20 Tales of Horror and Fantasy

20 Tales of Horror and Fantasy

by Ty Johnston


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20 short stories, 10 of horror and 10 of fantasy ...


Night of the Toys
Three security guards find themselves confronted with creatures from Hell at a mall.

The Woman Who Hated Cats
Everyone hated her and she hated everyone, but especially she hated cats. And the felines would have their revenge.

A rape victim hunts down her rapist and attempts to do worse to him than he did to her.

Marooned with a Vampire
This tale of the 19th Century lands an English businessmen on a deserted island with a vampire. Who will survive?

Hunting Season
An insane president has bombed America, killing millions, but one survivor thinks he has found a way to vengeance.

A trip fishing with his grandfather will never be forgotten by a teen boy.

Dead Cherokee Joe
In this version of the Old West, not everyone stays dead when they've been shot.

The kids pick up some odd items at daycare and the family will pay the ultimate price.

Second Judas
What if Jesus came back and it was your job to kill him?

Country Justice
A serial killer is caught in a small town, and there will be no escape found.


Unicorn Hunt
A young scholar is forced by his warrior father and brother to hunt the fabled unicorn, but what happens if he refuses to kill the beast?

Holly's Chamber
A student of magic falls in love with a village girl, but tragedy ensues as the wizard's teacher comes down hard against the union.

Thus Saith the Lord
Some of the gods of Olympus decide to go to war against the God of Israel.

Animal Story
Mankind has gone insane, and the animals gather to decide what to do about it, if anything.

Beneath the Wings of Dragons
Two boys are grabbed off the street by a pervert, but one of the youths is more than he appears.

Glory Days
Two students of magic decide to stay behind in a city about to be attacked by barbarians even though all their wizard professors are fleeing.

War of the Four Clans
The warrior Kairn finds himself caught in the middle of a war between vampires and hunters.

Wizard's Guest
Kairn is captured by an evil wizard who plans on stealing his body.

New Sheriff in Town
A small town needs a new sheriff and the Greek warrior Achilles shows up to fill the job.

Trouble with an Elf
A government agent takes on an elf terrorist in a subway.

Warning: Some of these stories contain strong language and adult situations.

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