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20,001 Names For Baby: Revised and Updated

20,001 Names For Baby: Revised and Updated

by Carol McD. Wallace

Choosing your baby's name is one of your first and most delightful responsibilities. 20,001 NAMES FOR BABY will help you make that all–important choice from one of the most complete, up–to–date alphabetical listings available. Your decision will be guided by additional information, including:

  • Origins and meanings of names


Choosing your baby's name is one of your first and most delightful responsibilities. 20,001 NAMES FOR BABY will help you make that all–important choice from one of the most complete, up–to–date alphabetical listings available. Your decision will be guided by additional information, including:

  • Origins and meanings of names
  • Popular nicknames
  • Names made popular by famous people
  • Fascinating facts of historical interest

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Chapter One


Abarrane (fem. Abraham) Basque. from Heb. "Father of many."


Abebi Nig. "She came after asking."

Abelia (fem. Abel) Fr. from Heb. "Sigh." Abella, Abelle

Abellona (fem. Apollo) Dan. In Greek myth, Apollo is the sun god. See Apollonia.

Abia Arab. "Great."

Abida Arab. "She who worships"; Heb. "My father knows. "

Abigail Heb. "My father is joyful." Biblical name adopted by the Puritans and popular through the 18th century. After a hundred years of obscurity, it was revived with the trend toward old-fashioned names beginning in the 1970s. Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams, advice columnist Abigail Van Buren. Abagael, Abagail, Abagale, Abagil, Abalgeal, Abbe, Abbey, Abbi, Abbie, Abbigael, Abbigail, Abbigale, Abby, Abbye, Abbygael, Abbygall, Abbygale, Abigael, Abigall, Abigale, Abigail, Abigil, Abigayle, Gael, Gail, Galls, Gayel, Gayle

Abijah Heb. "God is my father." Abisha, Abishah

Abir Arab. "Scent."

Abital Heb. "My father is dew." Currently popular in Israel. Avital

Abra (fem. Abraham) Heb. "Father of many"; Arab. "example, lesson." King Solomon's favorite concubine was named Abra.
Abame, Abarrane, Abrahana

Acacia Gr. Name of a blossoming tree that symbolized resurrection. Uncommon even in Greece, though the derivatives like Casey occur often in the U.S.
Cacia, Cacie, Casey, Casla, Cassie, Cassy, Kacey, Kacle. Kasey, Kasi, Kassja, Kassy

Acadia Place-name: The French settlers of NovaScotia called it Acadia after the name of a river there. When the French settlers were driven out by the English in the 18th century, many of them settled in Louisiana and became known as "Cajuns."

Accalia Lat. In myth, the name of the human foster mother of Romulus and Remus, the twins who founded Rome. Legend has it that after their abandonment as infants, they were initially suckled by a she-wolf, whose name is not known. Accalia was her replacement.

Aceline (fem. Acelin) Fr. "Highborn." Asceline

Acima (fem. Acim) Heb. "The Lord will judge." Acimah, Achima, Achimah

Ada Ger. "Noble, nobility." Originated as a short form of names like Adelaide, and popular in the last quarter of the 19th century, though infrequently used now.
Adan, Adda, Addi, Addie, Addiah, Addy, Adey, Adi, Adia, Adiah, Adle, Aida, Aidah

Adah Heb. "Ornament, adomment." Biblical name. Unusual, but brought to prominence in the 19th century by American actress Adah Isaacs Mencken.

Adalia Heb. "God is my refuge"; ;0G. "Noble one. " See also Adelaide.
Adal, Adala, Adalee, Adall, Adalie, Adalley, Addal, Addala

Adamina (fem. Adam) Heb. "Child of the red earth.In the Bible God created Adam out of the "red earth" and breathed life into him. This unusual feminine version of the name is Scottish in origin.
Ada, Adamine, Adaminna, Addie, Mina, Minna

Adara Gk. "beauty"; Arab. "virgin." Adra

Addula Teut. "Noble cheer."

