1989 [LP]

1989 [LP]

by Taylor Swift

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)

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When she announced 1989 a few months prior to its October 2014 release, Taylor Swift called her sixth record her first "documented, official" pop album, explicitly severing herself from her country roots. Truth be told, Swift already made the leap from country to pop with 2012's Red, a nominally country LP distinguished by three songs co-written and produced by Max Martin and Shellback, a team that returns for twice that number on 1989 (Martin has one additional non-Shellback co-write with Swift). Taylor is rarely without co-writers here: only "This Love" belongs to her alone, with the other major collaborators being OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, fun.'s Jack Antonoff, and Imogen Heap. This busy kitchen is typical of modern pop albums, as is the incessant gleam of 1989's steely productions, every element of which blinds when caught in the sun. Swift claims she patterned the album's sound after the MTV-ready sound of the year 1989, and while some cuts are conceivably anchored in the era of Debbie Gibson and George Michael -- "Shake It Off" is giddy on the momentum of its own pom-poms, the bonus track "New Romantics" effectively conjures the ghost of 1983 new wave, "Out of the Woods" veers into territory previously pioneered by one-video wonder T'Pau (their big hit "Heart and Soul" arrived in 1987, two years before Taylor's year zero) -- this is a modern album through and through. The heavy presence of Martin, who wound up producing all the vocals along with half the record, is something of a feint. Swift tailored 1989 after Tedder's patterns, constructing nearly every one of the album's 13 tracks as an imposing skyscraper that deliberately casts its shadow upon on its predecessor. Considering that this album begins with the fanfare of "Welcome to New York," that progressive escalation in size is something to behold. 1989 emphasizes its reflective surfaces, the hyperactive rhythm tracks -- dance by definition but rarely danceable in practice (the effervescent "How You Get the Girl" is an exception) -- functioning as an aural accent to the surging synthesizers and vocals. Underneath the digital clatter lie some sturdy songs because, at her core, Swift is a canny songsmith, but 1989 isn't a record about songs, it's all about sonic style. [1989 was also released on LP.]

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Release Date: 12/09/2014
Label: Big Machine Records
UPC: 0843930013548
catalogNumber: 0500
Rank: 1290


  1. Welcome to New York
  2. Blank Space
  3. Style
  4. Out of the Woods
  5. All You Had to Do Was Stay
  6. Shake It Off
  7. I Wish You Would
  8. Bad Blood
  9. Wildest Dreams
  10. How You Get the Girl
  11. This Love
  12. I Know Places
  13. Clean

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1989 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
poza0918 More than 1 year ago
I already have the cd, but i've been wanting the LP for awhile. Disc 1, side a is a little iffy. Meaning it skipped and it stuck a few times. Also a few songs dont really sound well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I own the CD version of 1989 and absolutely love the album. Sadly, the vinyl was kind of a bummer. The first time I played the vinyl, songs such as Bad Blood and Blank Space skipped countless times. I thought it was that individual vinyl, so I returned it to the store and exchanged it for a new copy of 1989 in vinyl. Sadly, the same exact thing happened and it skips exactly like my first copy did. I don't know if it was a bad batch of records or what, but I'm totally bummed. I was so looking forward to listening to this vinyl. :(
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This album is great inside the vinyl Folder T.S took 13 polaroids with dates!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This album is quite incredible. Taylor goes for a brand new sound in her latest CD, and I can easily say that it really pays off. Every track is brilliant and full of emotion, showing off Taylor's powerful voice and her masterful songwriting. Words cannot do it justice, and the only way to appreciate 1989's beauty is by giving it a try for yourself. Taylor reminds us what music really is, presenting us with a true work of art full of both heart and wit. I wish Taylor Swift the best of luck in her future endeavors and urge any music lovers out there to give this masterpiece a listen.
Lufbra More than 1 year ago
Miss Swift outdoes herself with this album. A late 80's influenced techno album that transcends the genre and presents the listener with a perfect pop masterwork. There are no real duds on this CD only tracks that are less brilliant than the other songs but still better than anything else out there. With this album she has firmly left behind her mantle of country princess and moved into territory usually reserved for master songwriters. With this CD Miss Swift has added a strong sense of melody, joy and emotion to a musical genre that usually suffers from being cold, clinical and morbid. This is the album that so many artists from the 1980's wished they could have written but unlike Miss Swift they do not ooze talent out of every pore nor can they project the sense of intimacy or lyrical flair that are her trademarks. This CD may be too extreme for some - too far removed from the girl who shed tears on her guitar - but my mind is more open and my tastes more varied and this is album I knew she could produce and I have no problem placing it among her previous masterpiece ' Speak Now' an album I considered to be the best of her generation but now I'm unsure because Miss Swift has decided she wasn't done being brilliant. This is a journey only she could envision as she takes the listener through an electronic soundscape that never gets repetitive enhanced by the concise yet insightful lyrical flair she has made her own Miss Swift is unique in this current generation of manufactured pop princesses. She is the real deal who confidence doesn't come from what she thinks she's done but by what she does. This is why music was invented.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like Taylor Swift, but this album wasn't my favorite. I feel as if i like her voice better as a country singer rather than a pop on. I find that my opinion is not a popular one, but it is one.