1960s Decade in Photos: Love, Freedom, and Flower Power

1960s Decade in Photos: Love, Freedom, and Flower Power

by Jim Corrigan




The 1960s were an unsettling time. American soldiers battled in Vietnam. John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other inspiring leaders fell victim to assassins' bullets. A crisis over Soviet missiles pushed the world toward nuclear war. Yet the decade was also a time of triumph. The civil rights movement succeeded. The Beatles changed rock and roll forever. Humans landed on the moon.

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Publisher: Enslow Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/01/2010
Series: Amazing Decades in Photos Series
Pages: 64
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Table of Contents

Welcome to the 1960s 5

U.S. Spy Plane Shot Down 8

JFK Is Elected President 10

First Human in Space 12

Bay of Pigs Invasion 14

U.S. Troops Go to Vietnam 17

The "Rat Pack" Entertains America 20

The Cuban Missile Crisis 23

JFK Is Assassinated 26

President's Assassin Is Murdered 28

The British Invasion of Rock Music 30

Civil Rights Movement Succeeds 32

Tragedy in the Space Race 34

Six-Day War Rocks the Middle East 37

Boxing Champ Fights Controversy 40

The Tet Offensive Shocks Americans 42

Famous Leaders Assassinated 44

Soviet Tanks Crush the Prague Spring 47

Here Come the Hippies 50

Humans Set Foot on the Moon 53

Looking Ahead 56

Chronology 58

Glossary 59

Further Reading 60

Internet Resources 61

Index 62

Picture Credits 64

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