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by Reinier Baarsen (Editor)


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The 18th century is the most international, most European century in Dutch art history. This book, designed by Irma Boom, with 100 of the most beautiful and surprising objects from the Rijksmuseum's collection of 18th-century art, demonstrates the extensive cultural exchange between the Netherlands and other European countries—for example, the iconic picture of a Dutch girl at breakfast painted in 1756 by Swiss artist Jean-Etienne Liotard.
1700–1800 features paintings, sculptures, pieces of furniture, silver and golden showpieces and other works of art made in the Netherlands by artists from elsewhere as well as highlights from leading art centers: not only in Paris and Rome but also in Neuwied, where Abraham and David Roentgen made Europe’s most beautiful furniture. The varied selection of works of art shows the richness and splendor of 18th-century Europe, with a central place for the art and history of the Netherlands.

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