1526 Tyndale New Testament and Biography: Reprint

1526 Tyndale New Testament and Biography: Reprint

by David L. Brown


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The 1526 Tyndale New Testament is a reprint from the “Rare Book Archive” of Dr. David L. Brown’s Biblical Heritage Archive Collection. William Tyndale (1492? – 1536) played a monumental role in the establishment of the Authorized Version of 1611 (i.e., King James Bible). He was the first to translate Erasmus’s Greek New Testament (NT) into English and then provided the world with the first printed English NT. He stands as the greatest of all English biblical scholars. While his first edition NT was published in 1526, his second revised and corrected NT was published in 1534, two years before he was martyred. Tyndale also completed the Hebrew-to-English translation for 15 of 39 books in the Old Testament, including the Pentateuch. Tyndale published the first edition of his English New Testament in 1526. Only two full copies have survived, both pocket size. It is believed there were 3,000 printed in Worms by Peter Schoeffer. The British Library bought the copy owned by Bristol Baptist College for 1 million pounds, declaring Tyndale’s New Testament as “the most important printed book in the English language.”

The second complete copy of Tyndale’s 1526 New Testament was discovered in November of 1996 at the Wurttembergische Landesbibliothek (a state library) in Stuttgart, Germany. This German copy has a title page, which is missing in the British library copy. Apparently, the German library’s director, Eberhard Zwink, was overseeing the library data transfer from hand-written hard copy records to computerized records. During this transition process, Zwink realized that one of the library’s holdings was actually a 1526 New Testament by Tyndale.

Taken together, several research studies indicate that 83% - 90% of the King James Bible (1611, Authorized Version) can be traced to Tyndale’s English translation work; specific findings suggest that 83% of the NT and 76% of the OT in the King James Bible is Tyndale’s translation (The Bible in English by David Daniell, Yale University Press; The King James Version Defended by Edward Hills, Christian Research Press).

Within his small New Testament are words and phrases which have gone on to influence the world, and continue to do so today. A surprising number of Tyndale's phrases are still in common use today, including: 'under the sun', 'eat, drink and be merry', 'signs of the times', 'the salt of the earth', 'let there be light', 'my brother's keeper', 'lick the dust', 'fall flat on his face', 'the land of the living', 'pour out one's heart', 'the apple of his eye', 'fleshpots', 'go the extra mile', 'the parting of the ways', broken-hearted', 'flowing with milk and honey’.

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ISBN-13: 9781733924726
Publisher: Old Paths Publications, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/10/2019
Series: Rare books , #1
Pages: 542
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About the Author

David L. Brown was born in Michigan. He came to know Christ as his Savior as the result of a Sunday school teacher throwing away the liberal curriculum, teaching through the book of Romans, and sharing the Gospel. He has been married to Linda for 45 years. She was a young lady from his home church.

David attended a Michigan University then transferred to a Christian University and Seminary where he completed a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science and Theology. He holds a Master's Degree in Theology, and Ph.D. in History, specializing in the history of the English Bible.

Since December 1979, he has been the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Oak Creek, Wisconsin (an independent, fundamental, Baptist Church using the King James Bible and conservative music). Previous to that, he pastored an independent Baptist Church in Michigan for five years, was an assistant pastor for 4 years, and served with his wife as short term missionaries in Haiti.

Dr. Brown is the president of the King James Bible Research Council (www.kjbresearchcouncil.com), an organization dedicated to promoting the King James Bible and its underlying texts and other traditional text translations around the world in a solid and sensible way.

He is also the president of Logos Communication Consortium, Inc. (www.logosresourcepages.org), a research organization that produces a large variety of materials warning Christians of present dangers in our culture.
He is also the vice president of the Midwest Independent Baptist Pastor's Fellowship, a fellowship of independent Baptist pastors, missionaries, and evangelists from fourteen upper Midwest states.

Dr. Brown is the Curator of the Christian Heritage Bible Collection and regularly takes his rare Bible, manuscript and artifact collection to fundamental Baptist Churches teaching and preaching on the history of our English Bible, showing how God has preserved His Word(s), and why we should use the King James Bible.

He also serves as a consultant for individuals, museums, colleges, universities, and seminaries that desire to acquire or have collections of biblical manuscripts and Bibles. He is an antiquarian book dealer with contacts around the world.

He can be contacted at:
Dr. David L. Brown
8044 S. Verdev Dr.
Oak Creek, WI. 53154
Phone: 414-768-9754
Email: PastorDavidLBrown@gmail.com

Table of Contents

Introduction pp. i-viii

Memoir William Tyndale pp. 3-91

Select Collations of the First and Second Editions pp. 92-98

The New Testament

To the Reader

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