15 Shades Of Pink: 15 Romantic Short Stories From The Flirts! Collections

15 Shades Of Pink: 15 Romantic Short Stories From The Flirts! Collections

by Lisa Scott

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15 Shades Of Pink: 15 Romantic Short Stories From The Flirts! Collections by Lisa Scott

Romance comes in all shades, so try a little sweet, pink love with these fifteen sassy, funny, romantic shorts. You get three favorite Flirts! volumes bundled into one collection so you can save a few bucks. (What’s better than a few good love stories and a sale! I’d throw in chocolate and wine if I could.)

15 Shades Of Pink includes all the stories from: Flirts!, Beach Flirts!, and Fairy Tale Flirts! (That’s five stories in each volume. Each short is 8,000-13,000 words long.) But fair warning: the only cheeks that turn red in these stories are the ones above the shoulders.

Here’s what B&N readers are saying about the collections:

“This was such a fun read! Each story reeled me in with sassy female characters, romantic chemistry between the leads, sparkling storylines, and a touch of humor… It's exactly the kind of romance style that I enjoy reading - light, witty and flirty, but without graphic scenes.”

“FUN and FLIRTY!!!”

“Lisa Scott has an amazing knack for quickly creating characters that readers care about. I loved how each story had a small thread that carried over into the other stories”

The shorts include:

(From Flirts!) “The Hot Girl’s Friend,” “Wrong Place, Right Guy,” “Not You,” “Desperately Seeking Cupid,” and “Never Been Dumped.”

(From Beach Flirts!) “Ex On The Beach,” “She’s Hot Now,” “Girls Just Wanna Have Finn,” “Washed Up,” and “Hot For Summer.”

(From Fairy Tale Flirts!) “Cindi,” “Red,” “Belle,” “Snow,” and “Goldie.”

You might also enjoy Holiday Flirts!, Wedding Flirts!, More Flirts, and Reunion Flirts! Look for another Flirts! collection in summer 2013.

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BN ID: 2940014737739
Publisher: Lisa Macdonough
Publication date: 06/01/2012
Series: The Flirts! Collections Box Set , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,014,509
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About the Author

Lisa Scott is a former TV news anchor who now enjoys making up stories instead of sticking to the facts. She's a voice actor who putters around her garden in upstate NY when not writing.

Find out more at ReadLisaScott.com or like Read Lisa Scott on Facebook for news and updates.

