2 N 1: Two People Trapped in One Body

2 N 1: Two People Trapped in One Body

by Shelia Shelby


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It all started with a clashing of the window in our house. I looked down at my arm and was scared when I saw that blood was on my arm from the brick that daddy through the window. Why would daddy do something like this? After the brick broke the window, daddy came in the house yelling at mama.At that point in my life I believe is where all the pain and heartache came from. Where was the love at in this house? The years went by with the continued verbal and physical abuse in our household. With all of what was going on in our house, it makes me wonder did that negative behavior play a factor into my mental state or was I dealing with something deeper? As I grew older I developed self hate. I was confused on what love was suppose to look like. I never felt loved from either one of my parents. I just wish I could take all the hurt and pain away and start over again. I can't change what happened, but I'm trying to learn from those things and change them in my life.

This is my story. I couldn't make it up.
It was me, but it wasn't me. It felt like two of us.

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ISBN-13: 9780985826673
Publisher: Purpose Publishing LLC
Publication date: 09/11/2017
Pages: 202
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About the Author

Shelia Shelby is an Identity Theft Specialist for the government. In her spare time, she enjoys helping others, when she's not traveling or relaxing on a beach. Each year she dedicates her time to walk in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer or the Lupus walk. When she's not attending to others, you can find her with a book or spending time with her children and grand puppies. Shelia received her education from the Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri school districts. Continuing her education she became a Certified Medical Assistant. She is currently working on developing an organization for children who deal with being homeless or are in violent situations. Shelia resides in the Kansas City, Missouri area with her children, Aquaye and Brandon.

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