in the theatre was far more interesting. He was coughing pretty hard and the stench given off from his body was horrendous. At first I wanted to move away from him, but as the movie proceeded, the Lord revealed to me through His Spirit that it was the Ashen horse of pestilence sitting right behind me in the disguise of a man. Well, maybe it was just a figment of my imagination, but please humor me and go along with me on this trip ... It made me come to realize that this is how the angel plans to spread forth his disease. He plans to come to an international city like Bangkok and get everyone sick. These businessmen and tourists will then return home and spread the disease in their homelands. Before the world knows what to do, we will have a plague set loose upon the earth that will kill one-quarter of man. (Rev.6:8)

On the next day, Kiana and I met a couple from New Zealand. They had left everything behind and decided to travel the world during their retirement years. They had come to the conclusion that the pursuit of wealth and material goods was a waste of time, so they decided to pick up shop and live abroad. My oh my, the gall of this older couple! I love it! I could never see my mother and father doing something like that. It's too risky. They would never leave the creature comforts of home to pursue these wild dreams. Instead they are rotting away unto death, and they will never experience life outside their hemisphere of the world.

Later in the evening, we had dinner with the Kiwis. We talked politics, travel, and finally the conversation landed on the issue of God and religion. They were both "Universalists," especially the woman. They believe there are many ways to God, so she sort of encompassed a little bit of each religion into her belief system. She then started talking about how we are all gods and that you will find God by looking within. Instantly it made me think of Matthew 24 and the "inner rooms," and I realized she was mislead. It made me think of the lie the Serpent fed to Eve in the Garden. "You will be like God." (Gen. 3:4) She had bought into this dogma. So after listening to her talk about how God is in everything, even the metal pole and tree, I told her I disagreed and explained why YHWH is the only true God. Of course, many of the old arguments came into play, and I did my best to defend my position. I've been having debates for decades on apologetics, so my responses are pretty solid. Nevertheless, I did try to listen and understand her perspective in a loving way. In the end, we agreed to disagree, and we just laughed over a pot of tea. I've learned over the years that the only way to pass on the message of Jesus Christ is to listen and laugh with them. Then when the time is right, come in with the message of hope and put all the naysayers and doubters to shame with the evidence that proves the Judeo-Christian God is the way and the truth.

04 Phuket 7/12/2008-7/17/2008

Phuket is everything that it's supposed to be, and it's everything that it's not. Patong Beach is a cesspool of tourists with vendors and conmen and hookers and ladyboys. Now I see why God sent forth a Tsunami to wipe the place clean, but He didn't do a good enough job because the streets and hotels are filled again. Maybe next time "a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the street," (Taxi Driver) but for now commercialism and capitalism reigns supreme. I've seen this scene before. It's at every tourist trap across the globe, and the whole world would be better off if we colon cleansed it out of our system and washed it all down the sewer. For the time being, the wife and I headed south to Karon and Kata Beach to get away from the Holiday Inn umbrellas. It's much slower there, and I felt like I truly was on vacation and not being shoved into the meat grinder. In another decade or so, I'm sure the area will be overrun like Patong, and there will be no quiet place to get away from the masses. And in another century, nothing will be left. We will have drilled, mined, deforested, and polluted every nook and cranny on the earth. And you ask me why I say the end is nigh??? The end is coming, but the world is going about their business. Everyone is buying and selling, but when the storm of judgment hits, there will be no time to flee to the mountains.

Note: Kiana went home last night. She had to go back to work, but I'm staying for another ten days to hang out with the guys. One of them is getting married on Ko Samui Island, and there's a bachelor party on the mainland before we fly over.

05 Bachelor Party in Pattaya 7/18/2008-7/22/2008

In Pattaya, I must have gotten into trouble every day. When I first arrived in the city, I was a bit worn out so I decided to get a massage at one of the parlors down the street. On the corner were about ten girls dressed in skimpy clothing calling out to me, "Massage ... massage ... massage ..." I made the fatal mistake by giving them eye contact, and the next thing I knew they were crowded around me. At this parlor they were offering a special, the "4 Hands Massage." So I looked at the group of girls, picked the two cutest ones, and went to the back room to get my massage.

Initially, when I set out that afternoon I planned to get just a massage, but the two girls had other intentions. At first, it started off quite innocent. I was lying on my belly with a towel covering my butt. Instantly, one of the girls removed the towel and started rubbing my back, my neck, my shoulders, my legs and other inappropriate places. Before I knew it, one of the girls had completely stripped naked and was lying on my back rubbing her breasts and body up against mine. What was I to do, make her stop? That's like asking a drug addict to not have another hit? Well, I don't need to go into all the intricate details about this massage, but there is something special about being with two women at the same time. Later that night, I went out on the town and hung out at the strip joints with the guys. I had strippers all over me, and I was giving out 100 Baht (about $3 dollars) like it was candy.

