199 Fun and Effective Fundraising Events for Nonprofit Organizations

199 Fun and Effective Fundraising Events for Nonprofit Organizations

by Anita Biase, Richard Helweg
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Atlantic Publishing Group Inc

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199 Fun and Effective Fundraising Events for Nonprofit Organizations 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Brittany_Reiher More than 1 year ago
The book “199 Fun and Effective Fundraising Events For Non Profit Organizations” was just the book I have been looking for. I have been searching for a book for my friend who likes to do fund raising events for breast cancer since his mother was diagnosed a few years ago. He was getting stuck for ideas until I gave him this book! This book had everything he needed to know on putting together a great fundraising event. Once you choose the event it has every detailed listed for you like how many people you will need to run it, tips for making it a successful fundraiser, and so much more! If you are looking to do a fundraising event get this book to guide you through it!
Adrastos504 More than 1 year ago
Nobody likes asking people for money; not even for a good cause. That’s why we hold fundraisers, both large and small. After all, who among us doesn’t like a party? If you’re tired of doing the same old annual bake sale or car wash, you should check out 199 Fun and Effective Fundraising Events for Nonprofit Organizations. It’s a detailed and user-friendly guide on how to raise money while everyone has a good time. The book is divided into simple and complex events: the former are easier while the latter raise more moolah. The authors also provide a swell chart that accompanies each entry telling you how difficult and/or costly the event will be. Additionally, the entries provide a list of things that you’ll need to do pull the event off. I like how to books with check lists and this one rocks. The writing is clear, lucid and entertaining. There’s a lot of tongue-in-cheekiness, which turns what could be a dry tome into a good read. I enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to anyone who has to raise money for a good cause by either conventional or unconventional means. Well done, folks. I’m off to organize a penny pile-up…
queenpanda0 More than 1 year ago
199 Fun and Effective Fundraising Events for Nonprofit Organizations By Eileen Figure Sandlin and Richard Helwig Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. I'm always looking for different fundraising ideas, when I came across this book. It is the best reference book on fundraising that was ever made. No other book can even come close to this one. This guide is excellent, as it is broken in two sections, such as simple and complex fundraising ideas. It goes into such details that no one can go wrong with it. It explains the man power, and examples of the revenue, you can expect to get for your organizations. As you read this book, you can clearly see which event will fit for your group, and that may meet your financial goals, and objective. The book gives ideas that fit any age, gender, or any size organizations, as well as tells you how to fit it for your group. No nonprofit organization can go wrong with it, but can without it. I have seen the events explained in the book, to be exactly as they are explained and they worked. Another thing the book explains is that you will get your organization well known with the events that you can plan with this book. My conclusion is that everyone: Teacher, Professor, Club Leader, Director, and anyone else, needs to have a copy of this book. No one should be without it. This book is like the must-have for nonprofit organizations. I have plans to give this book to my friends and family that have nonprofit organizations. Fundraising is the foundation for any nonprofit organization which makes this book a must have. Go and get this book before its gone.
iwatson58 More than 1 year ago
As a president of a nonprofit organization I was excited to be able to review this book because we are in require much needed funding. After perusing this book I felt that many of the events can be executed providing there are enough volunteers to carry through with the projects. Some of the events suggested by Sandlin and Helweg are: Dollar Days, Thrilling Theater Dinner, Host a Radio Show, Water Sports Challenge, Superhero Fair, and much more . Each suggestions includes: Sponsor/Donations; Possible Venue/s; Recommended number of volunteers; Preparation time needed; Execution; and, Tips. I especially appreciated the sections "Preparation" because the authors give a step-by-step detail of what needs to be done and when. Not all the events would work for all nonprofits but I believe there are enough suggestions that any nonprofit can at least choose five and go with those. As in case with most nonprofits recruiting volunteers is often a major issue. However, there are many events listed that would only take as little as 5 people to pull it off. I believe this book would be of interest to any committee in charge of bringing in funding, be it a school, church, or any other group attempting to raise funds. The content of the book is laid out in easy format; it is concise, to the point, and informative. I certainly do recommend this book; there are a lot of suggestions in between the covers.