#15 "The Seven Caves of Chicomoztoc


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We're headed inta the heart of Mexico to look fer the seven caves of Chicomoztoc. Legend says they're the caves of origin for five indigenous cultures livin in the area and it'd mean the world to them if we could find them. The caves of origin contain fabulous wealth put there by generations of ancestors of each culture.

The five cultures only accounts fer five caves. The other two are said to have purest veins of gold on earth in them.

We knew if we could find them it'd help the cultures attract their young people back to their villages. Modern civilization had lured them to the big cities.

Where we were searchin fer the caves had Mexican bandits roamin around that were deadlier than steppin on a rattlesnake. We had them breathin down our necks and knew they'd do us in if they got the chance.

The ancients were mighty clever at hidin clues to where the caves were. Sam was bustin his brain tryin to get them figured out while me and Big Mike worked with the men in each culture trainin them to use pistols, rifles and dynamite arrows to protect us from the bandits.

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