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2009 Amy Knapp's Family Organizer Calendar
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2009 Amy Knapp's Family Organizer Calendar

4.4 7
by Amy Knapp
Not just a calendar, Amy Knapp's Family Organizer is a system to keep your busy family on track. Schedules, menus, groceries and your to-do list, all at your fingertips without turning a page.


Not just a calendar, Amy Knapp's Family Organizer is a system to keep your busy family on track. Schedules, menus, groceries and your to-do list, all at your fingertips without turning a page.

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2009 Amy Knapp's Family Organizer Calendar 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Although the perforated lists on the border of each page are useful, the actual spaces for each date could be better designed. There are no lines or times printed in the spaces, which reduces clarity at a glance, especially when one has several appts. to list. Also, I did not realize until after I had already purchased it that the author / publication has a religious affiliation. Such would not have been my choice for a datebook.
Talagan More than 1 year ago
This is the best family organizer calendar I've found. It has many excellent features: 1. The spiral binding lets it lay open flat 2. The "week-at-a-glance" is much better than day-by-day 3. There is enough room to write several reminders for each day (unless your writing is large) 4. Having lines for a shopping list on the side is marvelous. Everyone in the family knows where it is and adds to it during the week. I just take the calendar with me when I shop, so this saves on paper as well. 5. Having space for menus on the other side is extremely helpful. I can look at our activities for the coming week and plan menus accordingly without switching back and forth between papers. During the week I can see at a glance what we have happening and what to thaw for dinner that night. Items 4 and 5 are what really make this desk calendar stand out from any others I've used. Having the calendar, menu and shopping list all in one place is so convenient and time-saving, I'm surprised no-one seems to have thought of it before! My only criticism is that having it run from October of one year through December of the next means you will always have overlap between calendars, and I think that's wasteful. A simple twelve months at a time is plenty.
TravelingNurse More than 1 year ago
I have tried other calendars, but keep coming back to this one. I like the large spaces to write in. Love the spiral binding. A monthly calendar layout works best for me and this is one of the few that have it. I fill my calendar with stickers to mark special days, and this one has room for me to get as art-y as I choose to.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Busy moms and dads take note ¿ Amy Knapp¿s Family Organizer is a great way to keep track of your busy life.

Measuring a handy 8.5 inches x 6.3 inches, this organizer is the perfect size to fit in a pocketbook, knapsack or book bag. And that¿s where you¿ll want this agenda book so that you can refer to it again and again. One quick look will tell you that this organizer was created by a busy mother, one who had experience with the crazy days of carpooling, soccer games, PTO meetings, and rushing home and trying to cook dinner.

Unlike many standard organizers that simply offer a calendar, the Family Organizer has several parent-friendly features. The very first page has a place for personal information, followed by emergency phone number and school phone numbers. This is followed by two pages of tips on how to get the most from your organizer.

The Family Organizer covers 18 months, from July 2008 through December 2009. Two pages are devoted to each week; the left page has a ¿To Do¿ list while the right page has a one-inch space marked for each day of the week ¿ plenty of room to jot down several notes. There are also small ¿at a glance¿ calendars for that month and the next at the bottom of each ¿To Do¿ page. Particularly useful is the grocery list attached to the left page and the menu list attached to the right page. Each of these lists are perforated for easy removal.

Before each month, there is a two-page calendar with holidays and other special dates noted. Not content with these creative ideas, Knapp also includes a family budget planner as well as pages for baby-sitter information, your children¿s likes/dislikes, allergies, etc (for baby-sitters), play date phone numbers, web addresses (although I wouldn¿t recommend filling in the password information), as well as ideas on how to use the organizer as a fund raiser. Finally, in the back of the book are stickers for use in the calendar which include birthday reminders, doctor appointments, and vacations. It would be nice if the stickers were a bit larger as they are so small that I don¿t know how anybody could fill in the blanks on some of them and still be able to read what they wrote. As a whole, however, the stickers are a great idea.

Quill says: No parent should be without the Family Organizer.
Moksangel More than 1 year ago
the 2007-2008 planner is my 4th from this series. I used to try to use the expensive 3-ring ones. They were great, but not as useful as this. They are designed for business people, this is for families. The lists for menu and shopping are detachable or fold back out of your way to see previous or next week's lists. the to-do portion is big and easy to write in whether you write large or small. there are great quotes at the top of every week. there are stickers in the back to mark everything from birthdays, to half days of schools, to holidays and appointments. there's even a planning calendar in the back, blank pages, a babysitter info page and kids' organizations pages. there's so much to work with and it's all easy to find and use. i copy over my birthdays, reminders like driver's license renewal and such. and the daily spaces are great. you can divide them to seperate personal from family or just list things by time or however you clump things together because there are no preprinted lines or time slots. my daughter draws smileys for me sometimes. it's spiral bound, so you never lose a page. the cover takes a beating and the spiral is tough too. it also begins in the summer. i copy the next years school calendar into it and am ready before school even begins. i get 18 months use for less than half of the 12 month big boys! no one should be without this if they manage a family. i recommend this to anyone looking for a simple, comprehensive not to big or small planner. and i'll keep using it forever.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'll be buying this particular calendar for the third year in a row. I LOVE it...it has spaces for everything, but it doesn't take a wheelbarrow to cart it around. I recommend it to everyone!!