200 Illustrations from Gerard's Herbal CD-ROM and Book

200 Illustrations from Gerard's Herbal CD-ROM and Book

by John Gerard

Paperback(Book & CD-ROM)

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ISBN-13: 9780486996585
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 05/06/2005
Series: Dover Electronic Clip Art
Edition description: Book & CD-ROM
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

agrimony, common Dutch aloe, prickly herb anemone, double dark purple anise, starry-headed arssmart, codded artichoke, great red artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke, wild asarabacca avens, mountain bachelor's button, degenerate balm, bastard basil, cow basil, stone bear's ear, blush-colored bear's foot bee's nest beet, red Roman bellflower, steeple milky betony bindweed, silver-leaved birthwort, round blite, great white blue bottle, small creeping borage, garden briony of Peru bruisewort burdock, lesser burnet, garden campion, red rose capers, round-leaved carnation, great double carrot, wild centaury, whole-leaved great chamomile, double-flowered chickweed, great chickweed, river chicory, wild clary, broad-leaved wild cock's head, purple cockow pint, Aegyptian colewort, swollen columbine, degenerate comfrey, middle coralwort, five-leaved cowslip, field crane's-bill, bastard candy cress, Spanish cress, winter crow flower, male crowfoot, broad-leaved candy crowfoot, double Asian scarlet crowfoot, Portugal crowfoot, water cucumber, common cudweed, lion's cumin, codded wild daisy, great daisy, Italian dandelion, knotty-rooted devil's bit dill dog's-bane, broad-leaved dropwort, mountain endive, garden felwort, great purple fennel, common fennel, dwarf hog's figwort, yellow-flowered flax, broad-leaved wild flower-gentle, branched fluellen, sharp-pointed fodder, Medick . . . of the sea foxglove, white frankincense, black herb
French herb freshwater soldier gilloflower, broad-leaved sea stock gilloflower, thorny stock goat's-beard, yellow golden mouse-ear goldilocks, broad-leaved gourd, mushroom wild grass, scorpion grass, Virginia silk ground pine hairy turnsole hart's tongue hellebore, timely white hemp, bastard henbane of Peru henbit, great herb two-pence hoary, fleabane hollow root, great purple holly, sea hollyhock, double-purple honeysuckle, French horehound, Portugal wild horseradish houseleek, great houseleek, sea ivy ivy, berried ivy, climbing
Johns, white kidney bean of Brazil knapweed, knobbed knot grass, Valentia lady's slipper lady's smock, three-leaved lamb's lettuce larkspur lavender, common lily-of-the valley lion's leaf lion's turnip lupine, blue mallow, marsh marigold, great marsh marigold, great single French marigold, greater double marjoram, English wild meadow trefoil
Medick fodder of the sea melon, Spanish mint, water monk's hood, purple . . . of Newburg mullien, base white mullien, moth mustard, treacle nard, mountain navelwort, Italian bastard navew-gentle nettle, Roman nightshade, sleepy one-berry open cabbage cole orach, sea orpine, Spanish pansy, wild park leaves parsley, garden parsnip, great water parsnips, garden patience pea, everlasting wild pea, square crimson velvet pennywort, wall peony, double red peony, Turkish pepper, long-codded ginnie pimpernel, male pine, ground pink, white mountain plantain, sea plantain, strange rose poly, purple polypody of the oak polypody, Indian pompion, great buckler poppy, double white and black primrose, Mr. Hesketh's purslane, garden radish, garden ragweed, sea rampion, horned . . . of the Alps rhubarb, great bastard rhubarb, monk's sage, apple-bearing . . . of candy sage, garlic sage, great sage, wood samphire, golden sassafras, white rock savory, summer scabious, strange sea holly sea orach sea ragweed self-heal sengreen, small summer setterwort setwall setwall, broad-leaved . . . of the Alps sheep's sorrel shepherd's purse skirrets small dragons snapdragon, yellow soapwort soldier, freshwater sorrel, sheep's spearwort speedwell, male sperage, white prickly spinach spurge, broad-leaved spurge, knobbed
St. John's wort, woolly starwort, scabious-leaved starwort, small sea staves-acre sticadove stichados strawberry sunflower, lesser swallow-wort, black
Sweet William, broad-leaved tarragon thistle, broad-leaved sow thistle, white cotton thistle-gentle, dock-leaved thorow-wax, codded thyme, broad-leaved thyme, great toadflax, four-leaved creeping tobacco trefoil, meadow true-love turnip, lion's turnip, wild turnsole, hairy tutsan vetch, white-flowered vine violet, dame's violet, purple garden virgin's bower, double-flowered water lily, yellow wild rocket willow flower, narrow-leaved windflower, broad-leaved windflower, poppy winter-cherry, black wolf's bane, broad-leaved wolf's bane, winged woundwort, Hercules's great

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