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THUMBNAIL: A man living in a future world beset by environmental challenges tells the story, set in the past, of what life was like for him as a boy who, along with his mom and little sister, struggles to survive, with the help of a mysterious hermit, an Amazon Princess Warrior, and the remnants of a lost tribe of indigenous peoples, in what was then, in the 2020s, a changing world beset by violent storms, economic collapse and families being torn apart at the seams. SYNOPSIS: 20/20 is a story about the adventures of a boy, as told through journal entries he makes as an older man, living in a future world whose inhabitants have learned to adapt to harsh economic and environmental conditions brought about by the ruinous exploitation and degradation of the natural world by the human species. The story about how humankind reached a point of no return in the 2020s unfolds in the journal entries made by this unnamed man of the future, who becomes known as the "Captain", a nickname bestowed upon him (along with a fisherman's cap) by Harrison, a man who befriends the boy in the year 2020, and eventually becomes his mentor. Readers follow the story of the Captain of the future, and how he became the leader of the famed village on Biscayne Bay, struggling to cope with violent environmental challenges, and became a mentor in his own right to Angela, a young "girl" who ventures with him on a voyage to Florida's West coast in a vessel called Vision Quest to learn the story of the Captain's past, and to seek out the answer to the question: What ever happened to Harrison, the Captain's mom (known as "White Eagle"), his sister (now known as "White Feather") and Calusa, the Amazon Princess Warrior? It has been said that a worthy endeavor of literature will move the reader to laugh, to shed a tear, and to reveal something about the world. Readers of 20/20 have said that they have experienced all three.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734308303
Publication date: 12/01/2019
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Starting at an early age B Shawn Clark indulged an abiding passion for creativity.As a young man Clark began by writing short stories, poetry and prose. He continued with creative writing in his spare time from his day job (as a lawyer) during the course of which, ironically enough, he became a prolific writer, just not the kind he longed to be. He wrote numerous legal briefs, the substance of which found their way into several published opinions of the courts. In 2013 he took up residence inside a secluded "Man Cave" along Gottfried Creek in the sleepy seaside town of Englewood, Florida, where he is surrounded by nature and wildlife (not counting those rowdy kids next door). There he was intent upon reprising the role of Thoreau, creating a new genre of literary work by a life-long author trapped in the body of a lawyer, beginning with 20/20, which he actually began writing in 2006, well before Englewood (and the nearby barrier islands) were ravaged by Hurricane Ian in 2022. Many of his fellow Englewoodians found 20/20 eerily prescient.This paperback version of the original 2019 edition of 20/20 has been published in 2023. A table of contents and a few other things were added. Clark has a number of works in progress, at least three of which being slated for release in 2023. Find out more at www.BShawnClark.com.
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