The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results

The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results

by Dr. Mike Moreno
3.3 738


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17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 738 reviews.
BeachreaderCF More than 1 year ago
This diet will work. My husband and I have just completed the third cycle. I lost 20lbs (only 10 more to go!). My husband lost 30 so far and dropped his cholesterol by 50 points. Suggest you read most of the book first before starting so that you understand the purpose of each cycle.
CHB53 More than 1 year ago
Although I am active and follow a fairly healthy diet, I have battled an extra 25 lbs that never seem to budge. I had more than a dozen diet books on my shelf, but never finished any of them because I would get cravings for whatever food groups were missing or I'd get bored or frustrated or too busy...but there's hope! I discovered The 17-Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno. Affordable. Easy to follow. Fun to read. Much to my surprise, I lost 15 lbs in 21 days without feeling hungry or deprived. I felt healthier and energized! Acid reflux disappeared. The 17 Day Diet is nutritious and motivating and seems to balance all the food groups without having to track calories, carbs, or anything...and with fast results! I just shrank everywhere quickly, especially around the middle. Family and friends were amazed! If you follow this diet, you will never feel hungry, never feel better! This is not a starvation diet or a quick fix. Dr. Moreno teaches healthier eating for life, and you'll feel great while doing it! Note: I have taken all those other diet books off the bookshelf and to the nearest discount book store. This is the diet for me!
meretodd More than 1 year ago
This is a very easy-to-follow diet, divided up into 3 cycles of 17 days each. The first cycle you can eat practically unlimited amounts of cleansing vegetables and lean proteins, with 2 servings of probiotics and 2 servings of fruit. The second and third cycle add more foods back in to the equation, in a healthier way than you ate before beginning the diet. At the end of the 17 days, you should be prepared to eat healthier while indulging yourself in some of your unhealthy favorites occasionally. As for the reviewer that said you will starve yourself on this diet if you follow it, I have not felt starved once, and I am 10 days in on it. And as for being dehydrated, I drink the recommended 8 cups (sometimes even a couple cups more) and have not been dehydrated once.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
downloaded on my nook book and there are many pages that cannot be read because printing is too light. Needs attention.
kazoomichigan More than 1 year ago
I have completed 4 full days of this diet and have lost 6.2 pounds. The first couple of days took getting used to because I am a sugarholic, but I don't feel hungry at all. Don't think of it as a diet, but just a healthy way of eating. Can't wait to see where I am at the end of the 17 days.
Julie_W More than 1 year ago
Ok, all I can tell you is that I downloaded this for my Nook reader after a girlfriend told me about how much weight she lost in the first week or so. This diet/food plan is not difficult to follow at all. They only two major adjustments I had a hard time with were lack of wine (and yes, I cheated) and not eating the salted sunflower seeds I was used to eating daily (yes, daily) at my desk. I am on day 13 of the first phase, and I have lost 6 lbs. I am rarely hungry, although I will not lie and say that sometimes that ice cream sandwich doesn't look good, or that I wouldn't kill for a great big bowl of steamed rice, but overall, I am finding this a very rewarding way to lose weight. :)
Jonsy More than 1 year ago
Great diet for me... I could not lose... But this diet did the trick. Have had great success......
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I eat fairly healthy to begin with so this was no big deal to follow. The claims of DRAMATIC weight loss are greatly exaggerated! I lost 3 pounds the first week, but that was really water weight. The next week I actually gained 2 lbs back...very discouraging. I have followed to the letter and am at the end of first 17 day cycle with total of 3.5 lbs lost. Pretty restrictive, with NO starchy carbs for first 17 days. I am constantly hungry. Ate lots of "cleansing" vegatables, fish, lean turkey and chicken. Something of a pseudo South Beach/Atkins diet. Just started reading Jillian Michael's "Master Your Metabolism". It is the best book on nutrition and diet I have seen seen in a very long time. Buy it instead. Hard to put down. Money better spent.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have tried all diets, and this one is the one that works and is pain free!! Change it up every 17 days!! It is fantastic and you will be needing new clothes soon! Just give it 17 days and you will be hooked by the number on yours scale, I was. :)
Kathleen Krumrey More than 1 year ago
To call this a diet book is sort of misleading. The doctor is really selling you the lifestyle changes most of us aren't willing to make or have convinced ourselves we can't make. The idea that you can do anything for 17 days is very motivating. Immediate weight loss even better. For a middle aged lifetime weight struggler on the diabetic edge (a person who has done all the right things a million times) who just lost the war in the flood of busy stressed out life, this is not such a bad way to steer back toward the right course. What the doctor isn't selling is a complicated miracle dependent on high priced and questionable medications or supplements. Hooray!
MOspedlady More than 1 year ago
My husband and I both changed our eating habits in accordance with Dr. Moreno's 27 day plan. We were never hungry and once again discovered the fantastic taste of vegetables. Both of us lost weight as promised. This is a great lifestyle change.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this diet it is easy to follow and very effective.
trishNC More than 1 year ago
