1930s Decade in Photos: Depression and Hope

1930s Decade in Photos: Depression and Hope

by Jim Corrigan




The Great Depression hit America like a mighty storm during the 1930s. Millions of workers lost their jobs. It was the worst economic tragedy in American history. Despite this, the nation forged ahead. A new president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, fought tirelessly to end the Great Depression. However, by the end of the decade the world found itself slipping into conflict. The horrors of World War II lay ahead.

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Publisher: Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/01/2010
Series: Amazing Decades in Photos Series
Pages: 64
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Table of Contents

Welcome to the 1930s 5

Descending into Depression 9

Bonus Army Marches on Washington 12

The Kidnapping of the Century 14

FDR Promises a New Deal 16

A Hundred Days of Hope 18

Swinging with the Big Bands 20

The Nazis Take Control of Germany 23

Prohibition is Repealed 26

The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde 28

Devastation of the Dust Bowl 30

The New Deal Begins to Work 32

Fiery Crash of the Hindenburg 34

The League of Nations Falters 37

Sports in the Spotlight 40

Amelia Earhart Disappears 42

From Pulp Fiction to Comic Books 44

Golden Age of Hollywood 46

Japan Launches All-Out War Against China 49

World War II Begins 53

Looking Ahead 56

Chronology 58

Glossary 59

Further Reading 60

Internet Resources 61

Index 62

Picture Credits 64

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