1950s Decade in Photos:

1950s Decade in Photos: "The American Decade"

by Jim Corrigan




The 1950s are often seen as a good time in American history. The United States became a world leader in business, technology, and health care. Elvis Presley and others introduced the world to rock and roll music. Rosa Parks struck a blow against racial segregation. By refusing to give up her bus seat, she spurred the civil rights movement. All these events happened during the 1950s-the American decade.

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Publication date: 02/01/2010
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Table of Contents

Welcome to the 1950s 5

Fighting Erupts in Korea 9

McCarthy Fuels the Red Scare 12

Tuning in to Television 14

U.S. Forces Land at Inchon 16

Here Come the Baby Boomers 18

China Enters the Korean War 21

The Rosenbergs Are Executed 24

Truman Fires MacArthur 26

Gaining Independence 29

Korean War Ends in a Draw 32

Rise of the Beat Generation 34

Medical Marvels 36

Rosa Parks Fights Segregation 38

Hitting the Highways 40

The Suez Crisis 43

Rock and Roll Arrives 46

Sputnik Launches the Space Race 49

Castro Seizes Power in Cuba 52

Golden Age of Science Fiction 54

Looking Ahead 56

Chronology 58

Glossary 59

Further Reading 60

Internet Resources 61

Index 62

Picture Credits 64

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