2 Revelation: God's Letter to His End-Times Children

2 Revelation: God's Letter to His End-Times Children

by David Dellit


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2 Revelation: God's Letter to His End-Times Children by David Dellit

My name is David Stephen Dellit. I am God's chosen scribe to record his words found in this letter to his children living in the end-times. God calls his letter, 2 Revelation. God's call is to the whole world, but in particular to those sincere God lovers amongst Christians, Jews, and Islamists.

On Valentine's Day, February 14, 2013, God commenced delivering via me, his urgent warnings, commanding me to type his words and to send them out into all the world.

God's words were clear to me in my inner senses, bypassing my ears, but at other times I would be seated at my PC keyboard, notice hours had passed, many pages were typed, but I was completely unaware of the passage of time and could not recall anything. I did not know what was typed. It was as if I had been asleep. God had taken me over. It was a very supernatural feeling. Many times God called me urgently to my computer, often he simply started talking and I had to rush to my computer and start typing.

God's words became known as The Valentine Prophecies, because God chose to begin speaking on Valentine's Day. God told me to include sections about me and my life with him, to aid peoples' belief.

In May 2014, God began calling his words 2 Revelation, and instructed me to add chapters and verses to assist study and referencing by religious leaders, teachers and others drawn to study his words. God regards 2 Revelation as his love letter of warning to his children in the end-times, and the natural conclusion to Revelation found in the New Testament.

2 Revelation from God is here to prepare the bride for the imminent return of Christ. God warns that we are all asleep, none of us are awake, we are all wrong, all need to repent, all need to stop doing what we are doing, listen to God, and begin afresh under the direct guidance of Christ through the Holy Spirit. Those who choose another way, risk being left behind at Christ's return, remaining on the earth to face a horrific refinement.

Naturally, due to the task God has given to me, I am frequently insulted, accused, ridiculed and mocked, and this is a blessing to me, but grieves the heart of Father God, for most hatred comes from his children. Every day God tells me he loves me, because I do what he tells me to do. I am honored to become increasingly poor, as the kingdom is enriched. It is impossible to say no, to the heart that is the sweetest of all.

Beware the many stumbling blocks that hinder most. Just as it was in the days of Noah, the people were either clearly within the ark, or were outside the ark, and there were no half positions. Likewise, there are no half positions with 2 Revelation. The Spirit draws those with a heart prepared to embrace it fully, while others will reject what is an offence to them. People who do not want to be hot or cold, are self-deluded if they think God does not know hearts of a lukewarm persuasion toward his urgent end-times warnings.

God desires spiritual intimacy with us. He desires to walk and talk with each one of us. If you do not have this, God includes all you need to know in 2 Revelation, but essentially, turn your TV off or reduce your long work/study hours by one to two hours daily, for distraction-free one-on-one time with God, reading and meditating on scripture, praying, praising, etc. God warns busy sincere religious leaders, Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, and Imams that it is time to slow down, to draw near to him in spiritual intimacy, because great fear, distress, and regret will grip those with heads full of scripture, and with resumes overflowing in religious credentials, who are left behind.

In all of these matters, I remain nothing more than God's servant, his scribe, commanded to write down his words, and to send them out, and this I have done faithfully.

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