The next day, I hung out by the beach, but was hounded by solicitors every five minutes, so I headed back to my hotel. On the way back, I stopped off at one of the massage parlors and received a deep tissue massage for about $10 dollars. Oh, this girl was good! I'll take a high-quality massage over a hand job any day. For one hour, I was in total bliss. This girl was walking on my back, pressing real hard with her feet, and she managed to get all the kinks out of my back. This was far better than any happy ending. Afterwards, I went back to my hotel room and took a nap.

Later that night, I went out to the bars and strip joints again. At one place the girls shot darts out of their vaginas and hit balloons on the walls twenty feet away. It was hilarious as hell and the best marksmanship I had ever seen in my life. At another bar, the girls were doing magic tricks with ping-pong balls. You'd be amazed at how many ping-pong balls a woman can put inside herself. At one of the other discotheques, some of the girls were tied up and being whipped by dominant women in bondage outfits. In general, the whole night was filled with other circus acts, but these ones stick out as being the most memorable. I have to admit I had a great night of entertainment. Everyone was drunk and laughing. There were hordes of naked women everywhere, and it felt like I had entered fornication heaven.

To sum up, I could tell you the rest of the story, but I don't want to incriminate anybody. Let's just say Pattaya is like Vegas except for the high price tag. You can also touch the girls everywhere and do whatever you want. So I suppose, Pattaya is nothing like Vegas. It's superior in every way and makes Sin City seem as tame as cable television.

06 Pattaya Reflection 7/23/2008

There is an old saying in the scriptures, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." (Ja. 4:7) This is all fine and dandy in theory. Putting it into practice is something that I have not done so well because my fleshly desires have ruled me. Have they ruled you too? It might be a click away on the computer, a shifting of stations on the TV, or it might be something more sinister. In Pattaya everything is out there in the open where anyone can see. The hustlers on the outside draw you in, and beyond the next door are hordes of women fulfilling your every wicked kink. For me, my downfall has been lechery. For others it might be homosexuality. To some it's drugs. To others it's every sin written about in the Holy Book. Do I have the power to resist my personal lusts? No, I do not, and I have fallen on many occasions. Therefore, I assume you are in the same position. Over the years, my passions have only become more deviant. And I call myself a Christian??? How can I be a Christian when I'm so overcome? Others have seen my example, and I have done more damage than good. Is there hope for me? Is there hope for you? Even my own wife said, "Enoch, you're more inclined towards evil than good." She might be right. I always thought I was somewhere in between. It's too bad there is no purgatory. I can't buy my way out. I can't earn my way into heaven by doing good deeds, so I must rely upon the cross. I must put my faith in Jesus Christ and hope that He will bail me out. I suggest you do the same because if your sins are as black as mine, we're going to burn when the reaper calls our name. Pattaya, you've brought me to open shame. I've given into my temptation.

07 Ko Samui Island: The End of a Trip 7/24/2008-7/27/2008

After being on the road for almost a month, I'm weary and tired. My body is covered with mosquito bites, and I think I may have lice. I've been bitten by bed bugs and spiders. I don't think I have malaria, but I'm sure I've picked up some infectious disease. Oh Thailand, you know how to ruin a man. You play on our desires and we westerners pay with our wallets and our souls. "It's so cheap!" we say, but it starts to add up over time. It makes me think of my sins. They've been adding up. There are far too many to count. I'm only left with regrets. I thought I headed out on this mission to help my fellow man escape the abyss, but before I knew it, I was caught up in the whirlwind. Now what? Where do I go from here? I'll get on the next flight and head back to the States. For some odd reason I thought I wasn't ever coming home, but I am. There must be some unfinished business out West. Does it really matter anymore where I rest my head? After all, the world has gone global. With the Internet and satellites, everybody knows what everyone else is doing anyway. And if you don't know what's happening across the world, maybe it's time to open your eyes. We all speak a little bit of the universal language called English. It doesn't matter what corner of the globe you are from. No one can escape the fire and brimstone on the way. As for the priests and the prophets, they're all the same. They've been corrupted like you and me. There are no holy men to lead us because there are no holy men. I'm sure there are a few out there somewhere, but I haven't found them. And please don't look at me as a guiding light. I'm as screwed up as you are. I've just been given a little insight. And man, I've fallen hard. Do you feel me? Do you understand? Anyway, I'm checking out for now. I need to put my house in order. I need to live a holier lifestyle. Until then, my testimony ain't worth the feces I've been walking on. I'm a hypocrite, and I deserved to be spewed out of His mouth.


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