16 Laws for Gangster Confidence: F*ck Self Doubt, Do It Scared

16 Laws for Gangster Confidence: F*ck Self Doubt, Do It Scared

by Michelle Carvalho

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Without confidence we stay in relationships that hurt us. We offer up years of our lives to jobs that leave us feeling deprived, and we sacrifice our own needs to please others. We feel helpless and without the direction we need to change our circumstances.

This book is packed with the powerful insight and truth that is born from authentic experience. It offers an in-depth description of the principal offenses working against a healthy level of self-confidence. From personal experiences with abuse, family trauma, ugly duckling syndrome, and low self-esteem I have drawn out the solutions for restoring your confidence and organized them into sixteen laws. Each law represents an integral part of the life experience, whether with a cheating and lying partner, or an unappreciative employer, the daily assaults breaking your down confidence are exposed. Together the Laws combine into the strategies that have been collated over years of psychology, science, anatomy, metaphysics, and sharp street wisdom to help you achieve the highest level of confidence.

The 16 Laws are geared to shift your spirit, raise your awareness, and unleash the fucks you need to do the things you want to do.

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ISBN-13: 9781948870023
Publisher: A Dream LYFE
Publication date: 03/15/2018
Series: Street PH.D , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 82
File size: 1 MB

Table of Contents

In This Book You Will Learn 


Law 1: Cultivate the Belief You are Never Alone 

Law 2: Stay Seeking and Ye Shall Find 

Law 3: Establish A-Game 

Law 4: Own the Voices in Your Head 

Law 5: Stop Relying On Other People 

Law 6: Know Thyself: Infinite Potential 

Law 7: Reprogram Your Inner Robot 

Law 8: Master the Skills of Mental Redirection and Self-Awareness

Law 9: Be Your Own Light 

Law 10: Don’t Be No Dummy

Law 11: Disengage from Confidence Draining Relationshits

Law 12: Become A Keen Observer of Self 

Law 14: Beware the Poorly Constructed Inner Circle

Law 15: Kill Yourself

Law 16: Fade: Be Nobody and Become AnybodyYou Want to Be


Confidence Meditation

Final Thoughts

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