I started this book and diet 3 months ago. It has changed the way I eat and look at food. I lost 35 lbs in the first month. At work everyone was asking me what I was doing......I'd say "you can do ANYTHING for 17 days. I was 70lbs over weight for the past 15 years and this is the first time I was able to loose weight and keep it off. Have 30 more to loose and I will be happy! This diet has made me think about what I put in my mouth. Stay away from anything WHITE!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have only been on this diet for 5 days but I have already lost 5 lbs. I have stuck with the menu daily and I am not hungry, I'm seeing results and learning a lot about food and how it affects my body. I will totally recommend this to my friends.
SuzMN More than 1 year ago
I said "NO MORE DIETS!" until my sister lost 20+ pounds using this book. I was 10-20 pounds overweight, and a candidate for cholesterol medication, my total number inched up every year and had reached a high of 258. I bought the book and planned to do one cycle. In 1 1/2 months I had dropped 23 pounds and my cholesterol dropped to 191 (lowest ever)! I feel great--and look better than ever. I won't share my book because I refer to it daily, but I have recommended it to many friends. Mike, can I get a commission?
grtigermom More than 1 year ago
Have this on my nook since April, 2011. Have lost 22 lbs. and that's with a week off for vacation. Other diets left me hungry, but this was satisfying and really shed the weight quickly. Everyone is different, but several of my friends have lost weight including my husband with a loss of 30 lbs.!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My husband and I started this diet 17 days ago and just finished the first phase and let me tell you it is the easiest diet we've ever been one. I haven't craved sweet like I normally do and we are both down 15lbs. It worked so well for us our daughter who really didn't have much to lose started on it and lost 7lbs. in 10days. It's really something we feel we can do forever!!! Each phase gives you more of a variety that would fit into every life style.
Brenda Wright More than 1 year ago
Day 20 and 17 pounds lighter! Easy to follow, no measuring or weighing your food. Figured I could do anything for 17 days, then wanted to keep losing weigh. Made it through a retirement party, 2 birthday celebrations, and a wedding shower without cheating! Now here it is Memorial Day weekend amd my food plan is made. My only complaint is that I wish I had started 6 months ago.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am starting the second phase (day 22) and have lost 8lbs. In that time, I did cheat at a baby shower and with a few jellybeans, thanks to the Easter Bunny so I could have lost more. After the first 7 days I really began to enjoy the diet and was thrilled everytime I stepped on the scale. Every diet it hard at the beginning, but I feel like this is really teaching me to eat healthier. I know after I complete all the phases I will keep eating healthy because I know it can taste good! My favorite part of this diet is that we get to eat fruit. I'm finding the Nook version a bit tough b/c I'm reading it on an iTouch. It takes forever for me to scan back through the lists of foods but I was happy when I found the recipe chapter (around Day 11). I'm recommending this diet to friends because I've never been able to stay on a diet until now. It is so easy, though I think what makes it easy is that I don't like a lot of choices. I'd rather just have 3-4 yummy recipes and rotate through those.
snaggy More than 1 year ago
I am 34 with 5 kids...never hada real weight issue...just needed to drop a few. I started this diet on april 25 2011...and have lost a total of 31 lbs. I am at my ideal weight and lost several inches. I still eat according to the 17 day diet as its a life change not just a diet. 2 of my kids needed to lose some weight...they are both on cycle 2. My 13 year old has lost 12 lbs and my 10 year old has lost 10 lbs. They both now make healthy decisions and have no desire for the bad foods. My mom who is 57 is very heavy. She started this diet two days ago and is down by 3 lbs! Dr. Mike moreno is brilliant.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I started the diet about 7 days ago at 197 lbs and weighed in it 187.6 lbs. I have not found myself starved but have missed the sweets. So far so good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My husband and I both started this diet seven months ago, finished the three phases, and I'm still losing weight, albeit very slowly now (which is fine, since we both reached our goal weight and are really more interested in maintaining it at this point). This diet is more about changing your habits and taking better care of yourself, which is a lifetime commitment for overall improved health. What I liked best about this diet, is that it didn't ask anything of me that I didn't already know, it just made it really easy to get on track and stay there. Increasing my intake of veggies and protein, cutting out the junk food, drinking more water, eating reasonable portions, exercising every day...all things I've heard for ages, but couldn't manage to implement. This book makes it easy. By the time we finished all the phases, we both felt great, and were in the habit of eating better and exercising. We haven't had a big weight gain since (not even on summer vacation!), and it doesn't even seem like work anymore. I cannot recommend this book highly enough if you need to see results quickly in order to stick with it, but want to make sure you're eating healthy for the long run.
maria basulto More than 1 year ago
The best book i have read about dieting. Simple, clear easy to follow menues
JeninCA More than 1 year ago
I am halfway through and have lost 7 pounds. I don't know why some people say you are hungry all the time (protein fills you up) or how they can possibly become dehydrated since you are drinking TONS of water. Perhaps they can't read correctly or didn't follow it. I started a few weeks before Easter and lost 5 pounds, then took Easter off to indulge with the family, and then lost 2 more after going back to Phase 1 for another 10 days. It's easy to follow, even for someone like me who LOVES carbs! 17 days is not all that long in the whole scheme of things.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This has been the most helpful diet book ever. I have lost 22lbs and have kept it off.