Adelaide OG. "Noble, nobility." First popular in England after the reign of William IV and Queen Adelaide. The city of Adelaide, Australia, was named for her.
Addala, Addalla, Addey, Addi, Addie, Addy Adel, Adela, Adelaida, Adelais, Adele, Adelheid, Adelina, Adellne, Adelice, Adelicia, Adells, Adelle, Adey, Adi, Ado, Ady, Aline, Aliosha, Alline, Alyosha, Del, Delia, Delle, Delli, Deily, Edeline, Eline, Heidi, Lady, Laidey

Adele OG. "Noble, nobility." see Adelaide. Nutritionist Adelle Davis; writer Adela Rogers St. John.
Adelia, Adell, Adella, Adellah, Adelle

Adelinda Tent. "Noble, sweet." Com. form Adele and Linda.
Adele, Adeline, Adelinde, Linda

Adeline OG. "Noble, nobility." See Adelaide. Adelina enjoyed a burst of popularity during the career of operatic soprano Adelina Patti, in the late 19th century. Adalina, Adaline, Adallina, Adelina, Adelind, Adella, Adellah, Ahdella, Aline, Dahlina, Dalina, Daline, Dallina, Delina, Deline, Dellina, Deily, Delyne, Edelie, Lina

Adena Heb. "Decoration." Adene, Adina, Adinah, Denah, Dina, Dinah

Adelpha Gr. "Beloved sister."

Adeola Nig. "Crown." Adola, Dola

Adiba Arab. "Cultured, refined." Adibah

Adiella Heb. "The Lord's adomment."

Adima Teut. "Noble, renowned."

Adin Heb. Meaning unclear: possibly "delicate and slender." Appears in the Old Testament as a male name. Adina, Adeana

Adira Heb. "Noble, powerful."

Adiva Arab. "Agreeable, gentle."

Adlai Arab. Heb. "Just." More familiar to us as a man's name made famous by U.S. Senator Adlai Stevenson.

Adolpha (fem. Adolph) Ger. "Noble wolf."

Adoncia Sp. "Sweet." Doncia

Adonia (fem. Adonis) Gr. In Greek myth Adonis was a young man so beautiful that Aphrodite, goddess of love, became enamored of him. The name Adonis has come to epitomize male beauty.

Adora Lat. "Adored."
Adorabelle, Adoray, Adorée, Adoré, Adoria, Adorlee, Dora, Dori, Dorie, Dorri, Dorrie, Dorry, Dory

Adra Arab. "Virgin." Adara

Adrian Lat. Place name: Adria was a North Italian city. First popular in the 1950s in Britain, and more common as a man's name. Hollywood costume designer Adrian (Queen Christina, The Philadelphia Story) and 12th century Pope Adrian IV (the only English pope) both predate its use as a girl's name. Fashion designer Adrienne Vittadini.
Adrea, Adreea. Adria, Adriah, Adriana, Adrianah, Adriane, Adrianna, Adriannah, Adrianne, Adrie, Adrien, Adriena, Adrienah, Adrienne, Hadria,Hadrienne

Afra Arab. "color of earth"; Heb. "young deer." Affera, Affery, Affra, Aphra

Afraima Arab. Heb. "Fertile."

Africa Gael. "Pleasant." Also, of course, a place name, and readily associated with the continent.
Affrica, Affricah, Affrika, Affrikah, Africah, Afrika, Afrikah, Alfric, Apirka, Apirkah

Afton OE. Place name: There is a town called Afton in southern Scotland. Like so many place names that have become first names, this one was first a name for boys. Affton

Agapi Gk. "Love, affection." Agape, Agappe

Agate OF. A semiprecious stone. Can be considered either one of the jewel names so popular in the 19th century, or a variant of Agatha. The agate, though not a particularly beautiful stone, was once believed to have numerous magical and curative powers.

Agatha Gk. "Good." Saint Agatha was a 3rd-century virgin martyr, and her name was popular in the early years of the Christian Church, but not again until the late 19th century. It now has an unfashionable ring, but some of the international variants are pretty. Writer Agatha Christie.

20,001 Names For Baby. Copyright © by Carol Wallace. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

Carol McD. Wallace is a freelance writer based in New York City. She is also the author of The Greatest Baby Name Book Ever and 20,001 Names for Baby.

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