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15 Shades Of Pink: 15 Romantic Short Stories From The Flirts! Collections 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
15 Shades of Pink! by Lisa Scott Three books - Fifteen Stories from the Flirts! Collection Flirts! The Flirt stories are short, full stories. Great for that in between reading where you want a sweet romance story but don’t have a lot time. Each story has a connection to the other stories, even if it's just a name or place. Some contain mild language. The Hot Girl's Friend: Jane Jameson feels like plain Jane next to her tall, blonde, bombshell friend, Miranda. So why bother trying to get a guys attention when they go out, instead she sends the guys away with unique stories about her friend when they go to the hotties friend to get close to her. She just can’t believe that Brady, the bartender at McGinty’s Bar, is really is not interested in her friend. And challenges her to spend time with him without Miranda to prove she is just as pretty and desirable. Wrong Place Right Guy: Kristen Gold is rescued from an attacker by Tony Malone. He may look like a bad boy himself but something about him makes her feel safe. After a life changing week-end with her rescuer….he leaves her saying their worlds are too different. How can she prove to this roofing hunk that he’s give enough for her? Not You: Carly is not the one-night stand type of gal but after enough glasses of champagne….she goes for it. She is even clever enough to use a fake name. She has a fantastic night. He is the womanizing type so she’s fine letting him go knowing she might never see the man and his big ego again. She's surprised to meet up with him again in a very unexpected place,and things get a bit more complicated. Desperately Seeking Cupid: After another wedding at the singles only table, Brianna Keller is ready to try anything. Even letting one of the elderly ladies she met at the wedding coming to her house to help straighten out her house with feng shui. She isn’t doing so well attracting guys yet, but she is enjoying the shop where she’s buying her new interior designs owned by Zach Johnson. Too bad he’s not her type. Never Been Dumped: Rachel Miller has done her share of dumping and she hates it. Deciding not to date she turns down every guy who hits on her. And then she meets Drake Johnson. He will be leaving town in two months and promises to dump her. Having him as a boyfriend works perfect. No one else will bug her and she knows he’ll end it and leave town. They just didn’t plan on getting on so well together. Beach Flirts! Once again the author writes five fun filled romantic stories. This book tells of romances while vacationing by the beach. I enjoy the way the author weaves occurrences from the previous story into the next one, usually something unique. **Some contain mild language Ex on the Beach: Heather Parker was on a beach vacation with her family. Single. This should have been her first anniversary as Mrs. Nick Hicks. What could be worse than to be surrounded by your happily married siblings and their children? Having your ex show up on the same beach, that's what! She's Hot Now: Natalie feels like a new woman...on the outside anyway. Inside she's still the same person who hid from the world. On a beach vacation with a couple of co-workers things change. As one encourages her to move forward and be a new woman, the other one seems to only remind of her of the past. Girls Just Wanna Have Finn: Anna and her three good friends head out for a beach vacation. Sitting on the beach watching the guys walk by. Then her friends spotted Finn Donahue, a womanizer type of guy. The very kind of guy that Anna wanted nothing to do with. But she could still look without touching, right? Washed Up: Michael Sullivan was washed up as an actor and his life was on a downhill roll. Then he met Molly Andrews in a rather unconventional way. The press assumed the two were dating and his agent said it would restart his career so a deal was made. He had a pretend girlfriend for the next few weeks. No problem. Wrong. Life is never that easy. Hot For the Summer: Summer is staying at her friends beach house and working at Scoopy's Diner while she decides what to do with her life. She always enjoyed her summers at the Cape and at Scoopy's. With business slowing down with competition in town, she decides to help revive the diner. And the hottie in town may just help revive her life along the way. Fairy Tale Flirts! I enjoy the way the author weaves her characters together in these stories. A character from one story will be mentioned in passing in a different one or be at the same place. All interwoven slightly into the stories in some small way. Cindi: Cindi Midas life was much different when her parents were alive. She went from having a doting father to being stuck with a hateful stepmother and stepsisters. Cleaning their apartment at Grimm Towers for room and board. She needed a life change. And that changed the day she went to the Jiminy Shoe trunk sale and met Henry Hubbard. Red: Rose used to be carefree long ago. Before her mother died. Now she ran her struggling bakery of healthy muffins and breads. She only has Grandma Kate but she's not acting herself lately. Like what’s a girl to do when she visits her grandmother and finds her in a disheveled state with a tall, dark and handsome man in her apartment? A man befitting his last name, Wolff. Belle: Belle Foster was off to Grimm Towers to build Prince Maxim’s bookshelves, a job her father was working on before his stroke. The mysterious prince stayed hidden because of an accident. Could Belle prove to the elusive prince that life was worth living more than worrying about what people would think of you? Snow: Shawna White wanted to use her singing and dancing talents, like her mother had done as a ballerina. Her widowed stepmother was after husband number three and talked Shaw into being a nanny of her newest husband target Jeremy James, father of seven. Hi ho, hi ho, off to work she did go. Goldi: Goldie Lockston is a bit of a vagabond. She has a home with her parents but would rather not stay there. When she helps a friend with a dog sitting job she decides to stay at the apartment. It's not like Blake Behr, the owner, will know and she's really doing him a favor with round the clock dog sitting, right?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was AWESOME!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved Lisa Scott's wedding flirt stories, and the first book in this set was alright, but the beach stories were a bit catty and the fairy tale ones horribly cheesy. Bummed with how the quality degraded as I read :(.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will read more from Lisa Scott. nice ecsape