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20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions!

20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions!


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Release Date:
Pravda Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Material Issue   Track Performer
Mojo Nixon   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Reivers   Track Performer
Shoes   Track Performer
Smashing Pumpkins   Track Performer
Young Fresh Fellows   Track Performer
Cheer-Accident   Track Performer
Farmers   Track Performer
Scott McCaughey   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
New Duncan Imperials   Track Performer
No Empathy   Track Performer
Poster Children   Track Performer
Service   Track Performer
13 Nightmares   Track Performer
Sinatras   Track Performer
Eric Ambel   Guitar,Fuzz Guitar
Sneetches   Track Performer
God's Acre   Track Performer
Slugs   Track Performer
Ted Ansani   Bass,Vocals
Kurt Bloch   Guitar
Phil Bonnet   Guitar
Matt Carges   Guitar
Jimmy Chamberlin   Drums
Billy Corgan   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
D'Arcy   Background Vocals
Jim Ellison   Guitar,Vocals
Bruce Franklin   Guitar,Vocals
Kenn Goodman   Keyboards
Goodtime   Drums,Vocals
Mike Halston   Drums,Vocals
Tad Hutchinson   Drums,Vocals
Dag Juhlin   Guitar,Vocals
Gregg Juhlin   Bass,Vocals
Gary Klebe   Vocals
Mike Levy   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Jim Mahoney   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Mitchell   Drums
Rick Mosher   Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Murphy   Vocals
John Murphy   Vocals
Pigtail Dick   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Sangster   Bass
Skipper   Bass,Vocals
Daniel Swan   Drums
Mike Zelenko   Drums
Spies Who Surf   Track Performer
Boom Hank   Track Performer
East Memphis Slim   Organ
David Suycott   Drums
Alec Palao   Bass
John Croslin   Guitar
Kim Longacre   Piano
Cindy Toth   Bass
Garrett Williams   Drums,Vocals
Trenchmouth   Track Performer
Thymme Jones   Trumpet,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals
Chuck Uchida   Guitar
Scot Ashely   Guitar
Jeff Libersher   Guitar
Damon Locks   Conga,Vocals
Skip McQuinn   Drums
Bill Davis   wah wah guitar
Brendan Burke   Drums
Fred Armisen   Drums,Tambourine,Vocals
Mark Blade   Bass,Vocals
Joe Daniels   Piano
Jonathan Taylor   Guitar
Peter Houpt   Guitar
Marty Busca   Bass
Todd Colburn   Guitar
Tommy Klein   Guitar
Gary Winters   Bass
Ron Albertson   Drums
Wayne Montana   Bass,Vocals
Heidi Ore   Bass
Martin Geraghty   Guitar
Chris DeZutter   Guitar,Vocals
John "Johnny Genius" Murphy   Vocals
Chris Block   Bass,Guitar,Trumpet,Keyboards,Vocals
Marc Ruvolo   Vocals
Rick & Bubba   Vocals
Paul Caporino   Guitar,Vocals
Beck Dudley   Drums,Vocals

Technical Credits

"Captain" John Handy   Contributor
David Gates   Composer
Henry Gross   Composer
Bill Wyman   Liner Notes
Phil Bonnet   Producer
James Luther Dickinson   Producer
Kenn Goodman   Executive Producer
Sherman Kelly   Composer
David Kitto   Contributor
Rick Mosher   Executive Producer
Conrad Uno   Producer
Tony Macaulay   Composer
Joe Daniels   Producer
Barry Mason   Composer
Bill Fries   Composer

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